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The Society of Family Planning (SFP), the pro-abortion group that collects abortion data for political purposes, was unhappy in its latest update since Dobbs. The outfit said in its April 11 #WeCount Report that:

Since the Dobbs [Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, decided by the last June] decision, compared to the average monthly number of abortions observed in the pre-Dobbs period, there were 32,260 cumulative fewer abortions from July to December.

But it was pleased to report that abortions actually increased through virtual “health” clinics prescribing “medications” (i.e., poisons) to kill unborn children:

Notably, while the overall number of abortions decreased, abortions provided by virtual clinic telehealth providers increased from 3,610 in April 2022 (4% of all abortions), before the decision, to 8,540 in December (11% of all abortions).


This change represents an increase of 137% in the number of abortions provided from virtual-only services, comparing April and December 2022.

SFP celebrated the increase in abortions post-Dobbs in those states that continue to support the killing of the unborn:

States with the largest increases in the total number of abortions provided by a clinician during the six-month period after the Dobbs decision compared to baseline include Florida (7,190 more abortions), Illinois (6,840 more abortions), North Carolina (4,730 more abortions), (2,580 more abortions), [and] Michigan (2,490 more abortions).

And it noted a “major decrease” in abortions in two states, West Virginia and Tennessee, where abortions dropped to near zero:


The authors of the report decried the decline nationally, suggesting that many women were unable to abort their unborn children and were, as a result, forced to give birth. Read this carefully to extract their “unbiased” point of view:

Overall, compared to before the Dobbs decision, the monthly number of abortions was lower every month between July and December 2022.

Nationally, on average there

were 77,073 abortions per month in the post-Dobbs months, as compared to the months before the decision, which had an average of 82,270.


This drop signals that many thousands of pregnant people living in states where abortion is banned and restricted were unable to obtain abortion care.

Another pro-abortion group, FiveThirtyEight, was far less reticent about stating the amount of “damage” the Dobbs decision is causing to the abortion industry. After reviewing the #WeCount data, Caitlin Myers, a professor at Middlebury College told them, “Based on the magnitude of what we're seeing, we … conclude that [abortion] bans have been a tremendous disruption. While many people are finding a way to travel [to abortion sanctuary states], it appears that a very substantial number of people aren't.”

Another pro-abortion professor, Alison Norris at Ohio State, told FiveThirtyEight that she had initially hoped that clinics would adapt to Dobbs and that the abortion numbers would “quickly rebound” to their previous ghastly levels:

But that has not happened. Instead, each month between July and December had 5,197 fewer abortions on average compared to the average number of abortions in the two months immediately preceding the Dobbs decision.

It all depends on the lens through which the data is viewed. For pro-abortionists, the data is tragic, and only likely to get worse as various lawsuits against state abortion limits are resolved. The only bright spot, from their point of view, is the virtual “health” clinics issuing prescriptions for the poisons that kill babies while keeping their mothers alive.

However, through the lens that life is a gift of God and believing that “Thou Shalt Not Murder,” God's Sixth Commandment, the data indicate a little good news in a bad-news world. Although the abortion industry is still killing an average of 77,000 babies every month(!), the number of abortions has dropped.

To bring that number back down to nearly zero, where it would be in a culture that celebrated life, much work needs to be done. In Colorado, where this writer presently lives, abortions have jumped by more than 60 percent since Dobbs, reflecting the state's takeover by leftists, atheists, and communists whose only respect is for — not for life — and whose agenda aligns with that of Satan himself, who continues to strive against God's people for his own deadly purposes.

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