This article appeared online at on Thursday, June 30, 2022:  

In a speech at the Presidential Library and Museum on Wednesday, Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney sealed her fate in Wyoming’s upcoming primary in August:

We are confronting a domestic threat we have never faced before. And that is a former president who is attempting to unravel the foundations of our constitutional republic.


And he is aided by Republican leaders and elected officials who have made themselves willing hostages to this dangerous and irrational man.

She added:

It’s undeniable. It’s also painful for Republicans to accept. And I think we all have to recognize and understand what it means to say those words, and what it means that those things happened [at the January 6 incident].


But the reality that we face today as Republicans — as we think about the choice in front of us — we have to choose. Because Republicans cannot both be loyal to Donald Trump and loyal to the Constitution.

She is referring, of course, to the president who has nominated enough originalists to the Supreme Court to allow the high court, for the first time in a long time, to begin ruling on the basis of what the framers originally intended. This contrasts with the “living document” approach the former majority used to legislate from the bench, including granting “rights” that the Constitution (and its crafters) never intended.

With her war of words against the former president, Cheney has lost the support of Wyoming Republicans (who outnumber Democrats in the Cowboy State by more than four to one) — and the August 16th primary.

The latest poll from Cygnal shows that just 27% of Wyoming voters have a favorable opinion of Cheney, with 71% holding an unfavorable opinion. And that poll was taken before her last outburst on Wednesday.

In an earlier poll taken by Fabrizio Lee, the pollster wrote that for all intents and purposes, Cheney is history:

Not only is Cheney getting creamed in the ballot, but Wyoming [Republican Primary Voters] are clear that there is no room for her to get back into this race. A huge 71% majority say they will vote against her, including 66% who will definitely vote against Cheney no matter who she runs against.


With only 26% saying they will definitely or probably vote for Cheney, she has hit her ceiling on the ballot.


Furthermore, [Cheney’s challenger Harriet] Hageman has successfully captured the bulk of these anti-Cheney voters by winning over undecideds and some [state Senator Anthony] Bouchard voters over the past six months, leaving little doubt as to who will win this race.

But Cheney is nothing but persistent, even having given up on retaining her seat in the House. A week before her excoriation of the former president on Wednesday she stated: “I won’t waver or back down. I won’t surrender to pressure or intimidation. I know where to draw the line, and I know that some things aren’t for sale.”

But she will be available for hire on August 17, with prospects improving that at least one of the major news outlets will bid for her services as the “respectable Republican voice” providing “balance” among the newsreaders and talking heads currently on staff there.

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