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-Ephesians 5:11-13

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Trump’s $20 Million Fundraiser Confirms Enthusiasm Chasm Over Biden

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Friday, July 24, 2020: 

In the press release that followed President Trump’s first-ever virtual fundraiser held on Tuesday, hostess Kimberly Guilfoyle, chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, exulted:

Trump Victory’s groundbreaking fundraising record proves the American people are passionate about gaining four more years under President Trump’s strong leadership.


Across the nation, the SILENT MAJORITY are coming together to donate their valuable time and hard-earned money to help make this President’s re-election a reality.


The most important measure of success in this race is enthusiasm, and the enthusiasm from President Trump’s supporters cannot be matched.

In fact Democrat Party presumptive candidate Joe Biden can’t even come close. His most successful virtual fundraiser brought in just $7.6 million.

More than 300,000 donors contributed to the record set on Tuesday, with the average donation nearly $67. When supporters express enthusiasm in polls, that’s one thing. When they express it by debiting their credit cards, that’s another thing altogether.

The enthusiasm “gap” between the candidates was revealed in an Emerson College poll in late April, which found that

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Biden Slipping, Trump Gaining Among Young Black, Brown Voters

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Wednesday, July 22, 2020:

The shrinkage of support for the Democrat Party’s presumptive presidential candidate Joe Biden among young black and Hispanic likely voters in November’s election has caught the attention of Harry Enten of CNN.

Enten is one of the new breed of political journalists specializing in data-driven reporting and was one of the first people Nate Silver hired when he relaunched his FiveThirtyEight polling website under the auspices of ESPN in 2013. He not only writes for CNN but also produces The Forecast Fest, which focuses on the 2020 presidential election.

Noted Enten on Tuesday, “Trump continues to do something perhaps unexpectedly among Black voters: hold his own against Biden relative to many people’s expectations.”

Those expectations were that Biden would

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Nikema Williams to Replace John Lewis in Georgia’s 5th District

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Tuesday, July 21, 2020: 

Upon learning that the executive committee of the Democratic Party of Georgia had selected her to succeed John Lewis as the representative from Atlanta’s 5th Congressional District, Georgia State Senator Nikema Williams said:

Nobody could possibly fill the shoes of Congressman Lewis. His leadership and fighting spirit is needed now more than ever in this country.


I believe it is imperative that we choose someone with a long track record of fearlessly standing up for what is right and someone who will take on the endless attacks on our rights that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from the Republican Party.

With that statement, she gave notice that little if anything is going to change: The voice from the 5th District of Georgia will continue to be noisy, shrill, and demeaning to Republicans, especially the president.

As one of 131 people vying to take John Lewis’ place, Williams campaigned on Zoom featuring a framed picture of Lewis’ mugshot from his arrest during a Nashville sit-in during the 1960s. She declared herself to be “a student of the John Lewis school of politics,” which “practiced the art of getting into ‘good trouble.’”

This was a phrase no doubt familiar to members of the executive committee. In 2016, Lewis made a presentation at the U.S. Department of Transportation where he quoted Martin Luther King, Jr.:

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Secretary of State Pompeo Announces New Policy Over China’s South China Sea Claims

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Tuesday, July 14, 2020: 

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo issued a statement on Monday directly and forcefully challenging China’s claims to most of the South China Sea:

Today we are strengthening U.S. policy in a vital, contentious part of that region — the South China Sea. We are making clear: Beijing’s claims to offshore resources across most of the South China Sea are completely unlawful, as is its campaign of bullying to control them….


Beijing uses intimidation to undermine the sovereign rights of Southeast Asian coastal states [the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, and Vietnam], bully them out of offshore resources, assert unilateral dominion, and replace international law with “might makes right.”

In 2009, the Communist Chinese unilaterally and arbitrarily drew a circle around what it considered its sovereign territory, a series of nine dashes on the map of the South China Sea extending from the Paracel Islands (about 200 miles due East of Da Nang, Vietnam), south to Malaysia, curving north to enclose the Spratley Islands and ending 50 miles offshore of Taiwan. The enormous waters see nearly $5 trillion worth of global trade passing through them every year.

Said Pompeo:

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Trump Pulls the Plug on WHO, Effective July 2021

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Wednesday, July 8, 2020: 

President Trump kept another promise on Tuesday: He had earlier threatened to pull the United States out of the UN World Health Organization (WHO) unless the outfit shaped up. It didn’t, so he left.

