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In the barely two weeks since 10 Republicans in the House turned coat and voted to impeach President Trump, many are feeling the heat. Some are likely to disappear unheralded, appearing merely as a footnote in political history.

Michigan Representative Fred Upton, who voted to impeach, was unanimously censured at his county’s Republican convention on January 21. The members said that Upton “ignored the voice of the voters in Allegan County.”

On Saturday, all 50 members of the South Carolina GOP’s state executive committee voted to censure Representative Tom Rice over his vote. He already faces a slate of challengers for his seat in the 2022 midterm elections.

Said Drew McKissick, the chairman of the committee:

We made our disappointment clear the night of the vote.


Trying to impeach a president, with a week left in his term, is never legitimate and is nothing more than a political kick on the way out the door.


Congressman Rice’s vote unfortunately played right into the Democrats’ game, and the people in his district, and ultimately our State Executive Committee, wanted him to know they wholeheartedly disagree with his decision.

Congressman David Valadao, representing California’s 21st District, is already facing a strong challenger, Chris Mathys, a former Fresno city council member. Mathys said Valadao’s vote “violated the trust” of those who voted for Trump in the November election, calling it “egregious.”

Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois’ 16th Congressional District is feeling the heat not only from his constituents but from his friends and family as well. He said on NBC’s Meet the Press:

Look. It’s really difficult. I mean, all of a sudden imagine that everybody [who] supported you, or so it seems that way — your friends, your family — has turned against you. They think you’re selling out.

Rather than disappear into the political woodwork, Kinzinger instead is launching a counter-Trump political action committee, Country First PAC. It is necessary, said Kinzinger, because the Republican Party under President Trump has “lost its moral authority in a lot of ways … [Trump has fostered] darkness and division.”

As for Liz Cheney, the Republican turncoat from Wyoming, she isn’t likely to disappear into the woodwork. According to political activist C. Edmund Wright, “Liz’s future is easier for me to predict than yesterday’s weather.… I’ve seen it many times.”

She will run for reelection, writes Wright, and lose overwhelmingly in the primaries. But in the process she will launch a scorched-earth campaign using her own money and funds from her out-of-state leftist supporters against her opponents. They will be so weakened, both financially and politically, that they will leave the path open for a to take her seat in the general election.

Posits Wright:

Left wing groups from the outside will plant false flag candidates to dilute her competition, and they will claim falsely to be the Trump choice.


Count on it. They will take extreme positions publicly and muddy the waters for the legit candidate carrying the MAGA banner.


You heard it here first.

Following her defeat, she will likely wind up as a regular commentator on left-wing “news” outlets such as MSNBC or CNN, according to Wright. Her role will be that of “the good Republican … the kind of Republican who hates all real conservatives and legitimate Republicans.”

And she’ll never return to Wyoming:

She’ll never return to Wyoming, a state with which she’s barely familiar with to begin with. That is unless she’s a weekend guest at her parents’ place or at one of the Davos-connected left wing billionaire’s Jackson Hole enclave from time to time.

She is likely to be the exception. The others will disappear, fading away, to be replaced (it is hoped) by real Americanists who take their oaths of office seriously and who will support the growing movement to drain the swamp, once and for all.

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