This article appeared online at on Thursday, May 25, 2022:  

The latest poll results from Reuters/IPSO released on Tuesday show 's approval reaching new lows. The pollster reported his approval rating dropping to 36 percent, the lowest of his administration. His approval rating last week was at 42 percent.

Remarkable isn't that Republicans can't stand him (at 90-percent disapproval) but that Democrats are losing patience with their man. His approval rating among his loyalists dropped to 72 percent, down four points from the week before, and down nearly 20 points from the start of his term last January.

More remarkable is that the polling favored Democrats, with 456 being asked their opinion while just 358 Republicans were quizzed.

Conclusion: As bad as these results appear, in a fair poll Biden would likely fall closer to a 70-percent disapproval rating.

His cataclysmic collapse shows up in other pro-Dem as well. FiveThirtyEight reported a disapproval rating for the man at 54.4 percent on Thursday morning, while Quinnipiac University polls reported a Biden disapproval rating of 57 percent last week.

A day earlier, the AP/NORC Center poll reported a 61-percent disapproval rating for the man in the Oval Office while the NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ poll results released the same time showed a 57-percent disapproval rating.

Even CNN — formerly known as the “Clinton News Network” but now more accurately called the News Network — had to report that their man in the White House is suffering a disapproval rating of 56 percent.

Gallup said the same thing, giving Biden a 54-percent thumbs down rating on Tuesday.

The question isn't whether voters are giving him a failing rating no matter who asks the question or who answers. The question is, how is this likely to pan out in November?

Biden's failing is beginning to move the numbers in favor of House Republicans. According to Roll Call, eight House races have moved toward the candidate, even in so-called safe Democrat districts. They include California's 47th District, Georgia's 2nd District, Indiana's 1st District, Nevada's 1st, 3rd, and 4th Districts, Oregon's 5th District, and Rhode Island's 2nd District.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's razor-thin majority is most assuredly going to disappear in the coming November midterms. She has suggested that, at age 82 and after having been in the House since 1987, it's time for her to retire. The midterm results will give her the excuse she has been waiting for.


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