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CNN has been hemorrhaging viewers ever since the new administration captured the White House. Nielsen Media Research reported that the far-left media outlet has lost nearly half of its prime-time (8 p.m. to 11 p.m.) audience since the inauguration. It averaged 2.5 million prime-time viewers from November 4, the day after the faux election, to inauguration day, January 20.

Since then its viewership has plummeted, dropping to just 1.6 million. But among the key demographic that advertisers are most interested in — adults age 25-54 — the drop was even worse, down 47 percent over that same period.

It gets even worse. Taking out the two weeks following the inauguration, CNN's key demographic has tumbled a staggering 58 percent.

Now comes ComScore, the audience tracking firm, to report that CNN isn't the only mainstream media outlet to suffer massive declines in viewer- and readership. Paul Farhi, writing for the  Post, one of those suffering the most, admitted that “the Post … saw the number of unique visitors fall 26 percent from January to February, and seven percent from a year ago.” He complained:

News outlets are indeed losing much of the audience and readership they gained during [Trump's] presidency.


In other words, journalism's (sic) Trump bump may be giving way to a slump.

Just like President Trump predicted in 2017 when he said, “Newspapers, television, all forms of media will tank if I'm not there, because without me, their ratings are going down the tubes.”

That would include the mouthpiece for the globalist left, the New York Times. Its readership has declined by 17 percent from January to February, and 16 percent since February a year ago.

“The story”, wrote Farhi, “is largely the same for cable and broadcast news.… Now that Joe Biden is in the White House … many of those viewers are drifting away.”

They are not “drifting away.” They are escaping. What's remarkable is that most of the audiences of these outlets are or else they wouldn't be viewing or reading them. Instead, they have either switched to the food or the weather channel, or have been surprised to learn how “real news” outlets are fairly reporting the news, without the customary they expected to find.

The New  reported in February that Fox News was also suffering severe viewership leakage despite their changes to their programming in an attempt to stem the flow. ComScore reported that Fox News viewership has also fallen, just not to the same degree as the more liberal networks. Fox News' audience has declined by six percent since the change in administrations.

As The New American reported:

Viewers are finding new homes at Newsmax, OANN, OneNewsNow (ONN), and The Christian Post. In addition, viewership is up substantially at The Epoch Times, WorldNetDaily (WND), American Thinker, and The New American.

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