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-Ephesians 5:11-13

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Democrats’ $15 Minimum Wage Bill Ignores Economic, Political Reality

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Friday, July 19, 2019: 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejoiced following passage of the Democrats’ Raise the Wage bill on Thursday, which would raise the Federal Minimum Wage to $15 an hour by 2025: “This is an historic day. Today we wake up for a day of jubilation because of the sense of fairness this legislation engenders. We wake up with a smile on our face[s], showing the world with all the love in our hearts, and that love in our hearts is about fairness for the American people.”

She failed to mention the people who would be treated unfairly if the Senate agrees and the president signs it into law. The New American reviewed what the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) thought of the proposed legislation: “For most low-wage workers, earnings and family income would increase, which would lift some families out of poverty. But other low-wage workers would become jobless, and their family income would fall — in some cases below the poverty level.”

Those low-wage workers mostly at risk presently hold positions primarily in the service industry: restaurants, bars, hotels, retail stockers, and cashiers. Once their employers are required to pay them more than they currently are worth, they will be jobless. So much for being fair.

And how about those just entering the workforce with few if any marketable skills? What business owner would hire someone who isn’t worth $15 an hour? Worse,

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Representative Massie’s Safe Students Act Gains Major Endorsement

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Thursday, July 18, 2019: 

Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the 650,000-member Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA), endorsed the Safe Students Act of Representative Thomas Massie’s (R-Ky.) on Wednesday. In his endorsement, Gottlieb noted that the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990, an act that made schools into gun-free zones and that would be repealed by the Safe Students Act, has been an unqualified failure:

The Gun-Free School Zones Act was passed by Congress in 1990, and it’s been a disaster. It has not prevented a single tragic school shooting, but instead has given students, teachers, administrators, and parents a false sense of security that evaporates the moment some madman ignores the law and invades a school campus to commit mayhem.


By declaring schools to be “gun-free,” the law has simply turned schools into risk-free, target-rich environments for disturbed people willing to harm innocent children and teens.

On the other hand, Massie’s bill, if it becomes law, would allow local and state jurisdictions the freedom to decide on the issue for themselves. Said Gottlieb:

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Brilliant California Lawyer Applauds Trump’s Court Picks

This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Wednesday, July 17, 2019: 

Ben Feuer, chairman of the California Appellate Law Group, has been deemed one of the top appellate litigators in California. The National Law Journal calls him an “Elite Boutique Trailblazer” while the Los Angeles Daily Journal named him one of the “Top 40 Lawyers Under 40.” The San Francisco Bar awarded him its “Outstanding Barrister” prize, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals appointed him an “appellate lawyer representative,” one of just a handful of attorneys selected from the Ninth’s 11-state jurisdiction for that position.

And so, when Feuer wrote in February that “Thanks to Trump, the liberal 9 th Circuit will be liberal no more” he knows whereof he speaks.

He had nothing but praise for Trump’s appointees who are reshaping the judicial landscape not only at the Ninth Circuit but across the land:

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China Reports Its Economy Growing at Slowest Pace Since 1992

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Monday, July 15, 2019: 

The “official” numbers released by China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Friday show the world’s second-largest economy “growing at its slowest pace since at least 1992,” as the Wall Street Journal expressed it. But real numbers from the real world — not those reported by the communist government for public consumption — show that the world’s second-largest economy may not be growing at all, and in fact may be shrinking.

NBS spokesman Mao Shengyong all but admitted it: “Economic conditions are still severe both at home and abroad, global economic growth is slowing down and the external instabilities and uncertainties [read: trade dispute with President Donald Trump] are increasing. The [Chinese] economy is under new downward pressure.”

The statement from the NBS accompanying its press release was just as blunt: “The Chinese economy is still in a complex and grave situation.”

Officially, NBS said

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Pressure Building on Congress to Raise Debt Limit Before Summer Recess

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Monday, July 15, 2019:

It was inevitable. A blind man could see it coming. With the federal government increasingly outspending its income, it was just a matter of time before the Treasury Department bumped up against the debt ceiling.

