Have nothing to do with the [evil] things that people do, things that belong to the darkness. Instead, bring them out to the light... [For] when all things are brought out into the light, then their true nature is clearly revealed...

-Ephesians 5:11-13

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Ken Paxton to Biden: You “Won’t Undo the 2A in Texas on My Watch.”

This article was published by TheNewAmerican.com on Tuesday, February 16, 2021:  

Seizing the opportunity to use the third anniversary of the Parkland school shooting for his anti-gun purposes, Biden called on Congress on Sunday to enact “common sense” gun laws to prevent such a horrific event from happening again.

He said:

Today, I am calling on Congress to enact commonsense gun law reforms, including requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets.


We owe it to all those we’ve lost and to all those left behind to grieve to make a change.


The time to act is now.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton immediately saw through the façade, tweeting:

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These Are “Dangerous Times” for Wall Street, Says Veteran Investor

This article was published by  TheNewAmerican.com on Friday, February 12, 2021:  

David Rosenberg, 36-year Wall Street veteran and founder of Rosenberg Analysis, said “From my lens we … have a market … that appears egregiously overpriced, overbought and overextended.” When he spoke those words the cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings ratio (CAPE) was at 32.44.

That was in November.

Today the CAPE is closing in on 36. The metric is used by Rosenberg and other Wall Street seers to determine whether the market is overvalued or not. As Investopedia reminded its readers:

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Pollster: New Election Abnormalities Uncovered

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Monday, December 7, 2020:

Patrick Basham, the founding director of pollster Democracy Institute, added to the ever-growing list of election abnormalities and statistical improbabilities during his interview with Mark Levin on Sunday night.

Levin, on Fox News’ Life, Liberty and Levin, gave Basham extensive airtime to recount the additional election oddities that he has uncovered. On November 30, Basham initially called his discoveries “deeply puzzling.” On Sunday night he came closer to concluding that the U.S. 2020 presidential election was a carefully contrived and orchestrated fraud: “If you look at the results, you see how Donald Trump improved his national performance over 2016 by almost 20 percent. No incumbent president has ever lost a reelection bid if he’s increased his vote [total].”

He reviewed his previous discoveries, such as Trump winning 95 percent of the Republican vote and earning the highest share of all minority votes — black and Hispanic — for a Republican “since 1960.”

He pointed out in his November 30 article that with Trump’s extraordinary inroads into typically Democratic demographic strongholds “it is arithmetically impossible for a Democratic presidential candidate to win Florida, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.”

He confirmed how Biden’s win flies in the face of the bellwether states — Florida, Ohio, and Iowa — which “swung further in Trump’s direction than in 2016.”

He added:

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Dershowitz Spells Out Trump’s Paths to Victory

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Tuesday, November 24, 2020:  

During an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, retired Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz spelled out how Trump’s campaign could prevail in the presidential election:

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Biden Did Worse Than Hillary Except in Four Big Democrat-run Cities

Richard Baris, who runs Big Data Poll, one of three that got Election Night results right, noted something peculiar in his post-election analysis: “Trump won the largest non-white vote share for a Republican presidential candidate in 60 years…. Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country, save for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia.”

Robert Barnes, an election analyst for the Washington Post, was quoted by Patrick Basham, head of Democracy Institute, as observing that in these “big cities in swing states run by Democrats … the vote even exceeded the number of registered voters.”

In an article published by the British Sunday Express on November 8, Basham expressed his astonishment at what happened late Election Eve:

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Election Oddities No One Can Explain

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Thursday, November 12, 2020:

Building on the lengthening list of oddities and abnormalities exposed by The New American writer Luis Miguel on Thursday, Matt Palumbo of the Bongino Report added three more: bellwether states that typically vote for the president but didn’t his year; bellwether counties that typically vote for the president, but didn’t this year; and Republicans reducing the Democratic Party’s majority in the House when a “blue wave” was predicted instead.

