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Former Republican President  will host a fundraiser for Wyoming's sole House member, Liz Cheney. The event will take place in Dallas on October 18 and will be co-hosted by a number of other faux conservatives, including Karl Rove (Bush's longtime political advisor and frequent guest at Fox News) and former Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

It's likely to take more than just money to reverse Cheney's disastrous downward trend among her Wyoming constituents. Having been voted into office in the November 2016 election largely based on name recognition (her father, Richard Cheney, held the same seat for 10 years in the 1980s before becoming vice president under George W. Bush), she has, as The New American has reported, been exposed as a RINO (Republican in Name Only).

Early polling, reported by Politico back in January, showed that three quarters of Wyoming Republicans viewed her unfavorably then, with only 10 percent of them (and 13 percent of all Wyoming voters) supporting her reelection campaign.

In May, the Club for revealed that its own polling showed Cheney with an unfavorable rating of 65 percent, versus 29-percent positive.

In July another poll, conducted by Fabrizio, Lee & Associates, showed Donald Trump, Jr. and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leading in popularity among all prominent Republicans, with 55 and 54 percent net positive approval ratings, while Cheney lagged far behind. She came in at a negative 43-percent approval rating.

She has been the architect of her own failure to represent Wyoming. She joined with nine other RINOs in voting with Democrats in both of their phony impeachment efforts against Donald Trump, and compounded her sin by agreeing to serve on the January 6 Capitol Riot commission stacked with Democrats determined to excoriate Trump for his alleged role in instigating it. She has since been promoted to vice chair of that committee.

As Wyoming voters have come to their senses, they now learn that Cheney is no Wyomingite, but a temporary resident there for political purposes. She was born in Madison, Wisconsin, and only spent the sixth grade in Casper.

After that, she and her family split their time between Casper and Washington, D.C., as her insider father moved up the political ladder. She attended the ultra-liberal, ultra-chic Colorado College and the University of Chicago Law School before going to work for the government.

She worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Department of State, the International Finance Corporation, the campaign for George W. Bush's run for president in 2004, and then returned to the State Department.

After that she worked for a non- before running successfully for Wyoming's only seat in the House of Representatives.

In other words, not only is she not a true resident of Wyoming, but she also has never held a real job hiring real employees and providing real services to real customers.

Even if the October fundraiser in Dallas is successful, money will hardly be enough to turn the tide of discontent raging in the State. Former President Donald Trump interviewed some of the Republican candidates running to replace her and decided to endorse Harriet Hageman, a fourth-generation Wyomingite raised on a ranch in east-central Wyoming. She is a trial attorney in Cheyenne.

She does have some baggage, however: She served as an advisor to Chenery's ill-fated run for the in 2014 and campaigned for her in her run for the House in 2016. She was also a member of Ted Cruz's NeverTrump coalition.

Hagerman has apologized:

Like many Wyomingites, I supported Liz Cheney when she ran for Congress. But then she betrayed Wyoming, she betrayed this country, and she betrayed me.

That apology is likely to be more than enough for voters to replace Cheney. With such disastrous polling numbers, Cheney could not even run successfully, as state GOP officials expressed it, for dogcatcher.

What is surprising is that Republican elites continue to support one of their own, even in the face of the pending disaster in the upcoming primary next year. Former RINO and House Speaker Paul Ryan hosted a fundraiser for Cheney earlier this year. And Cheney returned the compliment by supporting Utah RINO Mitt Romney in his own reelection battle.

The elites support their own, even when one is going down in flames.

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