Have nothing to do with the [evil] things that people do, things that belong to the darkness. Instead, bring them out to the light... [For] when all things are brought out into the light, then their true nature is clearly revealed...

-Ephesians 5:11-13

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Recent Poll Reveals 95 Percent of Biologists Say Human Life Begins at Conception

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Monday, July 22, 2019: 

In writing his majority opinion in Roe v. Wade in 1973, Associate Justice Harry Blackmun complained that neither he nor any of the experts in the field of medicine, philosophy, or theology knew when life began, and so he developed an extra-legal theory — a “right to privacy” — that permitted him and a majority of the Supreme Court to rule that abortion was constitutional. Wrote Blackmun:

We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins. When those trained in the respective disciplines of medicine, philosophy, and theology are unable to arrive at any consensus, the judiciary, in this point in the development of man’s knowledge, is not in a position to speculate as to the answer.

How would Blackmun (who died in 1999) and his majority supporters rule if they knew then that 95 percent of 5,500 biologists — with specialties ranging from anatomy, biochemistry, cellular biology, genetics, and physiology — believe that “a human’s life begins at fertilization”?

What if they knew that of those biologists, even those who are “very pro-choice,” “very liberal,” and consider themselves to be “strong Democrats” believe life begins at conception?

That is the result of a study

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New York City Power Outage an Early Warning

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Wednesday, July 17, 2019: 

Last Saturday’s power outage in New York City affected fewer than 100,000 people in a city of 8.6 million. It lasted less than six hours. It was headline news for a brief moment, and then everything returned to normal.

For Douglas MacKinnon, however, it was an early warning that few are taking seriously. MacKinnon served in the White House as a writer for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, and afterwards in a joint command at the Pentagon, where he held a top-secret clearance.

Three weeks before the NYC power outage, MacKinnon wrote an eerily ominous and prescient article for Fox News:

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Trump’s Court Nominees Beginning to Make a Difference

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Tuesday, July 16, 2019: 

When Donald Trump took office in January 2017, there were more than a hundred judicial court vacancies waiting for him to fill. With Senate confirmation of Daniel Bress to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals last week, thanks to retirements since then, the president has filled 127 vacancies.

And the impact of his “originalist” appointments is now beginning to be felt.

Although most attention has been paid to the confirmation battles over Supreme Court nominees Neal Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, it’s the appeals courts which do the heavy lifting — or as Caleb Parker of Fox News put it, these are the “big leagues” of the judiciary system. That’s because, of the 7,000 cases sent to the Supreme Court for judicial review every year, it accepts only around one percent of them. This leaves the decisions made at the appeals level in place.

The numbers tell part of the story.

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FBI Reports that Firearm Background Checks Continue to Set New Highs

This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Friday, July 12, 2019:

When the National Instant Criminal Background Check System – NICS – was inflicted on the American people as part of the Brady Bill passed under President Clinton in 1993, it was sold as a means to reduce gun violence by keeping firearms out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.

But now it turns out that another force – a profound cultural change – has been quietly at work accomplishing what the NICS demonstrably didn’t: the increasing freedom being enjoyed by law-abiding citizens “to keep and bear arms.”

Whenever the FBI updates its monthly report on NICS firearm background checks (BGCs) it notes that the numbers “do not represent the number of firearms sold.” That’s because the BGCs are performed on people attempting to purchase a firearm and not on the number he or she might be buying at that moment in time.

So, a fair question to ask, in light of the record-setting two million background checks every month for the first six months of 2019, is:

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Economy Surprises to the Upside: 224,000 New Jobs in June; 335,000 Re-enter the Workforce

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Friday, July 5, 2019: 

The jobs report from the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Friday morning caught Jeffry Bartash, a MarketWatch market observer, by surprise. A month ago Bartash lamented that lower-than-expected job growth in May was “a warning sign for the economy.” Friday’s jobs report changed his tune: “Even though the economy has slowed, the strongest labor market in decades is likely to extend what’s already the longest expansion on record.”

He wasn’t the only one caught by surprise:

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CNN’s Collapse Symptomatic of Entire Mainstream Media’s Problem

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Friday, July 5, 2019:  

CNN‘s breathtaking decline in its audience following the release of the Mueller Report is symptomatic of the problem facing the entire mainstream media: CNN assumed that President Trump was guilty of all manner of offences involving collusion with Russia during his campaign for the presidency in 2016. The network was the head cheerleader of that parade, but following the release of the Mueller Report the entire mainstream media has suffered a mighty, perhaps fatal, blow to its claim of journalistic integrity.