It happened on March 2. Secretary Treasury Steven Mnuchin immediately engaged “extraordinary measures” to keep the bills of Congress paid, and on May 23, he wrote the first of two warning letters to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: “By reason of the statutory debt limit I will … be unable to fully invest the portion of the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund (CSRDF) not immediately required to pay beneficiaries.…The Treasury Department will also continue to suspend additional investments for … the Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Fund (PSRHBF).”

He added:

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The Coming Angst About Raising the Debt Ceiling Will Be Pure Kabuki Theater

This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Monday, July 15, 2019: 

Watch for it. It’s coming. A blind man could see it. It’s that moment in time when Treasury runs out of bookkeeping gimmicks and machinations, and finally admits that it has run out of money.

Treasury hit the debt ceiling ($22 trillion and change) on March 2. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin informed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in May that he was engaging in “extraordinary measures” to keep the government afloat. Last week he announced that he was running out of bookkeeping manipulations and would be forced to delay paying some of the government’s bills, probably – and inconveniently for Congress – during summer recess.

That’s the very last thing a politician wants. He (or she) will be out on the hustings defending his voting record. A vote to raise the debt ceiling is the very last thing he wants to be forced to explain to those he hopes will keep him in office.

It looked for a while as though Congress was going to luck out.

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Another Gun-buyback Failure, This Time in New Zealand

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Wednesday, July 10, 2019: 

Following the Christchurch mass shootings at two mosques, New Zealand politicians reacted just as the shooter hoped they would. In the manifesto he filed just before beginning his rampage on March 15, the shooter, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, wrote: “I chose [those particular] firearms for the effect it would have on social discourse. The gun owners of New Zealand are a beaten, miserable bunch of baby boomers who have long since given up the fight. When was the last time they won increased rights? Their loss was inevitable. I just accelerated things a bit.”

Indeed, he did. Within weeks,

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Venezuela’s Maduro Employing Death Squads, Torture to Retain Control

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Monday, July 8, 2019: 

The day after the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet left Caracas, Venezuelan Marxist dictator Nicolás Maduro thumbed his nose at her investigation and ordered the arrest, torture, and murder of a supporter of the opposition party. According to his family’s lawyer, Navy Captain Rafael Acosta, age 49, was healthy and in good spirits the day before he was arrested. Local media were allowed to see his body afterwards, reporting that it showed signs of having been subjected to “extreme force, had been starved of oxygen, and had suffered severe beatings and electrocution.”

He was just one of the more than 9,000 people Maduro has executed over the last 18 months. This explains how the communist thug has managed to stay in power: through threats, intimidation, torture, and murder.

That was why Bachelet was there:

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CNN’s Collapse Symptomatic of Entire Mainstream Media’s Problem

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Friday, July 5, 2019:  

CNN‘s breathtaking decline in its audience following the release of the Mueller Report is symptomatic of the problem facing the entire mainstream media: CNN assumed that President Trump was guilty of all manner of offences involving collusion with Russia during his campaign for the presidency in 2016. The network was the head cheerleader of that parade, but following the release of the Mueller Report the entire mainstream media has suffered a mighty, perhaps fatal, blow to its claim of journalistic integrity.

CNN‘s decline in its audience is simply staggering. In April Nielsen reported that its prime time ratings dropped 26 percent from a year earlier, while in its most coveted 25- to 54-year old demographic (which drives advertising revenue) it lost 41 percent of its audience.

The decline extended into the second quarter, with CNN‘s 25-54 demographic suffering a 37 percent decline compared to the second quarter of 2018.

It isn’t just CNN that has lost so much of its audience and credibility.

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Did the Mueller Report Strike the Mainstream Media a Fatal Blow?

This article was published by the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Friday, July 5, 2019: 

When pressured to defend itself against claims that it was biased against Donald Trump, the mainstream media responded that it was just reporting the “facts.” Defending its nearly total commitment to the proposition that the president colluded with Russia during his presidential campaign in 2016, Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, responded: “We are not investigators. We are journalists, and our role is to report the facts as we know them, which is exactly what we did.” Martin Baron, executive director of the Washington Post, echoed Zucker: “Our job is to bring facts to light.” Dean Bacquet, executive director of the New York Times repeated the canard: “We wrote a lot about Russia, and I have no regrets. It’s not our job to determine whether or not there was illegality.”