The president filed a notice of withdrawal, effective July 6, 2021, with the UN Secretary General.

Trump cut off U.S. funding to WHO back in April. In a May letter to WHO Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom, he explained, “On April 14, 2020, I suspended United States contributions to the World Health Organization pending an investigation by my Administration of [your] organization’s failed response to the COVID-10 outbreak. This review confirmed many of the serious concerns I raised, [including WHO’s] alarming lack of independence from the People’s Republic of China.”

The letter devoted wrote four pages to summarizing what the Trump administration learned. This included:

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Trump’s EO Creating “National Garden of American Heroes” Is a Master Stroke

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Monday, July 6, 2020:  

In announcing that he had signed an executive order creating a National Garden of American Heroes during his Mt. Rushmore speech on Friday night, Trump displayed a masterful understanding not only of the national psyche but how such an order would put his critics on the defensive.

The national psyche is fed up with destruction, especially of national monuments celebrating American heroes. It reflects an increasing level of disgust and distrust of the national media, which opposes “everything Trump.” His executive order is a mark of political genius.

At Mt. Rushmore on Friday night the president said:

I am announcing the creation of a new monument to the giants of our past. I am signing an executive order to establish the National Garden of American heroes, a vast outdoor park that will feature the statues of the greatest Americans to ever live.


Let us go forward united in our purpose and rededicated in our resolve. We will raise the next generation of American patriots, we will write the next thrilling chapter of the American adventure, and we will teach our children to know that they live in a land of legends, that nothing can stop them, and that no one can hold them down. They will know that in America, you can do anything, you can be anything, and together, we can achieve anything.

His executive order made clear the purpose of the statuary park:

America owes its present greatness to its past sacrifices. Because the past is always at risk of being forgotten, monuments will always be needed to honor those who came before. Since the time of our founding, Americans have raised monuments to our greatest citizens….


These statues are silent teachers in solid form of stone and metal. They preserve the memory of our American story and stir in us a spirit of responsibility for the chapters yet unwritten. These works of art call forth gratitude for the accomplishments and sacrifices of our exceptional fellow citizens who, despite their flaws, placed their virtues, their talents, and their lives in the service of our Nation.


These monuments express our noblest ideals: respect for our ancestors, love of freedom, and striving for a more perfect union. They are works of beauty, created as enduring tributes. In preserving them, we show reverence for our past, we dignify our present, and we inspire those who are to come. To build a monument is to ratify our shared national project.

His order names a task force to plan for the park, to be completed no later than July 4, 2026, the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The statues “should depict historically significant Americans … an individual who was, or became, an American citizen and was a public figure who made substantive contributions to America’s public life or otherwise had a substantive effect on America’s history.”

His order provided guidelines for his task force:

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Trump Sharpens Attack on America’s Enemies in His “Salute to America” Speech

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Sunday, July 5, 2020:

In his “Salute to America” speech given on Saturday night from the White House South Lawn, President Donald Trump sharpened his attacks on America’s enemies while reiterating themes from his remarkable speech the night before at Mt. Rushmore.

He referred to the Trump “phenomenon” as “our movement [which] is based on lifting all citizens to reach their fullest God-given potential,” adding:

Never forget: We are one family and one nation. This rich heritage belongs to every citizen, young and old, first-generation American and tenth-generation American. This heritage belongs to every citizen, young and old — first-generation American — we want to go from first generation to tenth generation; it matters not. We are American. We are from the USA. This great heritage belongs to citizens of every background and of every walk of life.

But there are people, efforts, movements and campaigns to keep that from happening, said the president:

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President Trump’s Remarkable Speech at Mt. Rushmore Excoriated by the New York Times

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Saturday, July 4, Independence Day, 2020:  

President Donald Trump’s remarkable speech at Mt. Rushmore on Friday night — Monica Showalter, Deputy Editor at American Thinker, called it “his finest speech … the speech of his presidency” — not only celebrated the giants whose faces are carved into the granite wall behind him, but also called out the enemies of the republic.

And one of those enemies — the New York Times — didn’t like it one bit.

The president opened with this:

There could be no better place to celebrate America’s independence than beneath this magnificent, incredible majestic mountain and monument to the greatest Americans who have ever lived. Today we pay tribute to the exceptional lives and extraordinary legacies of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt.


