This article appeared online at on Tuesday, January 25, 2022:  

In its latest poll on President Biden’s job performance, Pew Research cannot find a single ray of sunshine: “Joe Biden … starts his second year with diminished job approval and majorities expressing little or no confidence in him.”

His overall job performance has cratered since last April (59 percent) to 44 percent in September and now down to 41 percent among the 5,100 U.S. adults surveyed earlier this month.

Among Democrats, Biden’s support is melting away like an ice cube on a sidewalk in Atlanta in August: In March, party loyalists were enthralled, giving him a 95-percent approval rating. Ten months later that thrall has evaporated to just 76 percent.

Among those polled who “lean Democratic,” the disaster is even more pronounced: 88 percent approved last March. Today, their support has dwindled to just 56 percent. Say it out loud: Among voters who say they tend to lean Democratic, a third of them have turned against him.

But the worst news comes from the voting bloc Biden and the Democrats need the most: black voters. Long a dependable demographic, often voting Democratic in national presidential by up to 95 percent, they now look askance at Biden, with the latest AP/NORC poll reporting that just 60 percent approve of his job in the Oval Office. Six months earlier, his approval among blacks voters was in the 90s.

The latest Harvard CAPS/Harris poll shows Biden’s job performance falling nationally to 39 percent, down a staggering six percentage points just since November. As Biden’s job-approval ratings descend from obscurity to oblivion, former pollster Mark Penn (who, it should be remembered, supported Trump in 2016, calling the media attack on his presidency a “deep state” conspiracy) said:

This is a new low for … Biden as he struggles to solve a myriad of issues from the pandemic and the economy to immigration and crime that trouble the public.

RealClear Politics updates the results of the Biden disaster daily, with every one of the last nine it tracks showing his job disapproval rating in the 50s, with three of them crowding 60-percent disapproval.

When Pew tried to pin down exactly why Biden’s polling numbers are so low and going lower, they asked about eight separate issues, perhaps hoping to find a ray of light somewhere for him. There was none to be found. On every specific issue, voters are recording dissatisfaction with Biden’s performance. From how he is handling the pandemic to the economy, from foreign affairs to crime, from Congressional cooperation to immigration, from dealing with to drawing the country closer together, he is failing.

The final nail in his political coffin, however, has to be his failure to keep black voters in the Party’s camp. Based on the latest polling, led by Pew, Biden is on track to be the least-successful president in recent memory, and that includes such worthies as Barack Obama, George Bush, and Bill Clinton.

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