CNN‘s decline in its audience is simply staggering. In April Nielsen reported that its prime time ratings dropped 26 percent from a year earlier, while in its most coveted 25- to 54-year old demographic (which drives advertising revenue) it lost 41 percent of its audience.

The decline extended into the second quarter, with CNN‘s 25-54 demographic suffering a 37 percent decline compared to the second quarter of 2018.

It isn’t just CNN that has lost so much of its audience and credibility.

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Did the Mueller Report Strike the Mainstream Media a Fatal Blow?

This article was published by the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Friday, July 5, 2019: 

When pressured to defend itself against claims that it was biased against Donald Trump, the mainstream media responded that it was just reporting the “facts.” Defending its nearly total commitment to the proposition that the president colluded with Russia during his presidential campaign in 2016, Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, responded: “We are not investigators. We are journalists, and our role is to report the facts as we know them, which is exactly what we did.” Martin Baron, executive director of the Washington Post, echoed Zucker: “Our job is to bring facts to light.” Dean Bacquet, executive director of the New York Times repeated the canard: “We wrote a lot about Russia, and I have no regrets. It’s not our job to determine whether or not there was illegality.”

But what if the “facts” are wrong?

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The U.S. Culture Isn’t Dying, It’s Changing

This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Wednesday, June 26, 2019: 

Gerald Seib brings a secular background to the Wall Street Journal for which he has been writing since he graduated from the University of Kansas in 1978. In his present role as executive Washington editor, he, according to the Journal, “brings an insightful, predictive, and original” understanding to the news.

That would apply to the culture and the economy as well. On Monday he came close to wringing his hands over the state of both: “Americans are going to church less often, and are having fewer babies.”

He made a common and excusable mistake: he extended those trend lines into the future, drawing straight lines to describe a future curvilinear world. He said these two trend lines have “social and economic significance,” and he goes on to explain why.

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Decline in U.S. Birth Rates, Church Attendance Portends Societal Change

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Tuesday, June 25, 2019:

There has been much hand-wringing of late over declining birth rates and church attendance (especially among young people).

Gerald Seib is one of those wringing his hands. Writing in the Wall Street Journal on Monday Seib said these two trend lines have “social and economic significance,” and he explained why.

First, according to a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, just 29 percent of Americans say they attend religious services at least once a week, down from 41 percent in 2000. The group who say they never attend church has, over the same period, risen to 26 percent, up from 14 percent two decades ago. Seib noted that “the share of … younger Americans who never attend religious services has more than doubled, to 36 percent.”

Seib also lamented the decline in America’s birthrate, reporting that

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Next Stop: Dow 30,000 Say Experts

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Monday, June 24, 2019: 

Ivan Martchev, an investment strategist with Navellier Private Client Group, was among the first to call for the Dow to hit 30,000 very shortly. In early May Martchev wrote that “the retail investors’ favorite index — the Dow Jones Industrial Average — looks like it’s going to 30,000.… The same way that charts … were bearish in late 2018, they are bullish now.”

How long could the current economic expansion that underlies Wall Street’s bullishness last? Martchev answered:

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An Obscure Economist from the Reagan Administration Just Might Reelect the President in 2020

This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Monday, June 24, 2019:

Is it possible that a 78-year-old economist with degrees from Yale and Stanford Universities just might reelect President Donald Trump in November 2020?

Most people weren’t even aware that President Trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom – the nation’s highest civilian honor – last week for the impact he has had on the economy not only in the U.S. but worldwide over the last 35 years. Few know that the paper napkin on which he sketched the simplest of economic theories is now on display at the Smithsonian.

Arthur Laffer not only added the “Laffer Curve” to the lexicon, but “supply side economics” and “Reaganomics” as well. The concept was so simple that even New York Time‘s resident economist Paul Krugman grudgingly admitted it made sense.

Laffer was an adviser to the president during his 2016 campaign, helping to craft his tax policy, which would become The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 – widely praised by corporate America for its

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Don’t Trust the Polls, Say Numerous Experienced Political Observers

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Friday, June 21, 2019: 

A number of prominent political commentators, not all from the Right, are ignoring recent polls showing President Donald Trump losing — if the election were held today — to any number of socialist Democrats currently vying for their party’s nomination. Some of them hail from outside the United States, giving them both a perspective not available from the national mainstream media and protection from that same media for going off-script in their predictions that Trump will win reelection, perhaps decisively, in 2020.