Reported Miguel:

One of the most glaring issues is the vast difference in Georgia of the number of individuals who voted for President Trump, but not for the state’s U.S. Senate race, versus the number of voters who did the equivalent for Joe Biden.


For the president, it was 818, meaning that of the millions of voters who cast ballots for him, only a little over 800 did not also vote for the Senate race.


For Biden, however, the number was 95,801 — meaning nearly 96,000 people allegedly voted for the former vice president but did not bother choosing candidates in the Senate contest.

According to Palumbo, Ohio is one of two highly reliable “bellwether states”

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True the Vote Launches Whistleblower Compensation Fund

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Saturday, November 7, 2020:

True the Vote, a vote-monitoring organization founded by Catherine Engelbrecht in 2009, announced on Friday a $1 million fund to incentivize witnesses to vote tampering to come forward and tell their stories.

In a press release Engelbrecht said:

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Biden Campaign: Trump One State Away From Winning a Second term

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Tuesday, November 3, 2020: 

In a remarkable display of candor, Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon and Robert Bauer, who served as Obama’s White House counsel, publicly discussed the Biden campaign strategy. The interview is available on YouTube here.

Among those watching was Trump’s campaign manager Nick Trainer. He took the Biden strategy and its numbers, reconstructed them, and concluded that Pennsylvania is the one state to watch Tuesday night:

Using their math alone, and reconstructing it, they’re saying that the president is currently one state short of winning the election. Using their math!

And that’s where the Trump campaign has been pouring manpower, money, and an aggressive door-to-door canvassing strategy for the past three years. And it’s about to pay off, according to Trainer:

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Filmmaker Michael Moore: “Don’t Believe the Polls!”

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Monday, November 2, 2020: 

In a brief appearance on Hill.TV on Thursday, liberal activist and filmmaker Michael Moore said, “Don’t believe these polls.” He added, “The Trump voter is always being undercounted,” and explained why:

When [pollsters] actually call a real Trump voter [he] is very suspicious of the “Deep State” calling them and asking them who they are voting for.


It’s all fake news to them … [so] it’s not an accurate count.

The Biden advantage has to be cut in half, said Moore: “I think the safe thing to do … this is not scientific … whatever they’re saying the Biden lead is, cut it in half.… Cut it in half and you’re within the … margin of error. That’s how desperately close this [race] is.”

Moore predicted a Trump victory in 2016 which “got me no free entrances to casinos, by the way … but I wake up every morning with the assumption that Trump believes he’s going to win [in 2020], and that’s good enough for me. If he thinks he’s going to win, then I think he’s going to win.”

Biden is making the same mistakes Hillary Clinton made back in 2016, said Moore:

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Responses to Better Polling Questions Indicate a Trump Victory on Tuesday

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Sunday, November 1, 2020: 

Polling firm USC Dornsife’s Daybreak Poll added two new questions to its survey: What percentage of your social contacts do you expect to vote for each of the presidential candidates? and, Whom do you think will win the election in your state?

Without those two questions, their poll shows Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump by 11 points. With them, the gap is much closer. And when it comes to the Electoral College, Trump beats Biden.

Dornsife’s pollsters tested those questions in five elections — the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the 2018 U.S. midterms, the 2017 French presidential election, the 2017 Dutch Parliamentary election, and the 2018 Swedish Parliamentary election. In all five, “The social circle question predicted election outcomes better than traditional questions about voters’ own intentions,” according to the pollsters.

And responses to the state-winner question confirmed the results.

Jim Key, director of marketing and media relations for USC Dornsife, said

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Barna: Engaged Conservative Christians Support Trump Almost Unanimously

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Saturday, October 31, 2020:  

George Barna, the founder of the Barna Group, which specializes in studying the religious beliefs and behaviors of Americans, released on Friday the results of his latest poll: support for President Trump’s reelection is nearly unanimous among SAGE Cons — spiritually active governance-engaged conservative Christians. In 2016 support for Trump was 91 percent. Now it is 96 percent.

