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Retired Gen. Michael Flynn, once briefly President Donald Trump's National Security Advisor, quietly filed a damage claim against the Department of , FBI, and other federal offices for $50 million in February.

Having heard nothing since, the three-star general exploded on “The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson” last week:

I have gone back into the to let them know, to put them on notice, that I am going to sue these people….


We are going after these people.

After being given a “pardon of innocence” by then-President Trump in November 2020, Flynn has spent his time speaking at various patriotic events and rallies, including Clay Clark's “ReAwaken America Tour.”

Flynn's attorney, Jesse Binnall, has also been busy, gathering and collating the evidence he needed to build Flynn's case. Not only is the conspiracy against Flynn and Trump laid out in detail in the supplementary pages filed with the damage claim, but Binnall names the individuals who will likely be named in the subsequent lawsuit: FBI Director James Comey, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice. Also included in the conspiracy are FBI agents Peter Strzok and his lover, Lisa Page.

The conspiracy began “on or about July 2016,” says the claim, when “the FBI began to express disdain for candidate Donald J. Trump and began to consider ways in which it could hamper Donald Trump as candidate or as President, were he to win the 2016 election.”

The conspiracy grew to include the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the allegedly “independent” Special Counsel's Office (SCO). It reached the top level of the Obama administration, with approval granted and aided by then-President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Of all of President Trump's appointees, Flynn was the most hated by the Obama White House . As the Associated Press reported, “Of all the [sic] Trump's choices, White House officials said it was the selection of Flynn that felt like the most devastating blow, given the immense authority the national security adviser has over matters of war and peace.”

With White House approval and assistance, the conspiracy gained traction:

The Obama White House was in so much “despair” and so distraught by the “devastating blow” of Flynn's selection as NSA that they calculatingly, and with actual malice and corrupt motives, conspired to and did use the tremendous of their positions in the Executive Office of the President (and their influence of the DOJ and FBI) to personally oppress and harm Flynn.


The outrageous conduct they determined to take, along with the FBI and other allies in the Department of Justice, was executed knowingly, purposely, and in complete disregard of Flynn's rights.

The Special Counsel's Office initiated the attack on Flynn:

SCO initiated the prosecution despite knowing that Flynn had not made false statements, and it therefore had no reasonable belief that Flynn had committed the criminal offense and therefore no probable cause….


SCO knew that Flynn was innocent of any illegal contacts with any foreign power, and yet it commenced the prosecution of Flynn in accordance with its charter: to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The was pure evil:

These federal employees and officials decided to try to prosecute and damage Flynn anyway, to destroy Flynn professionally, block him from holding a position of influence in the government, thwart President Trump, and potentially get Flynn to turn on Trump.

The SCO was the driving force behind the conspiracy:

The SCO willfully failed to disclose exculpatory evidence [that] includes, but is not limited to, the notes from Strzok and [FBI agent Joe] Pientka that show that the FBI believed that Flynn did not lie to them, and the notes describing the Oval Office meeting wherein Comey stated that Flynn's calls with [Russian ambassador] Kislyak were “legit” and wherein Vice President Biden suggested using the Logan Act as a basis for prosecuting Flynn.

The SCO knew it was all a lie, and proceeded with the attack on Flynn anyway:

The SCO prosecuted Flynn despite knowing his factual and legal innocence and the abuse of process engaged in during the investigation and prosecution of Flynn, and the FBI continued investigating him even when it knew that he was not a Russian agent.

Flynn's lawyer added to the damning case with this:

The FBI agents who interviewed Flynn knew that he did not intentionally make any false statements, and yet SCO charged him with intentionally making false statements during that very interview.


Further, the FBI certified that it did not believe Flynn was acting as an agent of Russia. Because the SCO prosecuted Flynn when it knew that he was innocent, the SCO had malicious intent.

It got worse: the forces against Flynn threatened his son unless he pleaded guilty:

Further, the SCO and FBI lied to the FISA court, proceeded with an investigation into Flynn's supposed “Russian ties” when they knew he had none, and threatened his son, Michael Flynn, Jr., with prosecution unless he pled guilty to the §1001 offense [making a false statement].


All of these facts and others demonstrate that the SCO and FBI acted with malice in prosecuting Flynn.

The damage claim for $50 million concluded with this:

Flynn was the target of a politically motivated investigation and prosecution that had no merit when it began, no merit during its course, and no merit in the end when the charges were withdrawn by the DOJ and ultimately dismissed by the Court after Flynn received a full pardon.


During that meritless and unlawful investigation and prosecution, Flynn was falsely and maliciously painted by the conspirators as a traitor to his nation who acted in concert with a foreign power, and the SCO even threatened Flynn's son with prosecution unless Flynn were to plead guilty.


The fact that it was orchestrated and carried out at the highest levels of the FBI, DOJ, and White House makes it all the more outrageous.


And the fact it was done intentionally, purposefully, and with reckless disregard for the rights of Flynn as the President's highest ranking national security advisor, as a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General with 33 years of honorable military service to our country, as a citizen of the United States, and as a human being, makes the conduct despicable, even for partisan Washington standards.

Expect the lawsuit against these miscreants and traitors to drop shortly. The New American will continue to follow the story to keep its readers informed.

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