Piers Morgan, the liberal British news host who was fired from CNN in 2014 over his show’s low ratings, wrote that “by any normal yardstick, the President is headed for a defeat in the 2020 election.” But these are hardly normal times, as Morgan was quick to point out:

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The U.S. is a Republic, Not a Democracy, but Electoral College Abolishers Don’t Care

This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Wednesday, June 19, 2019: 

Don’t call them popular vote supporters. Call them by their real name: Electoral College abolishers, and along with it, the American Republic.

The Founders knew their history. Said John Adams: “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” His eldest son, John Quincy Adams, agreed: “The experience of all former ages has shown that, of all human governments, democracy was the most unstable, fluctuating, and short-lived.”

So did the “Father of the Constitution,” James Madison: “Democracies have been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

Supporters of the National Popular Vote coalition don’t seem to care. Instead they are promoting direct democracy. The group claims that such a move “would make every person’s vote equal throughout the U.S. It would ensure that every vote, in every state, will matter in every presidential election.”

It would do no such thing, according to Constitutional scholar and Gettysburg College professor Allen Guelzo. A week after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, Guelzo wrote that complaints that Trump won only in the Electoral College but not the popular vote were understandable, but unjustified in light of the Founders’ original intents: “The Electoral College is at the core of our system of federalism.” He added:

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Florida Governor Signs Ban on Sanctuary Cities; President Trump Approves

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Monday, June 17, 2019:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he was fulfilling a campaign promise on Friday when he signed into law a bill prohibiting local municipalities from adopting “sanctuary city” laws. The new law, which becomes effective next month, also requires law-enforcement officials in the state to “cooperate” with federal ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officials when they present a “detainer request” on individuals being held on criminal charges in the state. The new law also provides sanctions for law-enforcement officials who don’t comply.

Tweeted DeSantis:

Earlier this year I made a promise that we would ban sanctuary cities in Florida and today we are delivering on that promise.


I am proud to sign the bill … to uphold the law and ensure that our communities are safe.

Then the governor compared sanctuary cities to “gun-free zones”:

Sanctuary cities basically created law-free zones where people can come to our state illegally and our country illegally, commit criminal offenses and then just walk right out the door and continue to do it.

Upon learning about the action of DeSantis, President Trump tweeted:

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Trump v. Biden Race Gets Ugly Early

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Wednesday, June 12, 2019: 

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, his likely Democrat opponent in November 2020, touched gloves on Tuesday in Iowa and then came out swinging.

Biden landed the first blows by revealing the text of his evening Davenport speech at 6:00 a.m., getting the jump on Trump’s usual early morning tweeting frenzy. Biden questioned Trump’s mental capacity to lead the country and challenged his moral conduct. He claimed that Trump’s tariffs have “crushed” Iowa farmers, saying, “It’s easy to be tough when someone else is feeling the pain.” He attacked the president on climate change, race, and his failed negotiations with China. He accused the president of backing off on threats of tariffs on Mexico, calling him “scared” and putting on a “stunning display of childishness” during his visit to Normandy to honor D-Day. This was no doubt a reference to a Trump tweet he sent while visiting the United Kingdom calling Bette Midler a “washed-up psycho.”

Biden told his Davenport audience that the president is “literally an existential threat to this country,” slamming Trump by name more than 75 times in his speech. Biden accused Trump of “embrac[ing] dictators such as Kim Jong-un [North Korea’s communist supreme leader] who’s a damn murderer and a thug.” He charged Trump with using “crude language” and “embarrassing behavior that is burrowing deep into our culture.” He added that Trump is defying the authority of Congress and using phrases such as “enemy of the people” when describing the mainstream media.

These charges were red meat for the president who,

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Biased NPR Poll, Democrats’ Desperation Just More Good News for Trump

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Monday, June 10, 2109: 

National Public Radio (NPR) reported on Saturday that “support for impeachment hearings grows.” It was interpreting results from a survey that NPR itself funded (using taxpayer monies) along with help from PBS (Public Broadcasting Service — also taxpayer funded) and the Marist Poll (funded by Marist College). Writer Domenico Montanaro noted that, based on that poll, “There is a growing desire for impeachment proceedings to begin against Trump.” He then admitted that “Americans are still split overall on what to do after the release of the Mueller report.”

He reported that

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Ken Stern, Former NPR CEO, Said Network Was Biased. Its Latest Poll Proves It.

