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No matter who does the polling or how the questions are posed, Americans are increasingly fed up with the performance of Joe Biden. The latest three show his performance dropping from dismal to disastrous in the eyes of American voters.

The results of CNBC’s All-America Survey released on Monday reveal that Biden’s economic and overall job-performance numbers “dipped to the lowest levels of his presidency,” said the survey authors. His economic approval numbers dropped five points since April, lower than even Barack Obama’s worst levels.

More than half told the pollster that they expect the economy, already in trouble, to get worse over the next year, while six out of 10 expect the to be in by then.

Biden’s overall job-performance numbers now show a disapproval/approval rating of 57/36, the lowest since CNBC has been tracking them.

CNN’s poll, conducted by SSRS and with results also released on Monday, reported that 62 percent disapprove of Biden’s overall performance, with just 38 percent approving — a favorability rating of -24. Among Democrats, Biden’s approval rating continues to drop as well: In April, they gave him an 86-percent approval rating. It’s now down to 73 percent. And when it comes to managing the economy, Democrats’ support of their man has also dropped, from 71 percent this spring to 62 percent.

Among people of color, the disaster is even worse. Biden’s overall performance among Black adults has dropped six points in two months, while among Hispanic adults it has dropped by nine points. CNN summarized the continuing disaster:

Just 38 percent of Democrats now say things are going well in the country, down from 61 percent this spring. Likewise, there’s been a steep drop among people of color, from 41 percent saying things were going well in the spring to 27 percent now.

The CNN poll also asked its audience about Biden’s (and Vice President Kamala Harris’) “personal favorability”: “A year and a half ago, just before their inauguration, 59% held a favorable opinion of Biden and 51% had a favorable view of Kamala Harris. Now, those figures stand at 36% and 32% respectively.”

The results of a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Tuesday confirmed the results from CNBC and CNN: Biden’s approval rating fell to 36 percent, “the lowest rating of his 19 months in the White House … [while] 59% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s job performance.” That’s a three-point drop from another Reuters poll taken last week.

Biden is also underwater in 44 out of the 50 states, according to Morning Consult. That’s up from 40 just three months ago. Especially damaging is that, in so-called battleground states — states where Biden allegedly won enough votes to tip the election in 2020 — he is greatly underwater: Arizona (-20 net approval rating), Georgia (-13), Pennsylvania (-19), Ohio (-23), and Wisconsin (-18). Excluding Ohio, the president supposedly won all of those states in the 2020 election.

America’s middle class — the target of the Biden administration’s attack — is suffering. Two thirds report spending less on entertainment, while three out of five are driving less and more than half have cut back on their travel plans this summer.

What’s worse is that these were taken before the latest numbers were announced (above nine percent), and before Biden’s obsequious trip to Saudi Arabia (which The Wall Street Journal called “worse than an embarrassment”).

Pollsters tracking the rolling disaster are likely to report even lower approval numbers for Biden in the future as the of his anti-middle-class policies takes firmer hold over the intended victims.

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