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With flags ordered to be flown at half mast on every federal building in the country, hardly anyone has missed the shooting in Nashville on Monday. The covered it like a blanket. Wikipedia has 33 sources informing its coverage. This writer read 17 more as background for this article.

Only one thing is missing: Not a single source dared even to ask the question, why? Why did this 28-year-old person, born a female but later deciding she was a male — tossing her given name for a male descriptor instead — draw up maps for several potential targets, legally purchase at least of the two of the three firearms she carried into The Covenant School on Monday, and, in the space of 14 minutes, manage to murder three children and three adults, including the school's administrator?

Why, indeed?

The police did what they could. She entered the school at 10:13 a.m. and was shot dead at 10:27 a.m. There were five officers who approached the building, dodging fire from the on their way in. Two of them cornered her on the second floor and shot her dead.

Police spokesmen said it could have been worse.

How much worse? There were more than 200 children in school on Monday, along with about 50 teachers and staff. The shooter picked the school over others she had considered because it was the least protected: There was no safety officer — School Resource Officer, or SRO — present. She had attended the school years earlier and knew her way around. She planned the attack in advance, drawing maps of the facility with possible entrances carefully noted.

She left a manifesto, which police are reviewing.

People are grieving, including the family of the senior pastor of the church that sponsors the school who lost his daughter in the shooting.

President Biden is calling for more gun control even though the shooter obtained her firearms legally. His press secretary blamed the incident on Republicans. The Gun Violence Archive reported that in 2022 there were 646 mass shootings (by their count), with 314 children killed and 681 adults killed by gunfire.

Moms Demand Action seized the opportunity to blame the guns and the few lawmakers who still think the counts for something:

School shootings are not acts of nature — they're manmade acts of cowardice enabled by lawmakers who have accepted children being shot in their school as an acceptable price to pay for the support of the gun industry.


In America and in Tennessee, guns are the leading killer of kids yet Tennessee lawmakers have done nothing but gut gun safety laws, putting gun industry profits ahead of the safety of our children. We don't have to live this way and our children certainly don't have to die this way.

So said Shannon Watts, the MDA founder.

Journalist Andy Ngo thinks it might have had something to do with Tennessee having recently passed laws prohibiting the “medical transitioning” of minors in the state.

Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk said, “This is the ultimate crime.”

No. With all respect due to the attorney general, the shooting on Monday at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, is not the ultimate crime. The ultimate crime is not asking the question, why?

Eric Metaxas comes close to the answer, and it has to do with the Presbyterian Church of America, with which The Covenant School is associated, along with many other major so-called denominations. Wrote Metaxas in his “Letter to the American Church”:

The ideas and forces we face have an atheistic Marxist in common.… [They] share a bitter taproot that leads all the way down to Hell.


Critical Race Theory — which is atheistic and Marxist — and radical transgender and pro- ideologies are all inescapably anti-God and anti-human.


They are decidedly at with the ideas of family and marriage, and with the idea of America as a force for good….


These ideas have over many decades infiltrated our own culture in such a way that they touch everything.

Where is the church? Where are the pastors loudly declaiming against this infiltration? For the most part they are silent, as is the kept media.

Put simply, what would one expect from a generation that has been brainwashed into thinking that there is no God, that life is meaningless and purposeless, that humans evolved from slime and mud. Why wouldn't they shoot each other? There's no conscience, no morality, no right and wrong. In today's culture, even to ask about morality and conscience is to be labeled a fanatic, or worse.

That's why the question “why?” is never raised. It's much easier for those behind the destructive ideologies being taught in schools to blame guns and gun owners. It avoids the real question.

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