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arents with children in the Loudoun County, Virginia, school system have successfully ousted one of the five members of the school board: Beth Barts. She offered her resignation on Friday. The petition drive, organized by Fight for Schools (FFS), continues against the other four progressive members.

Barts was one of the most vociferous, cantankerous, and ill-mannered members of the board. Andrea Widburg of  Thinker called her “a far-left” school board member who was “a fierce advocate for Critical Race Theory (CRT) and transgender madness.”

Her bad behavior so outraged even her colleagues that they were forced first to reprimand her, then formally to censure her, and finally to remove her from school committees. All because she repeatedly violated school board rules and policies in her interactions with parents opposing her support for the quasi-Marxist critical race theory in the district.

The petition, filed in late August, focused on her violation of Virginia’s open-meetings laws. Ian Prior, founder of FFS, said Barts “has shown a complete inability to comply with the law, her own code of conduct, and [lack of] the basic decency that accompanies being an elected official in the United States of America.”

But the issue, according to Prior, isn’t just about Barts:

We have made known our displeasure with her actions as a school board member over the past several months, but today she has done the right thing.


Her former colleagues should take notice.


The community should know, however, that the problems at Loudoun County Public Schools and on the school board go well beyond one school board member.


We … will keep fighting until we have a school board of common sense, non-partisan members and a superintendent who is accountable to parents and tells the truth.

The tipping point for parents was Barts’ involvement with a radical Facebook group called “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County.” At first she denied any involvement, but was later found to be a supporter. The group collected information about parents who opposed CRT and doxed them online. Dox is short for “dropping dox (documents),” publicly exposing private information about an individual with the to defame, embarrass, or disparage them.

The degradation of the culture in the public schools of Loudoun County showed up in May when a boy, claiming “gender fluidity,” sexually assaulted a girl at Stone Bridge High School. The board vehemently denied knowing anything about the incident, claiming that they first became aware of it through the media. The girl’s father has initiated a against the county and the board.

Barts had filed a motion to dismiss the petition against her, but a local judge tossed it, allowing the recall process to continue. The judge also removed Buta Biberaj, the radical Loudoun County Commonwealth’s attorney, from representing Barts, noting that her close relationship with Barts through the Facebook group disqualified her from representing Barts.

Laura Zoc of Freedom Works for America claimed that Barts’ resignation “is a victory for parents and students in Loudoun County.” She added:

It also serves as an example for the nation of what a parent-led movement can do.


Beth Barts not only doxed families across her own district, whom she claimed to be protecting, but also promoted a divisive, anti- curriculum that teaches children to divide each other by immutable characteristics.

That “victory” may be short-lived, however. In her letter of resignation Barts declared, “I am absolutely certain a member of this wonderful community will step forward to be appointed [in my place].”

The New  has followed the cultural degradation taking place in the public schools, including Loudoun County, and concluded that

the government system is beyond reform. The answer for every moral, right-thinking parent in Loudon County — and in every other county, city, town, municipality, village, or community in America — is simple: Stop trying to reform a tyrannical system that is recalcitrant in its tyranny. Instead, dismantle it by starving it of the one thing it cannot do without — students.


If you mean to save your children, pull them out of a system that is designed to destroy them. Bring them home and teach them. Or place them in a school that holds your values.


You and your kids can do without government schools; they cannot do without you.

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