But what if the “facts” are wrong?

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The Real Winner of Last Week’s Democrat Debates Was Donald Trump

This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Wednesday, July 3, 2019:

Thursday night’s Democrat debate revealed Joe Biden for who he really is: weak, indecisive, tentative, unprepared for the surprise and relentless attack launched by Kamala Harris, feeble, and, worst of all, old. He wimped out at the end, declaring that “my time is up” in order to end her onslaught.

CNN poll taken afterwards confirmed it. His once-insurmountable double-digit lead had melted away. The poll showed Biden’s lead shrinking from 32 percent in May to 22 percent – a breath-taking drop of 10 full percentage points – while Harris’s support jumped nine points, from eight percent in May to 17 percent. This reduced his formerly insurmountable lead to just five points. Elizabeth Warren enjoyed a gain at Biden’s expense as well, doubling her support from seven percent in May to 15 percent following Thursday night’s debate.

More telling was Biden’s performance among young voters (under 45),

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CNN Poll: Biden Down 10 Points, Harris Up 9 Following Last Week’s Debates

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Tuesday, July 2, 2019: 

Following Joe Biden’s dismal performance during the Democrat debate on Thursday night, his once-insurmountable double-digit lead melted away. A CNN poll taken afterward showed Biden’s lead shrank from 32 percent in May to 22 percent, while Harris’s support jumped nine points, from eight percent in May to 17 percent. Elizabeth Warren enjoyed a gain at Biden’s expense as well, doubling from 7 percent in May to 15 percent following Thursday night’s debate.

More telling was Biden’s performance among young voters (under age 45),

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Petition to End Virginia Beach “Gun-free Zone” Policy: More Than 3,000 Signers So Far

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Thursday, June 27, 2019: 

Three years ago, Vincent Smith, a city engineer in Virginia Beach, Virginia, saw a gap in the security measures protecting city employees: “The gap was not allowing employees to carry a firearm.… Instead, people were forced — like I am every day — to choose between earning a living and saving my life.”

So he created a petition demanding that the city council reverse its “gun-free zone” policies. He got 259 signers, and it went nowhere.

Now, he has tried again. He refreshed the petition on Change.org:

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CBO: Entitlement Spending Plus Interest Shortly to Consume all Federal Revenues

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Wednesday, June 26, 2019: 

The “2019 Long-Term Budget Outlook” for the U.S. government, issued by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) on Tuesday, contained no good news. Those expecting — nay, hoping — that new revenues being generated by the Trump administration’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 would exceed government spending and begin to bring the monstrous national debt under some form of control will be disappointed.

There is no way to soft-soap the bad news. Larger and larger annual deficits will drive the national debt “to unprecedented levels”, wrote the CBO. And the assumptions underlying this dismal outlook “are highly sensitive” to change — the CBO’s way of saying that the national debt could be vastly higher if their assumptions are wrong.

Take their underlying assumption on the growth of the economy. If the estimate is just one-half of one percent lower than projected, the national debt will balloon to nearly twice the size of the U.S. economy. If interest rates rise by just one percent higher than projected, the national debt would be closing in on three times its size.

Second, the CBO points out that, under any of its various iterations, the economy never generates enough revenue even to begin to close the gap between revenues and spending. And nothing in the 79-page report mentions the possibility of a recession occurring over the next 10 to 20 years, which would completely obliterate their assumptions.

In other words, as bad as the CBO reports, the debt situation in the United States is likely to be much worse than projected, and reach critical mass sooner.

When Justin Bogie, a senior policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation, looked at the report from the CBO, he used words such “precarious” and “unsustainable.” And that’s assuming that Congress doesn’t totally lose its collective mind and adopt the increased spending bill — “Investing for the People Act of 2019” — being proposed by the Democrats. As Bogie noted, “the current proposal put forth by House Democrats would raise spending by at least $357 billion over two years, driving long-term debt even higher.”

