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The Trafalgar Group’s poll results released Thursday go far beyond just exposing the mainstream ’s bias. It revealed that a vast majority of Americans think it has become a propaganda arm for the Left.

According to Trafalgar, three quarters of those polled believe the are “advancing their own opinions or political agendas.” Less than a quarter believe the media are exhibiting true honest journalism by “finding and reporting the facts.”

When Gallup asked if “Owners of news outlets attempting to influence the way stories are reported” is a concern, 69 percent of those polled said it was a major problem, while another 24 percent said it was a minor problem. When asked if there is “too much bias in the selection of what stories new organizations cover or don’t cover,” 64 percent said it was a major problem while 29 percent said it was a minor problem.

Similar results came in response to the media “reporting from a particular point of view rather than being neutral” and “not enough investigative journalism to uncover important facts.”

In other words, the ’s cover is blown. Nearly gone are those readers and watchers who still think the media is doing honest journalism and what they are reporting can be relied upon as fact.

Robert Stacy McCain lamented the reality following the exoneration of Kyle Rittenhouse. He wrote:

Tens of millions of Americans believe that [he] should have been convicted of homicide in Kenosha [and] that “Russian collusion” explains how Donald Trump was elected president.


They believe these things because powerful institutions of American journalism — from the New York Times and the Associated Press to CNN and the nightly broadcast news programs — want them to believe in such falsehoods….


Big Media … are now so completely in the tank for Democrats that their “news” coverage is practically a contribution-in-kind to the DNC [Democratic National Committee].

McCain had predicted the outcome of the Rittenhouse trial before it even began. But the saw an opportunity to promote its agenda with the narrative of a white supremacist murdering innocent and peaceful protesters.

Wrote McCain:

Nearly every crucial that came out in Rittenhouse’s trial was known within days of the shootings — including the criminal records of convicted child rapist Joseph “JoJo” Rosenbaum and the other rioters who attacked Rittenhouse — but the liberal suppressed these facts, which didn’t fit their “racial justice” narrative.


So biased was the ’s coverage, in fact, that many people erroneously thought Rittenhouse had shot black people (Rosenbaum and the other two were white).

He asked, “Why would professional journalists disgrace themselves this way? In a word: politics.” Every story that comes into newsrooms is analyzed for its political possibilities, says McCain:

Everything is now political, in the view of our elite class, who evaluate every story in terms of how it will influence and policy decisions.


Police shot a domestic abuser with a knife who was resisting arrest? People got killed in a riot? “Well,” the network news producers ask themselves, “how can this story be used to help advance the interests of the Democratic Party?”


Believe it or not, police still shoot lots of white criminals, and a lot more people died during last year’s riots than were shot by Kyle Rittenhouse.

The good news is that most Americans know this and have put up a mental “screen” while watching the news. And they are disregarding and ignoring the major news outlets that are most egregious in pushing their propaganda.

In a survey taken in May, just 20 percent of those polled trusted CNN “a lot,” while 39 percent trusted the network “not much” or “not at all.” Since then, CNN’s numbers have gotten worse. Fox News reported that since January of this year, the liberal network has lost 76 percent of its audience.

The poll results from Trafalgar confirm the fact that the no longer reports the news but what the networks believe to be helpful in promoting their progressive agenda. Happily, the public isn’t buying it.

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