This article appeared online at on Thursday, January 13, 2022:  

President Joe Biden’s job approval rating dropped another three points, reported Quinnipiac University on Wednesday. In November, Americans gave him a negative 36-53 percent (approval-disapproval) rating. His current rating stands at 33-53 percent.

His polling numbers have continued to drop at Quinnipiac. The last seven polls have shown his approval rating dropping from 49 percent to 46 percent to 42 percent to 38 percent to 37 percent to 36 percent, and now to a record low of 33 percent.

His approval rating among Democrats is dropping as well. In November, 87 percent of them approved of his performance. Since then, his approval rating has dropped by 12 points, to 75 percent.

Everywhere Quinnipiac looked, those polled gave Biden a failing grade. On the economy, 34-57. On his foreign policy, 35-54. On his response to COVID-19, 39-55.

He promised to unite the country. Forty-nine percent of those polled told Quinnipiac that he’s doing more to divide than to unite.

A majority — 54 percent — told Quinnipiac pollsters that they think the U.S. economy is getting worse, with 70 percent saying the present state of the economy is not very good or just plain poor.

This dismal performance by Biden is flowing over into the midterm elections, according to Quinnipiac. Forty-three percent of those they polled want Republicans to regain control of the while 42 percent prefer Democrats to retain control. In the Senate, 45 percent favor Republicans gaining control in November, with just 41 percent want the to remain in Democrat hands.

The damage being wrought by Biden’s collapsing poll numbers extends to how Americans view the Democratic Party as a whole: More than six out of 10 (62 percent) say the Democratic Party is more committed to individual politicians that to the principles of the U.S. Constitution.

Biden, whether he knows it or not, is engaging in self-immolation. His speech yesterday in Georgia lit the fires of discontent not only among his Republican targets but among his supporters as well. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Joe Biden he heard yesterday wasn’t the Joe Biden he knew from his days in the Senate, declaring his speech “profoundly unpresidential.”

McConnell added,

[Biden] called millions of Americans his domestic enemies … [shouting] that if you disagree with him, you’re George Wallace [a segregationist].


If you don’t pass the laws he wants, you’re Bull Connor [a white supremacist], and if you oppose giving Democrats untrammeled, one-party control of the country, well, you’re Jefferson Davis [president of the Confederate States].

McConnell said, “Look, I’ve known, liked and personally respected Joe Biden for many years. I did not recognize the man at the podium yesterday.”

In researching for this article, this writer found no mention of Biden’s descent into dementia and possibly Alzheimer’s disease. But WebMD had plenty to say about the end stages of that dreadful and debilitating disease:

Sometimes, people with Alzheimer’s disease lash out for no clear reason. They may get upset or angry easily. They may curse, hurl insults, or scream. They might even throw things or resist caregivers by pushing and hitting. This kind of aggression usually starts when people get to the later stages of the disease.


No one knows for sure why it happens. Aggression may be a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease itself. It could also be a reaction when a person feels confused or frustrated.

The WebMD website lists possible triggers for behavior exhibited by Biden on Wednesday:

  • The around them, including loud noises, too much activity, or clutter;
  • Confusion from being asked too many questions at once, trying to understand complex instructions, or feeling the stress of caregivers;
  • Being criticized or told they were wrong;
  • Feeling rushed; or
  • Confusion about what was happening.

Readers are free to draw their own conclusions. But whether he knows it or not, Biden, and his falling approval numbers, increasingly bode ill for Democrats, and the Democratic Party itself, in the November as well as the presidential election in 2024 if Biden decides to run for reelection.

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