I am here as your president to proclaim before the country and before the world, this monument will never be desecrated, these heroes will never be defamed, their legacy will never ever be destroyed, their achievements will never be forgotten, and Mount Rushmore will stand forever as an eternal tribute to our forefathers and to our freedom.

He retold the marvelous story of the founding of the republic, unique in all of human history:

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David Jeremiah’s Prayer for America

Almighty God,

In all history, there has been only one nation like America—founded by Pilgrims seeking freedom to worship, established on a vast continent between two oceans, dedicated to the proposition that we are created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights: One nation under God.

You have delivered us in war, prospered us in peace, and raised up generations willing to offer their devotion for the preservation of liberty at home and abroad.

We have been a light for the world. From our shores has gone the greatest missionary force in history.

But now, Lord, America has

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Professor Who Predicted Trump’s 2016 Win Says He’ll Win Again in 2020

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Friday, July 3, 2020:  

Stony Brook University political science professor Helmut Norpoth appeared on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Friday, predicting that President Donald Trump has a 91 percent chance of winning reelection in November.

He’s been making the media rounds, and his prediction, for months. On May 29, in an interview on “The Ingraham Angle”, he explained: “The key to the November election is the primaries. And the primaries are already giving us a lot of information.”

On June 20 he told the New York Post: “I don’t remember any uncontested campaign for a sitting president like this. People don’t normally turn out in large numbers for a race without a challenger.” But in 23 of the 27 states that held primaries this year the president has racked up higher totals than President Obama did — often doubling or tripling his numbers.

For example,

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Senate Confirms 200th Judicial Appointee Under Trump

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Thursday, June 25, 2020:  

With the Senate confirmation of Judge Cory Wilson to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday, the president has now successfully appointed 200 judicial nominees to the federal bench. As CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin put it, “Judicial confirmations may be President Trump’s most important legacy. They will shape the nation’s laws on abortion, LGBT rights, voting rights, and many other issues long after Trump leaves office.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose stated objective is “to leave no vacancy behind,” celebrated Wilson’s confirmation: “Following number 200, when we depart this chamber today, there will not be a single circuit court vacancy anywhere in the nation for the first time in at least 40 years.”

All of this was intentional from the start.

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Many Signals Showing Strong U.S. Economic Rebound

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Monday, June 22, 2020:  

No matter where one looks, the U.S. economy is not only on the mend, it is rebounding sharply, giving increasing support to a V-shaped recovery from the COVID-inspired government economic shutdown.

Retail sales jumped in May by nearly 18 percent from April’s stomach-turning drop of 16 percent. Apple Maps is showing that travelers are doing more driving, while restaurant bookings have jumped. Hotels are beginning to fill again, and passenger air travel is steadily increasing.

A particularly bright spot is the housing industry. Mortgage applications for single-family homes are now up 21 percent compared to last year at this time, increasing to the highest level seen in over 11 years. As Joel Kan, a forecaster at the Mortgage Bankers Association, exuded,

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Episcopal Bishop on Trial for Defending Traditional Marriage

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Sunday, June 21, 2020: 

The Right Reverend William Love, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, New York, is on trial for defending the faith. A Title IV hearing is reviewing evidence and taking testimony in a setting similar to a court hearing but with this difference: The hearing, made up of a panel of his peers, could then punish Love if it finds that he violated a resolution allowing the church to sanction and perform same-sex weddings. It will be judge, jury, and enforcer of its ruling.

The Episcopal Church (TEC) was organized after the American Revolution when it separated itself from the Church of England, which required its clergy to swear allegiance to the Crown. It follows the Book of Common Prayer and describes itself as “Protestant, yet Catholic.”

Protestants, beginning with Martin Luther, claim that Sola Scriptura — Scripture Alone — defines and refines believers’ faith and practice.

For more than 13 years Love has endorsed Sola Scriptura, asserting that

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Who’s Running the Show: the Fed or the U.S. Treasury?

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Thursday, June 18, 2020: 

Scott Minerd, global chief investment officer at Guggenheim Partners, told CNN on Tuesday that the next effort by the Fed to keep the U.S. economy going will be to start buying U.S. stocks. As The New American has reported, the Fed has already expanded its powers so that it can purchase exchange-traded bond funds, junk bonds, and now corporate bonds.

