The bad news for Joe Biden continues to pile up. In the two latest polls by Quinnipiac University and Gallup, Americans’ disgust with his job performance plunges to new lows, with some saying the polls are even understating that disgust.

According to the poll conducted by Quinnipiac over last weekend (November 11 through 15), “Americans give President Biden a negative 36-53 percent job approval rating”, reported the pollster, which is “the lowest job approval rating he’s received.” While Republicans heartily disapprove and Democrats happily approve, the important swing voters – the independents – disapprove of his job performance by a jaw-dropping 56 percent to 29 percent who approve.

On specific issues Biden is uniformly castigated. On his response to the COVID virus, half of those polled disapprove. On the economy, 59 percent disapprove. On his foreign policy, 55 percent disapprove.

On his personal traits, 51 percent say he is dishonest. Regarding his leadership skills, 57 percent say they’re lacking.

As Tim Malloy, Quinnipiac’s polling analyst, said, “From character issues to … national and international concerns, [the Biden] ship continues to take on water.”

The same goes for Gallup. While asking slightly different questions the pollster tapped into the same discontent by voters:

President Joe Biden’s job rating remains underwater, with 42% of Americans approving and 55% disapproving.

Likewise, majorities of U.S. adults disapprove of Biden’s handling of five key issues – immigration, the economy, foreign affairs, crime, and healthcare. In all of them Americans’ disapproval rating ranges from 53 percent (healthcare) to 66 percent (immigration).

Said Gallup: “Biden’s overall job performance … remains the lowest of his presidency so far”, adding that “the greatest shift since January has been among independents.” Independents’ approval ratings, according to Gallup, are 36% on his handling of the economy, and 37% on his foreign policy.

On immigration, his approval rating in August was 46%. Now, its 36%. “That change,” said Gallup, “is owed mostly to a 15-point decline among Democrats.” Even Biden’s own are starting to disown him.

These polls follow one by Langer Research which was commissioned by ABC News and the Post. Langer summed up what they found:

The Democratic Party’s difficulties are deep; they include economic discontent, a president who’s fallen 12 percentage points under water in job approval, and a broad sense that the party is out of touch with the concerns of most Americans: 62 percent say so.

The polls results from Quinnipiac and Gallup could be optimistic. Those polls were taken the week after Congress passed his pork-laden “infrastructure” bill, and he was out on the hustings taking a victory lap. He should have gotten a boost. He didn’t.

Second, the man has been carried by the liberal mainstream media – propped up might be a better phrase – which has supported him from the beginning, and avoided any mention of his failures and shortcomings. Without that support it’s highly likely his numbers would be even worse.

With every poll at RealClear Politics showing Biden underwater anywhere from 10 to 19 percent (averaging 12 percent), and other polls all but conceding Democrat losses in the midterm elections next November, it’s time to consider just what Republicans should do once they have regained control of Congress.

Should they begin impeachment proceedings on the president, for various failures (illegal immigration, executive overreach with his vaccine mandates, etc.)? Should they revive the investigation into Hunter Biden?

Or should they focus on how to begin to repair the damage wrought by the Democrats? Could they complete the wall on the nation’s southern border without Biden’s consent? Should they repeal the tax increases embedded in his bills?

One of the first things they should do immediately is expose the communists that he has appointed to various high-level positions in the his administration.

And assuming a Republican wins the presidency in 2024 he could put the Fourth Branch (the administrative branch) back into the box by demanding each agency remove two rules for every new one proposed. He should continue to add constitutional conservatives to the federal bench. He should issue executive orders repealing those unconstitutionally declared by Biden.

As George said to his troops preparing to cross the Delaware River on Christmas eve, 1776, he should “put none but Americans on guard tonight.”

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