This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Monday, June 10, 2019:

Ken Stern was increasingly concerned about the blue/red “divide” in America in 2016, and left his “liberal bubble” to find out the truth. He quit his job at NPR and wrote about what he found in “Republican Like Me: How I Left the Liberal Bubble and Learned to Love the Right.”

He told the New York Post in October 2017:

Spurred by a fear that red and blue America were drifting irrevocably apart, I decided to venture out from my overwhelmingly Democratic neighborhood and engage Republicans where they live, work, and pray.


For an entire year, I embedded myself with the other side, standing in pit row at a NASCAR race, hanging out at Tea Party meetings, and sitting in on Steve Bannon’s radio show.


I found an America far different from the one depicted in the press and imagined by presidents (“cling to guns or religion”) and presidential candidates (“basket of deplorables”) alike.


I spent many Sundays in evangelical churches, and hung out with 15,000 evangelical youth at the Urbana conference. I wasn’t sure what to expect among thousands of college-age evangelicals, but I certainly didn’t expect the intense discussion of racial equity and refugee issues – how to help them, not how to keep them out – but that is what I got.

Nothing has changed at NPR. Writer Domenico Montanaro gleefully reported on Saturday that “support for impeachment hearings grows.” It was interpreting results from a survey that NPR itself funded (using taxpayer monies), along with help from PBS (Public Broadcasting Service – also taxpayer funded) and the Marist Poll (funded by Marist College). He breathlessly noted that, based on that poll, “There is a growing desire for impeachment proceedings to begin against Trump.” He then admitted that “Americans are still split overall on what to do after the release of the Mueller report.”

He reported that “a slim majority of Americans (52%) want one of the following: to begin impeachment proceedings (22%), to continue investigations into potential political wrongdoing of Trump (25%), or to publicly reprimand him – that is, censure (5%).”

Montanaro is guilty of cherry-picking. What he’s excited about is that last month just 16% of those polled by NPR/PBS/Marist wanted to “start impeachment proceedings against President Trump” while this month that number is 22%. What he failed to note in his exuberance is that

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Hand-wringing Over May’s Low Jobs Numbers Is Premature

This article appeared online at TheNewAmerican.com on Friday, June 7, 2019: 

It’s far too early to be writing off the longest-running economic expansion in history, as some in the media appear to be doing. Following the release of May’s jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on Friday, CNBC whined that it was “much worse” than expected, while Jeffry Bartash, writing for MarketWatch, called the report a “warning sign for the economy.”

The headline number was 75,000 new jobs in May contrasted with forecasters’ estimates of 185,000. The BLS also revised lower their estimates for March and April by 75,000. The BLS report comes on the heels of the ADP report on Wednesday showing just 27,000 new jobs were created in May.

Behind those headlines, and the premature handwringing, was much to be celebrated:

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It’s Yogi vs. Yves: Who’s Right About the Dow?

This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Friday, June 7, 2019: 

Yogi Berra, who played catcher for the New York Yankees for 19 years, was known for his inimitable wit, wisecracks, and witticisms:

When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

You can observe a lot by just watching.

No one goes there nowadays; it’s too crowded.

A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.

And so on. Perhaps Yogi is best known for this:

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President Donald Trump’s D-Day Speech

This may be the finest speech the man has given:

You are the greatest among us that will ever live, you are the pride of our nation, you are the glory of our republic and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, says President Trump thanking WWII veterans.

President Macron, Mrs. Macron, and the people of France, to the First Lady of the United States, and members of the United States Congress, to distinguished guests, veterans and my fellow Americans.

We are gathered here on freedom’s altar, on these shores, on these bluffs, on this day 75 years ago, 10,000 men shed their blood, and thousands sacrificed their lives for their brothers, for their countries, and for the survival of liberty.

Today we remember those who fell and we honor all who fought right here in Normandy. They wouldn’t back this ground for civilization. To more than one 170 Veterans of the Second World War, who join us today, you are among the very greatest Americans who will ever live. You are the pride of our nation. You are the glory of our republic. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Here with you are over 60 veterans who landed on D-Day. Our debt to you is everlasting. Today we express our undying gratitude. When you were young, these men enlisted their lives in a great crusade – one of the greatest of all times. Their mission is the story of an epic battle and a ferocious eternal struggle between good and evil. On the 6th of June, 1944, they joined a liberation force of awesome power and breathtaking scale.

After months of planning, the Allies had chosen this ancient coastline to mount their campaign to vanquish the wicked tyranny of the Nazi empire from the face of the earth.