At these stratospheric levels of debt, numbers almost don’t matter. The government’s current budget for fiscal year 2019 is $4.4 trillion. In less than 10 years, assuming everything goes as forecast by the CBO, the budget will approach $7 trillion. And 85 percent of that increase will reflect entitlement spending on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and various health-insurance subsidies. Add in interest payments on the increased debt, and government spending by 2028 will be more than twice its current level.

Bogie reminds his readers of just how far we have come. The ratio of the national debt compared to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) has historically been just over 42 percent. Today, it’s 78 percent, and in 10 years will approach 150 percent — a banana republic-type number.

He said that “entitlement reform is the key to shrinking the national debt and creating a healthy, sustainable budget.” It’s going to take a lot more than that. He’s assuming that a simple majority of legislators will suddenly come to their senses and begin to rein in government spending. But it’s not that simple: Most of the entitlement programs are on “auto-pilot” — a nice way of saying that few legislators are likely to touch them, especially in an election year, as they consider them the “third rail” of politics, i.e., touch them and you die.

The cohort of Baby Boomers — those born between 1946 and 1964 — number 76 million. Threaten them with the loss of “their” Social Security benefits and the roof will cave in on anyone suggesting cuts.

Restraint on government spending won’t be coming from politicians whose primary purpose in life is to stay in office. Restraint from taxpayers who already receive government checks (Social Security sent out 68 million checks in May, 48 million of them to people age 65 or older) isn’t going to happen.

So when writers such as Bogie begin to suggest solutions to this “unsustainable” problem that involve politicians or beneficiaries, he is dreaming.

There is an outside source that will eventually “cure” this “unsustainable” problem: the bond market. At some point in the future, perhaps sooner rather than later, investors (mostly bond funds, pension plans, banks, and wealthy individuals) are going to demand higher premiums on their investments in federal government securities to offset their increasing risks of default. As that happens, the Federal Reserve is likely to get involved, bailing out banks and other institutions perceived to be critical to the continued functioning of the economy. When that fails, all that will be left will be the empty shell of unfunded promises made to the current generation by legislators long-since deceased.

Consider the latest CBO report as the “canary in the coal mine,” an allusion to caged birds that miners would carry down with them into underground tunnels. If dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide collected in the tunnels, the gases would kill the canary before killing the miners, thus providing a warning to exit the tunnels immediately.

Biden To Be Targeted by the Far Left in Thursday’s Democrat Debate

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Monday, June 24, 2019: 

In the first of two consecutive debates starting on Thursday night in Miami, Democratic 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden will be the target of the other nine Democrat candidates vying for their party’s nomination. With a nearly insurmountable lead of 17 points in the polls over his nearest rival (Bernie Sanders), each will be attempting to improve their positions by attacking the leader of the pack.

The attacks have already begun. Standing on Biden’s left will be avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders who will, merely by his presence to the left of Biden, illustrate the “dangers” of Biden’s perceived “middle ground” on various issues.

On Biden’s right will be youngster “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg who, at age 37, is more than 40 years Biden’s junior. Biden, if he is the Democrats’ chosen candidate, will turn 78 just weeks after the November 2020 election.

Biden’s nine opponents are sharpening their knives over topics that Biden’s long political history has provided them. They will seek to draw blood over his “friendly” relationships with two (long since deceased) segregationist Senators decades ago while serving as a Senator from Delaware.

They will seek to damage him further with questions about his recent “flip” over federal funding of abortion.

Missing from Thursday night’s debate, or from any other future debates, will be attacks on his character as exemplified by his long history of lying.

In 1972, Biden’s first wife and daughter died in a car accident. For years afterward, he milked his version of what happened that day for his political advantage. In a 2007 speech at the University of Iowa, Biden exploited the incident once again for political purposes:

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Don’t Trust the Polls, Say Numerous Experienced Political Observers

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Friday, June 21, 2019: 

A number of prominent political commentators, not all from the Right, are ignoring recent polls showing President Donald Trump losing — if the election were held today — to any number of socialist Democrats currently vying for their party’s nomination. Some of them hail from outside the United States, giving them both a perspective not available from the national mainstream media and protection from that same media for going off-script in their predictions that Trump will win reelection, perhaps decisively, in 2020.

