This article appeared online at on Monday, October 18, 2021:  

According to extensive polling by McLaughlin & Associates, and his far-left political agenda have alienated swing voters at precisely the time they are needed to keep the Democrats from being demolished in 2022.

Said former House Speaker , who commissioned the study:

With Biden's election, the left went crazy. They totally misunderstood what had happened [in 2020], and they decided this was their moment to go out and be who they really are, which for most Americans is pretty frightening.


And the result is [that Biden and the Democrats] took a series of steps that I think are unsustainable.

The poll's results, which run 70 pages, showed that swing voters — those without a predictable loyalty to either party — consider America the greatest country in the world and that free-market capitalism is greatly to be preferred over big government . When Democrats undertook efforts to denigrate or disparage the country and its economic system, swing voters took umbrage.

For instance, by an 84-percent to 16-percent margin, they believe that “the United States is the greatest country on earth.” And, by an 82-percent to 18-percent margin, they think the free-market capitalist system is vastly superior to socialism.

When it comes to defunding local police, less than a third of swing voters agree, with more than two-thirds of them supporting more funding instead.

And they put the blame on the recent spike in violent crime where it belongs: Seven out of 10 swing voters said it was caused by the “undermining of and order and disrespect of our police officers [by Biden and the Democrats].”

They also opposed the Democrats' pushing Critical Race Theory. Eighty percent of them said they wanted public schools to “teach young people to treat people the same no matter their skin color.”

When it comes to , three-quarters of swing voters think that doctors and their patients should be “in charge, instead of insurance companies and big government.”

Gingrich is using the poll's results to improve Republicans' messaging to those voters in the runup to the midterm elections. Rather than using the word “capitalism,” he recommends that they use the phrase “free-market capitalism.” And when describing Democrats' policies, they should emphasize the phrase “big government socialism” in place of “socialism.”

The McLaughlin poll mirrors the concerns of pollster David Shor. Shor's current political model shows Democrats losing the House next November, and seven seats in the Senate. As Shor noted, the Democrats' challenge in 2022 can only be met with a change — a substantial change — in their present messaging. Unless that changes, they are, in the words of Ian Ward in Politico, “heading down a path toward political obscurity.”

A majority of the swing voters in 2020 went for Trump. With swing voters making up a third of the electorate, Democrats are faced with an insurmountable task: turning them back to the Democrat Party by November 2022. Instead, their policies and pronouncements are turning more and more of them toward the Party.

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