The battle began in the skies above us. In those first tense midnight hours, 1,000 aircraft roared overhead, with 17,000 allied airborne troops preparing to leap into the dark just beyond these trees. Then came dawn. The enemy who had occupied these heights saw the largest naval armada in the history of the world.

Just a few miles offshore, were 7,000 vessels bearing 130,000 warriors. They were the citizens of free and independent nations united by their duty to their compatriots, and to millions yet unborn.

There were the British, whose nobility and fortitude saw them through the worst of Dunkirk and the London Blitz. The full violence of Nazi fury was no match for the full grandeur of British pride. Thank you.

There were the Canadians, whose robust sense of honor and loyalty compelled them to take up arms alongside Britain from the very, very beginning.

There were the fighting Poles, the tough Norwegians, and the Intrepid Aussies. There were the gallant French commandos soon to be met by thousands of their brave countrymen ready to write a new chapter in the long history of French valor.

And finally, there were the Americans.

They came from the farms of a vast heartland, the streets of glowing cities in the forges of mighty industrial towns. Before the war, many had never ventured beyond their own community. Now they had come to offer their lives half a world from home.

This beach, codenamed Omaha, was defended by the Nazis with monstrous firepower, thousands and thousands of mines and spikes driven into the sands so deeply. It was here that tens of thousands of the Americans came. The G.I’s who boarded the landing craft that morning knew that they carried on their shoulders not just the pack of a soldier, but the fate of the world.

Colonel George Taylor, whose 16th infantry regiment would join in the first wave, was asked what would happen if the Germans stopped them, right then and there, cold on the beach, just stopped them. What would happen? This great American replied, “Why the 18th Infantry is coming in right behind us, the 26th infantry will come on too. Then there is the 2nd Infantry Division, already afloat, and the 9th Division and the 2nd Armored and the 3rd Armored, and all the rest. Maybe the 16th won’t make it. But someone will”.

One of those men, in Taylor’s 16th regiment, was Army medic Ray Lambert. Ray was only 23 but he had already earned three Purple Hearts and two Silver Stars fighting in North Africa and Sicily.

Where he and his brother Bill, no longer with us, served side by side. In the early morning hours, the two brothers stood together on the deck of the USS Henrico, before boarding two separate Higgins landing craft.

“If I don’t make it,” Bill said, “please, please take care of my family”. Ray asked his brother to do the same.

Of the 31 men on Ray’s landing craft, only Ray and six others made it to the beach. There were only a few of them left. They came to the sector right here below us. Easy Red it was called. Again and again, Ray ran back into the water. He dragged out one man after another. He was shot through the arm, his leg was ripped open by shrapnel, his back was broken, he nearly drowned, he had been on the beach for hours bleeding and saving lives. When he finally lost consciousness, he woke up the next day on a cot, beside another badly wounded soldier. He looked over, and saw his brother Bill. They made it. They made it. They made it. At 98-years-old, Ray is here with us today, with his fourth Purple Heart and his third Silver Star. From Omaha, Ray, the free world salutes you. Thank you, Ray.

Nearly two hours in, unrelenting fire from these bluffs kept the Americans pinned down on the sand, now red, with our heroes’ blood.

Then, just a few hundred yards from where I’m standing, a breakthrough came. The battle turned, and with it, history.

Down on the beach. Captain Joe Dawson, the son of a Texas preacher, led Company G through a minefield to a natural fold, in the hillside still here.

Just beyond this path to my right. Captain Dawson snuck beneath an enemy machine gun perch, and tossed his grenades. Soon, American troops were charging up “Dawson’s draw”. What a job he did. What bravery he showed. Lieutenant Spaulding and the men from Company E moved on to crush the enemy strong point on the far side of this cemetery and stop the slaughter on the beach below.

Countless more Americans poured out across this ground all over the countryside. They joined fellow American warriors from Utah Beach, and allies from Juneau, soared in Gold, along with the airborne and the French patriots.

Private First Class Russell Pickett, of the 29th division’s famed 116 Infantry Regiment had been wounded in the first wave that landed on Omaha Beach.

At a hospital in England private Pickett vowed to return to battle. “I’m going to return,” he said. “I’m going to return”.

Six days after D-Day. He rejoined his company. Two-thirds had been killed already. Many had been wounded, within 15 minutes of the invasion. They lost 19 just from the small town of Bedford, Virginia alone. Before long, a grenade left private Pickett and he was gravely wounded. So badly wounded.

