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Micki Jeans is a CT technologist and works for Ballad of Tennessee. Up until October 31, that is, when she will resign. She gave two weeks’ notice directly to Alan Levine, executive chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Ballad Health.

In her nine-page letter of resignation, Jeans gave her reasons: Levine sold out, and in good conscience and as a Christian, she can’t work for him anymore:

You are the sole reason that I am resigning from your company, Ballad Health….


You have infringed upon my personal rights and freedoms and the of your employees.

She started from the beginning. For 30 years, she labored faithfully for Mountain States Alliance, which became Ballad. And she believed Levine had her best interests at heart. She also believed him when he declared himself to be saved by the blood of Jesus Christ:

When you became CEO, I appreciated your spiritual words of encouragement. I was your advocate. When others came against you, I defended you for no other reason than your consistent religious encouragement.


I thought you to be a Godly man. I considered you not only a hospital leader worthy of respect but a friend and a fellow brother in Christ.

In July 2021, however, “all that changed. I watched as you adhered to the unconstitutional words of the unelected CDC, FDA, WHO, and OSHA … and even the current, yet corrupt, Biden Administration.… I watched you speak on CNN … urging Americans to take the experimental injections.”

She learned the reason why: He was protecting his company from federal sanctions if he didn’t sell out and go along:

I have recently learned … that if you did not adhere to the guidance of these … organizations, you would no longer receive Medicare/Medicaid funding.


You had a decision to make.


You could have, and should have, found a way to fight for Medicare/Medicaid funding while going against the unconstitutional mandates….


You did not choose wisely.

Instead, Levine chose to segregate his employees by badges they were required to wear, for those vaccinated, and those unvaccinated. He forced them to share their private information.

In so doing, she wrote, he walked away from his Christian faith:

I was shocked that you would go along this path of division because you have claimed Christianity. God calls us to bring unity and peace, not division. You had the incredible opportunity to use your platform to stand up for what is right.


Could you imagine the mountains you could have moved?


Unfortunately, you did not use your platform to stand up for freedom.

There was a moment in time when she saw clearly who Levine really was:

The moment you told every single one of your employees via email that we would face disciplinary action up to termination if we did not comply with your badge buddy system, I saw you in a completely different light.


When you began to encourage the Covid-19 injections, I felt that you absolutely did not care about the of anybody.


As a veteran of the United States Air Force, I value every God-given that I have. In my life, I endured 7 months of captivity and I learned to value and to always fight for the human rights and freedom of every human being.

Jeans had done her homework, even if Levine hadn’t:

I am surprised that you, an educated and Christian man, cannot see right through what Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and the billionaire global elites on this earth are trying to do. I do hope at this point that you will consider opening your eyes to the evil and corrupt global agenda, of which you are unfortunately a part.

The pandemic is not a healthcare crisis, she wrote, but “a global bioweapon against humanity.” And Levine doubled down by accusing “those who speak the truth of spreading disinformation and misinformation.”

She closed her letter of resignation:

I never would have imagined that I would be fighting government mandates and requirements by [Ballad Health] to receive a non-FDA approved experimental treatment for a disease with a 99.5% survival rate….


Medical decisions should be the sole responsibility of the individual.… These rights are God-given, inalienable, and constitutionally secured! Medical tyranny has no place in America or in Tennessee.

Her letter sounded like an application for membership in The John Birch Society:

I will join every group, every person, every doctor and healthcare worker to stand against what you are doing. I will work to unify the people of this community, not divide them. I will work to support your employees, my peers, who have gotten these injections under duress and coercion. I will work to give Ballad employees a voice.


I will work to educate people about our Constitution and make them aware of the freedoms that God gave them. I will travel, speak, write letters, emails and I will do everything in my power to expose the corruption of our world, our beautiful country, our state, and your company.


I will join forces with the Patriots of this great nation to do everything that I can to … combat what you and others are allowing to happen to our nation….


I will give my breath and my very life for the of the citizens of this great nation and for our future generations. I will not stand idly by as communism, socialism, and global elites try to take us out. I was a soldier when our was honorable and defended our freedoms and I am a soldier for Christ. I will fight. I. WILL. FIGHT.

She signed her letter: “Unvaccinated, unmasked, unashamed, and unafraid.”

Levine’s company’s website declares that, when they were considering what to name the new conglomeration of healthcare companies, “People told us they want to receive care from someone who really listens to them. When our health care is at stake, we need to be able to trust our caregiver.… We’re listening.”

Is Levine listening? Will he respond by doing the right thing? Or will Jeans’ letter of resignation be tossed into the round file so he can continue supporting the pandemic canard against his people?

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