This article appeared online at on Tuesday, November 8, 2022:  

A report by the liberal think tank Third Way published on Monday reveals clearly that the voters are unhappy with the current direction of the Democratic Party. These relevant quotes prove the point:

Voters see Democrats as … extreme, as well as far less concerned about the issues that most worry them….


The results indicate that Democrats are underwater on issues voters name as their highest priorities, including the economy, immigration, and crime, they are perceived as distant from the electorate ideologically, and voters question whether the party shares essential values like patriotism and the importance of hard work.


While Democrats maintain a lead on handling certain issues like and climate change, voters also rank these issues as lower priorities. While it might be comforting to blame any midterm losses solely on historical trends, this data makes crystal clear that there is a much deeper problem at play.

On every issue that matters, Republicans win going away: inflation, the economy, immigration, and crime. It is not lost on those likely voters that Democratic mayors, governors, and compliant progressive district attorneys have deliberately and intentionally turned America’s largest cities into hellholes.

They see the of those policies on their paychecks, their lives, and their futures: inflation destroying the value of the currency, the tsunami of illegal bringing criminals into the country, the reversing of energy independence into the need once again to be dependent upon other countries — some hostile — for sustenance, its foreign policies working against America’s best interests, the shaming of American farmers and coal miners, and so on.

Even on issues such as patriotism and good old-fashioned hard work, those likely voters see through Democrats’ claims that they are destroying the country for the good of the country:

Only 43% of voters say Democrats value hard work, compared to 58% for Republicans. Less than half (46%) describe Democrats as patriotic while 56% say the same about Republicans.


A paltry 43% say Democrats share their values overall and a similar proportion (44%) think the party looks out for the middle class — a core element of a winning Democratic brand.

They don’t appreciate being talked down to by the elites in the Party:

Compounding these problems, a majority of voters (55%) describe Democrats as preachy and 53% say the party is “too woke.”…


59% say … the party has gotten more extreme in recent years. A super majority (61%) of voters say Democrats are too beholden to special interests.

Ironically, the only Democratic politicians likely to win on Tuesday will be those repudiating the party’s platforms:

It is clear that Democrats who overperform in the midterms will have succeeded in distinguishing themselves from the national party brand, with personal favorability that overcomes the liability of the “D” label.

This vast awakening among likely voters will not only cost the Democrats dearly on election day; it runs the risk of destroying what’s left of the Party: “If this … problem persists, Democrats will face an uphill climb in 2024 and beyond.”

Will the results on Election Day 2022 be sufficient to begin to repair the damage inflicted on the nation by the leftist takeover of the Democratic Party? Or will those “R”s replacing them on Tuesday ignore the existential threat to the body politic and continue business as usual?

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