Again he chose to return. He didn’t care. He had to be here. He was then wounded a third time and laid unconscious for 12 days. They thought he was gone. They felt he had no chance. Russell Pickett. Is the last known survivor of the legendary Company A. And today, believe it or not, he has returned once more to these shores to be with his comrades.

Private Pickett, you honor us all, with your presence. Tough guy.

By the fourth week of August, Paris was liberated.

Some who landed here pushed all the way to the center of Germany. Some threw open the gates of Nazi concentration camps to liberate Jews who had suffered the bottomless horrors of the Holocaust.

And some warriors fell on other fields of battle returning to rest on this soil for eternity.

Before this place was consecrated to history, the land was owned by a French farmer, a member of the French Resistance. These were great people. These were strong and tough people. His terrified wife waited out D-Day in a nearby house holding tight to their little baby girl.

The next day a soldier appeared. “I’m an American,” he said. “I’m here to help”. The French woman was overcome with emotion and cried. Days later, she laid flowers on fresh American graves. Today her granddaughter Stephanie serves as a guide at this cemetery. This week. Stephanie led 92-year-old Marion Wynn of California to see the grave of her brother Don for the very first time. Marion and Stephanie are both with us today. And we thank you for keeping alive the memories of our precious heroes. Thank you.

9,388 young Americans rest beneath the white crosses and Stars of David, laid on these beautiful grounds. Each one has been adopted by a French family that thinks of him as their own. They come from all over France to look after our boys. They kneel, they cry, they pray, they place flowers and they never forget. Today, America embraces the French people and thanks you for honoring our beloved dead. Thank you.

To all of our friends and partners, our cherished alliance was forged in the heat of battle, tested in the trials of war, and proven in the blessings of peace. Our bond is unbreakable.

From across the Earth, Americans are drawn to this place as though it were a part of our very soul. We come not only because of what they did here, we come because of who they were. They were young men with their entire lives before them. They were husbands who said goodbye to their young brides and took their duty as their fate. They were fathers who would never meet their infant sons and daughters because they had a job to do, and with God as their witness, they were going to get it done.

They came wave after wave without question, without hesitation, and without complaint. More powerful than the strength of American arms was the strength of American hearts. These men ran through the fires of Hell, moved by a force no weapon could destroy. The fierce patriotism of a free, proud and sovereign people.

They battled, not for control and domination, but for liberty, democracy, and self-rule. They pressed on for love and home and country, the main streets, the schoolyards, the churches and neighbors and families and communities that gave us men such as these. They were sustained by the confidence that America can do anything, because we are a noble nation, with a virtuous people, praying to a righteous God. The exceptional might came from a truly exceptional spirit. The abundance of courage came from an abundance of faith.

The great deeds of an army came from the great depths of their love as they confronted their fate, the Americans and the Allies placed themselves into the palm of God’s hand. The men behind will tell you that they are just the lucky ones, as one of them recently put it, “all the heroes are buried here”. But we know what these men did, we knew how brave they were, they came here and saved freedom, and then they went home and showed us all what freedom is all about.

The American sons and daughters who saw us to victory were no less extraordinary in peace. They built families, they built industries, they built a national culture that inspired the entire world in the decades that followed, America defeated Communism, secured Civil Rights, revolutionized science, launched a man to the Moon and then kept on pushing to new frontiers – and today America is stronger than ever before.

Seven decades ago, the warriors of D-Day fought a sinister enemy who spoke a 1,000-year empire. In defeating that evil, they left a legacy that will last, not only for 1,000 years, but for all time. For as long as the soul knows for duty and for honor, for as long as freedom keeps its hold on the human heart.

To the men who sit behind me and to the boys who rest in the field before, your example will never, ever grow old. Your legend will never die, your spirit, brave, unyielding and true, will never die. The blood that they spilled, the tears that they shed, the lives that they gave, the sacrifice that they made, did not just win a battle. It did not just win a war. Those who fought here won a future for our nation. They won the survival of our civilization, and they showed us the way to love, cherish and defend our way of life for many centuries to come.

Today as we stand together upon this sacred earth, we pledge that our nations will forever be strong and united. We will forever be together, our people will forever be bold, our hearts will forever be loyal, and our children and their children will forever, and always be free. May God bless our great Veterans, may God bless our allies, may God bless the heroes of D-Day, and may God bless America. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Many of the articles on Light from the Right first appeared on either The New American or the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor.
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