This article appeared online at on Tuesday, November 16, 2021:

The Central Committee of the Wyoming Republican Party voted over the weekend to disown Liz Cheney, the state’s lone representative in Congress. For years she has masqueraded as a Republican, voting as a about 65 percent of the time.

She suffered her first indignity in February when the Central Committee censured her for claiming that Trump incited the January 6 Capitol Hill incident and voted to impeach him as a result.

In May, House Republicans removed her from her leadership position as conference chair, the third-highest position in the Republican Party in Washington. She burned her bridges behind her by saying after her ouster that “I will do everything I can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office.” Wyoming voters voted for Trump over Biden, 70-27 in 2016.

The motion to no longer recognize Cheney as a Republican includes the promise that not only will the Wyoming Republican Party not support her reelection efforts financially, but demanded that she return monies she has already received from the party. 

That she had sold out to the dark side was revealed when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) asked Cheney to join the committee investigating Trump’s alleged role in the alleged insurrection on January 6. Said Pelosi at the time: “We are very honored and proud [that Cheney] has agreed to serve on the committee.” Cheney returned the favor by calling the January 6 incident “the most serious on our Capitol since 1814 [by the British].”

As noted by The New American back in August, Cheney’s polling numbers in Wyoming all but guarantee that she will lose the Republican primary next year. Those polls show that she would lose to her two closest Republican challengers resoundingly. As pollster John McLaughlin said, “It is very clear that Wyoming voters want … to hold Liz Cheney accountable for her bad vote on and her current attacks on President Trump on the January 6th committee. They want to see her defeated.”

This final indignity likely removes any chance that Cheney, once she is removed from office by Wyoming voters, might show up as a “conservative Republican” commentator at any of the mainstream media. Fully exposed as a Republican-In-Name-Only, and three times rebuffed by her party, her credentials as a legitimate voice in the liberal wilderness will have all but disappeared.

Her promise that she “will do everything I can” to ensure that Trump is never reelected came from a megaphone that will be muted into silence next year.

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