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In her zeal to upend the political career of anyone remotely supporting , Liz Cheney is succeeding in ending her own. On Friday, her PAC, The Great Task, announced it was spending more than half a million dollars urging the Arizona voters to reject both GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and GOP candidate for secretary of state Mark Finchem.

Within hours, Lake posted a letter on Twitter thanking Cheney for her “in-kind contribution” to her campaign:

Liz Cheney, Defeated Member of Congress (WY):


Thank you for your generous in-kind contribution to my campaign. Your recent television ad urging Arizonans not to vote for me is doing just the opposite. Our campaign donations are skyrocketing and our website nearly crashed from traffic as people rushed to learn more about my plan to put Arizona First and join our historic political movement.


In fact, my team tells me your commercial should add another 10 points to our lead. I guess that's why they call the Cheney anti-endorsement the gift that keeps on giving….


Thank you again for the huge boost to our campaign! Enjoy your forced from politics. I know America will rest easier knowing that one more warmonger is out of office.

According to RealClear Politics, the average of the last five polls among likely voters, taken before the big ad buy by Cheney's PAC and the surge of donations to Lake's campaign that followed, shows Lake leading Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs by 3.8 points. One of those five polls, conducted by InsiderAdvantage for FOX 10, shows Lake leading Hobbs by 11 points.

Lake appeared on Fox & Friends Weekend where she expanded on the benefit her campaign is enjoying from Cheney's efforts to denigrate her:

My goodness. I'm telling you, she is going to be our best fundraiser yet. We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars since her ad started and since we put that letter out….


She is hated by both sides right now….


We're actually bringing Democrats over to our movement. They don't like Liz Cheney either. And for her to think that she can come into Arizona and try to influence this election, it's comical.


It's sad and a little bit scary. I think the scariest costume you could put on for Halloween would be Liz Cheney. You'll get no candy at anyone's door.

Cheney, rejected overwhelmingly in Wyoming once she revealed her true colors, has vowed “to make sure [that] Donald Trump … I'm going to do everything I can to make sure he is not the nominee [in 2024]. And if he is the nominee, I won't be a Republican.”

She won't have to wait that long. Republicans have rejected her, and Democrats are quickly discovering that her support is toxic to their campaigns. Very soon Cheney will be a former , with neither party claiming her as their own. From there she will descend to a mere footnote in political history, as in her zealous attempt to burn down Donald Trump she will have succeeded in incinerating herself.


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