All of this so far exceeds the Fed’s original powers that it has been forced to do a “workaround” by creating a number of intermediaries to accomplish its purposes. Each of these intermediaries needs a “special purpose vehicle” — an SPV — and the help of the U.S. Treasury.

Jim Bianco, president of Bianco Research & Trading, has been producing commentaries on the bond market for 30 years that are faithfully read by hundreds of portfolio managers. His commentary on these SPVs has raised the question, i.e., if the Fed needs the help of the Treasury to accomplish its purposes, who is in charge: the Fed, or the U.S. Treasury? If it’s the latter, and because U.S. Treasury is part of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government, does that mean that the Fed now has a new chairman, namely, President Trump?

Bianco explains:

The Treasury … will make an equity investment in each SPV and be in a “first loss” position.


What does this mean? In essence, the Treasury, not the Fed, is buying all these securities and backstopping of loans; the Fed is [merely] acting as banker and providing financing….


This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. So, meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump.

Bianco expanded on this thesis:

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Fed Plans to Buy Individual Corporate Bonds to “Support” Market

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Tuesday, June 16, 2020:  

The announcement by the Federal Reserve on Monday afternoon that it would expand its efforts to “support” the economy by buying individual corporate bonds cheered Wall Street, which rebounded nearly 1,000 points on the news.

The fact that Fed officials voted unanimously for the extraordinary expansion of Fed powers suggests a degree of panic that the government shutdown of the economy using the COVID-19 virus as an excuse was also likely to shut down the $9.6 trillion corporate debt market as well.

For more than 100 years (the Fed began operations in 1914),

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Trump Support Among Younger Blacks Continues to Grow, Says UCLA Poll

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Thursday, June 11, 2020: 

A poll conducted by UCLA for its Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape project revealed that younger black voters hold much more favorable opinions of President Trump than do their elders.

According to results released on Wednesday,

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The Bear Market in Stocks Is Over, Says Wall Street Guru

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Tuesday, June 9, 2020: 

Ed Yardeni, president of Yardeni Research, reviewed last week’s market action on Wall Street and concluded that the bear market in stocks is over: “Not too long ago we were in the midst of a terrible meltdown in the stock market. But it turned out to be a 33-day bear market lasting from February 19 to March 23. Ever since then, we’ve had a melt-up.”

Yardeni has been here before.

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U.S. Economy Peaked in February; Republican Consumers to Drive the Recovery

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Monday, June 8, 2020: 

Those in charge of determining when the U.S. economy peaked at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) said it happened in February.

Using a very loose definition of when a recession starts — it involves “a decline in economic activity that lasts more than a few months,” they say — the seers at NBER declared affirmatively that February marked “the end of the expansion that began in June 2009 … and lasted 128 months, the longest in the history of U.S. business cycles, dating back to 1854.”

The data junkies refused to comment on how long the recession might last, or how strong it might be when it recovers. Signs are emerging that May marked the bottom, with a jobs report that astonished and embarrassed nearly every forecaster in its robust surprise.

Predictions as to how long the recovery will last and when the economy will get back to full steam are a dime a dozen,

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Pressure Building on Supreme Court to Hear Second Amendment Appeals

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Tuesday, June 2, 2020:

There are at least 10 cases pending on appeal to the Supreme Court that involve state infringements of the Second Amendment. It’s been 10 years since the Court has ruled on the matter.

But following the court’s dismissal of a New York City case over an individual’s freedom to carry a firearm in a locked case because the city relented and loosened its restrictions, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh urged his fellow justices to take on one or more the ones currently pending.

Wrote Kavanaugh:

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U.S. Birth Rate at Record Lows, Says CDC

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Thursday, May 21, 2020:  

A preliminary report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released on Wednesday showed that the number of births last year — 3.5 million — fell one percent from the previous year, extending a trend evident for years.

The “general fertility rate,” or GFR, “was 58.2 births per 1,000 women … a record low for the United States” said the agency. The total fertility rate (TFR) was 1,705 per 1,000 women, also down from 2018 and setting another record low for the country.

This is the fifth year that the number of births has declined, and the lowest number of births since 1985. The TFR remains below replacement — that level at which a given generation can replace itself — which is 2.1 births per woman in modern industrial nations.

The United States is not alone.

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