Bara explained why there was such an increase:

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Third-quarter GDP Beat Expectations, Adds Momentum to Trump Campaign

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Thursday, October 29, 2020:  

The Department of Commerce announced on Thursday that the U.S. economy grew in the third quarter at an annualized rate of 33.1 percent, beating forecasters’ expectations.

When Tim Murtaugh, the communications director for President Trump’s reelection campaign, learned of the news, he pointed out the choice voters will be making next Tuesday. It’s a choice between “a Trump boom versus a Biden depression.”

The president echoed Murtaugh:

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Unemployment Rate Drops More Than Forecast as Economy Continues Recovery

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Friday, October 2, 2020:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported early Friday morning that the economy continues its surprisingly strong recovery from the greatest shutdown in U.S. history. The report, based on two surveys — the household survey and the establishment survey — said, “Improvements in the labor market reflect the continued resumption of economic activity” following the COVID-inspired shutdown.

Specifically, total non-farm payroll employment rose by 661,000 in September, dropping the unemployment rate by half of one percent, to 7.9 percent. Forecasters were expecting a drop to 8.2 percent.

Most of the gains were in leisure and hospitality, retail businesses, healthcare, and in professional and business services. Job recovery in food services and drinking places has totaled nearly four million over the last five months.

This comes on the heels of other reports and surveys earlier this week showing

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Trump Closes Gap on Biden in Florida; Now Leads by Four Points

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Thursday, September 24, 2020: 

According to an ABC/Washington Post poll taken among likely Florida voters last week, President Trump has jumped to a four-point lead over his Democratic opponent Joe Biden in the Sunshine State. According to the survey:

The result in Florida befits its swing-state status, with sharp differences across regions and demographic groups.


A challenge for Biden is his tepid 13-point lead among Hispanics in the state (using registered voters for an adequate sample size); Hillary Clinton won Florida Hispanics by 27 percentage points in 2016, yet narrowly lost the state.

On July 23, Quinnipiac University showed Biden with a commanding 13-point lead over the president, the last time Biden had a double-digit lead in Florida. An average of the last seven polls taken since September 10 show Biden with a lead of just 1.3 points, well within the polls’ margins of error.

This is increasingly important in the race for the White House, as Florida has

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John McCain’s Widow Endorses Biden, Says He’s “Good and Decent.”

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Wednesday, September 23, 2020:  

Cindy McCain, John McCain’s widow, formally endorsed Joe Biden for the presidency of the United States on Tuesday. Although admitting that she and Biden didn’t always agree on issues, at bottom she said, “he is a good and decent man.”

No, he is not. A “good and decent” man wouldn’t lie, and then lie again after the lie was exposed. A “good and decent” man wouldn’t twist history for his personal aggrandizement. A “good and decent” man wouldn’t deny his faith in order to be politically correct and acceptable.

Yet Biden has done all of these, and more.

Some current lies include Biden’s claim that he called for a government shutdown one week before Trump. There is no evidence whatsoever that he made a statement like that of any kind. On the contrary, he is on record as vocally opposing Trump’s early travel ban on China.

Biden claims that he has no recollection of his alleged sexual assault on his former staffer Tara Reade, and yet has moved Heaven and Earth to block the University of Delaware from releasing his Senate papers at the time of the alleged assault that would prove his innocence.

He recently told audiences that after leaving the White House, “I became a teacher. I became a professor.” No, he didn’t. He got paid for making some speeches at the University of Pennsylvania, but he never taught a single student.

He has a long history of lying. He boasted about his “arrest” in South Africa for supposedly attempting to visit Nelson Mandela, for which Mandela later thanked him. None of that is true: not the arrest, not the attempted visit, and not the “thank you” note he supposedly received from Mandela.

He destroyed his first run for the presidency in 1987 when he was caught in a lie about being the first person in his family to attend college.

Said Biden at the time:

Why is it that Joe Biden is the first in his family ever to go to a university? Why is it that my wife who is sitting out there in the audience is the first in her family to ever go to college? Is it because our fathers and mothers were not bright? Is it because I’m the first Biden in a thousand generations to get a college and a graduate degree that I was smarter than the rest?

