This article appeared online at on Friday, December 24, 2021:  

According to a joint survey conducted by NPR, PBS, and Marist College last week, ’s approval rating has dropped even further: 55 percent of those polled disapprove of his performance while just 42 percent approve. This is a “negative spread” of 13 points.

The bad news for Biden is that these results are consistent with, and even understate, Biden’s falling approval numbers uncovered by other pollsters. Reports showed Biden’s “negative spread” at 16 points, the same as the Trafalgar Group, while Insider Advantage reported a “negative spread” at 17 points between those who approve and those who don’t.

The news for Biden gets even worse. According to the joint //Marist College poll, Biden’s support among independent/unaffiliated voters dropped an astonishing eight points in a single week, down to just 29 percent. With independents making up an estimated 40 percent of registered voters in the country, they will determine the outcomes of most for the foreseeable future, including the midterm elections in November 2022.

These are monumental declines in less than a year for Biden. His approval ratings are now 30 points below where they were when he was inaugurated.

There are plenty of reasons why: rising prices for gas and groceries, the media’s drumming on about the COVID variant, the disconnect between his promises and his performance on uniting the country and controlling the border. The Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco and the awareness of his failing mental acuity by more and more voters despite Biden’s handlers’ attempts to mask it add to the list.

In general, the polls indicate a general lack of trust in the Democrat Party and bodes ill for the party in the upcoming midterm elections.

Two questions remain: How much lower can his approval/disapproval ratings go? And what kind of miracle will it take to bring Biden and his party back from the brink of obliteration?

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