Piers Morgan, the liberal British news host who was fired from CNN in 2014 over his show’s low ratings, wrote that “by any normal yardstick, the President is headed for a defeat in the 2020 election.” But these are hardly normal times, as Morgan was quick to point out:

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Jesus’ Name Lifted Up at Trump’s Reelection Rally; Media All but Silent

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Wednesday, June 19, 2019: 

The chair of President Trump’s evangelical advisory board, Pastor Paula White, lifted up the name of Jesus in her opening prayer at the president’s reelection rally in Orlando on Tuesday. After asking the crowd, estimated to be 20,000 supporters, to hold hands, she prayed:

So right now, let every demonic network that has aligned itself against the purpose, against the calling of President Trump, let it be broken, let it be torn down in the name of Jesus….


I declare that President Trump will overcome every strategy from hell and every strategy from the enemy….


I secure his calling, I secure his purpose, I secure his family, and we secure victory in the name which is above every name — the name of Jesus Christ….


I declare that no weapon formed against him, his family, his calling, his purpose, this counsel, will be able to be formed.

Those “demonic networks” were all but silent. And the only one that responded claimed ignorance. Meghan Flynn, writing for the Washington Post, said that “White didn’t say what demonic networks and enemies Trump was up against.”

Instead Flynn took advantage of the opportunity to slander White by bringing up long-dead issues concerning the president’s chief spiritual advisor:

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Are Attacks on Oil Tankers at Hormuz Strait a Prelude to War?

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Thursday June 13, 2019: 

Following reports of suspected attacks on two oil tankers moving through the vitally important Strait of Hormuz early Thursday morning, crude oil prices jumped four percent. Following that initial spike, oil prices settled back slightly.

The Strait is the only water passage from the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea and ultimately the Indian Ocean, and as a result a third of the world’s LNG (liquefied natural gas) and almost 20 percent of the world’s crude passes through the 21-mile-wide channel.

The early reports from the British Daily Telegraph were ambiguous,

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Trump v. Biden Race Gets Ugly Early

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Wednesday, June 12, 2019: 

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, his likely Democrat opponent in November 2020, touched gloves on Tuesday in Iowa and then came out swinging.

Biden landed the first blows by revealing the text of his evening Davenport speech at 6:00 a.m., getting the jump on Trump’s usual early morning tweeting frenzy. Biden questioned Trump’s mental capacity to lead the country and challenged his moral conduct. He claimed that Trump’s tariffs have “crushed” Iowa farmers, saying, “It’s easy to be tough when someone else is feeling the pain.” He attacked the president on climate change, race, and his failed negotiations with China. He accused the president of backing off on threats of tariffs on Mexico, calling him “scared” and putting on a “stunning display of childishness” during his visit to Normandy to honor D-Day. This was no doubt a reference to a Trump tweet he sent while visiting the United Kingdom calling Bette Midler a “washed-up psycho.”

Biden told his Davenport audience that the president is “literally an existential threat to this country,” slamming Trump by name more than 75 times in his speech. Biden accused Trump of “embrac[ing] dictators such as Kim Jong-un [North Korea’s communist supreme leader] who’s a damn murderer and a thug.” He charged Trump with using “crude language” and “embarrassing behavior that is burrowing deep into our culture.” He added that Trump is defying the authority of Congress and using phrases such as “enemy of the people” when describing the mainstream media.

These charges were red meat for the president who,

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Biased NPR Poll, Democrats’ Desperation Just More Good News for Trump

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Monday, June 10, 2109: 

National Public Radio (NPR) reported on Saturday that “support for impeachment hearings grows.” It was interpreting results from a survey that NPR itself funded (using taxpayer monies) along with help from PBS (Public Broadcasting Service — also taxpayer funded) and the Marist Poll (funded by Marist College). Writer Domenico Montanaro noted that, based on that poll, “There is a growing desire for impeachment proceedings to begin against Trump.” He then admitted that “Americans are still split overall on what to do after the release of the Mueller report.”

He reported that

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