That was nearly a direct quote from a British Labor leader, Neil Kinnock, who said: “Why am I the first Kinnock in a thousand generations to be able to get to university? Why is Glenys [his wife] the first woman in her family in a thousand generations to be able to get to university?”

He lied about his accomplishments as a student:

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Pennsylvania Is the Key to Each of Trump’s Paths to the White House

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Thursday, September 17, 2020:  

Rob Crilly, the Washington Examiner’s White House correspondent, viewed the Trump campaign’s seven paths to victory in the November election and learned that in each one Pennsylvania is key.

This is the state that Trump won by a scant 44,000 votes out of 6.2 million cast, a sliver strong enough to give him the victory in 2016. Crilly said the seven scenarios “push back against claims that President Trump had a limited path to victory and illustrate multiple ways he could win.”

The paths reflect several possibilities, ranging from a “blowout” win in November to a much closer win based on “Midwest strength.” But each scenario needs him to win Pennsylvania:

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Fresh Polling Shows Trump Surging Among Black, Hispanic Voters

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Thursday, September 10, 2020: 

Rasmussen’s presidential tracking poll released on Tuesday showed President Trump’s approval rating among likely black voters is at 42 percent. Among “other non-white likely voters,” Trump’s approval rating is at 56 percent. According to Pew Research, just six percent of black voters supported the president in 2016.

One can do the math:

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Trump Campaign Raises Record $210 Million in August, Lags Biden’s $365 Million August Haul

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Wednesday, September 9, 2020:

With less than eight weeks before Election Day, each campaign is defining its final push by how it is spending its campaign funds. The Trump campaign told Fox News on Wednesday that it raised $210 million in August, its biggest month to date, but still short of the $365 million record set by the Biden campaign last month.

The strategies of the two opposing camps are totally different. The Biden campaign is tossing out its rule book — Groundbreakers: How Obama’s 2.2 Million Volunteers Transformed Campaigning in America — and instead is relying on air time almost exclusively.

Groundbreakers detailed how the Obama campaign transformed presidential campaigning through an aggressive ground game coupled with advanced information technology.

On the other hand, Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien is requiring every volunteer to read Groundbreakers before ringing a single doorbell or making a single phone call.

Said Stepien:

Both campaigns are raising massive amounts of money, but have very different priorities about how to spend it. In addition to advertising, President Trump’s campaign has invested heavily in a muscular field operation and ground game that will turn out our voters, while the Biden campaign is waging almost exclusively an air war.


We like our strategy better.

By early August, the Trump campaign had more than

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Wall Street Selloff Putting Trump Reelection in Jeopardy?

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Tuesday, September 8, 2020:  

With Wall Street extending its pre-Labor Day selloff into Monday morning, stocks are close to giving back their historic gains made in August. To some the selloff also puts President Donald Trump’s reelection chances at risk.

According to LPL financial chief market strategist Ryan Detrick, the performance of the S&P 500 index in the three months leading up to the election has a nearly perfect record of predicting the election’s outcome. He says that the performance of that index has been the best predictor of presidential elections since 1984, proving 100-percent accurate — and is 87-percent accurate since the days of President Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929).

When that index is positive for those three months,

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“Blow Dryer Rebellion” Against Pelosi Hypocrisy Hands Trump Lethal Weapon

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Sunday, September 6, 2020: 

The hanging of blow dryers on trees in front of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home on Thursday is so trivial and yet so momentous in its implications that it could affect the outcome of the election.

Hardly a single voter hasn’t seen what Monica Showalter of American Thinker called the “Blow Dryer Rebellion”: angry hairstylists hanging blow dryers on a tree. Fewer still haven’t seen the security video that has gone viral showing Queen Nancy indulging herself in a “wash and blow dry” session at a tony salon without a mask while the common folk are prohibited from doing the same.

Said Showalter:

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