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The latest Gallup poll measuring “the public's in key U.S. institutions” showed further deterioration in citizens' trust of the .

Last month, Gallup's annual Governance poll showed that just nine percent, or one out of every eleven Americans, trusted the mass media “a great deal,” while 31 percent, or about one out of three, said they trust them “a fair amount.” The latest poll showed a further drop in trust: Just seven percent — one out of every 14 Americans — told Gallup they trusted the media “a great deal” and 29 percent — a little more than one out of every four Americans — trust them “a fair amount.”

From the other side, the polls agreed on one thing: A third of Americans polled had no trust whatsoever in the mainstream media's news offerings.

What's remarkable is that this decline has been driven primarily by increasing distrust of the media among Republicans and Independents. Democrats, on the other hand, remain happy with the way the news is being served up by the media: Just 11 percent of Republicans trust the media, while 68 percent of Democrats give them credence. That's a record 57-percent divergence, which some are saying proves the point: The media no longer reports the news, but is now serving as a transmission belt for socialist ideology.

As Media Research Center President Brent Bozell expressed it: “They [the mainstream media] are fully vested in socialism themselves.… This is not a news media anymore.”

If that is the case, where can readers find “true” news that can be relied upon for veracity and a minimum of political bias? Granting the point that every news source has its bias — as does The New , favoring the Constitution of the United States as originally intended by its Founders and the wonders of the free enterprise system — this writer has found, over the last decade of offering his efforts at covering the news from a political and free market perspective, the following sources to be fairly reliable:

The Epoch Times


The Washington Times

One America News

Just the News


The Daily Wire

World Net Daily

The Christian Post and

The Blaze


Other less reliable, but still helpful, sources include:

The Daily Caller

Lew Rockwell and

The American Conservative


For pure pleasure and diversity, this writer enjoys The American Thinker — especially articles by the very prolific and usually on-point Andrea Widburg.

And, of course, this writer's favorite: The New American — which you are presently reading!

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