This article appeared online at on Sunday, January 23, 2021:  

Stymied at every turn in her quest to have a court — any court — take the time to examine her evidence of election fraud, attorney Sidney Powell announced on Saturday the creation of an “unlimited contribution” Super PAC called Restore the Republic.

Her first target is to remove the RINOs who were complicit with the Democrats and the Deep State in overthrowing the valid election of for a second term and putting in his place the fraudulent president, Joe Biden.

In her statement, Powell said:

The PAC will promote candidates who fight for truth and the Rule of Law, and we will strenuously oppose any candidate who discards the for his own short term or political gain — regardless of her party.

She explained that the Restore the Republic Super PAC — which, according to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), allows “unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, labor unions and other political action committees” — will “promote candidates who fight for the truth and the Rule of Law.”

The role of her PAC, which she co-founded with pillow magnate Mike Lindell, is to fill a void: “The people are starved for truth, restoration of the Rule of Law, and even-handed accountability. Americans are fed up with the corruption in government and the elitist political class that views them with condescension and contempt.”

Restore the Republic is to be “a voice that exposes and rejects the self-interest of political parties, the control of the tech giants, and the lies of the fake news. We will be the voice for honesty, integrity, and a return to government by We the People.”

Lindell has been targeted by Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) over his charges that its voting machines were rigged to spit out results favoring Biden over Trump. In to a for $1.3 billion filed by DVS, Lindell was overjoyed: “Please, Dominion. Please sue me!” The suit would require full disclosure, for the first time in a court of law, the evidence Powell has uncovered proving that the presidential election held on November 3 was fraudulent, and that as a result the Biden presidency is fraudulent as well.

Powell added:

Eighty million people were just disenfranchised by the inauguration of a President not elected by lawful votes.  The Democrats abandoned their base and the Republicans betrayed theirs.

Powell and Lindell are likely to get some assistance from Donald Trump. The former president said on Wednesday, “We’ll do something, but not just yet … we will be back in some form.”

Former Trump advisor Jason Miller told Just the News the next day following a conversation he had with the former president that Trump “has a number of goals over the next couple of years.… You’re going to see him emerge as the nation’s leader on ballot and voting integrity.”

Galvanized by the evidence of the stolen election, voters are likely to welcome Powell’s new super PAC. With Trump’s endorsement and financial assistance, constitutionalists with means will likely see this entity challenge the weak-kneed RINOs who so quickly decided to kick the president to the curb in their own political interests.

The targets are already well known. Part of Trump’s legacy is exposing not only the fake news media but also the spineless Republicans who failed to keep their oaths of office to defend the of the United States. Given sufficient financing by the unlimited contribution Super PAC, those RINOs will find themselves “primaried” out of office as a result, to be replaced by candidates who take their oaths seriously.

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