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The third and final volume of Dr. Peter Navarro's massive study of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election should lay to rest any doubt that was used to hand the election to the loser, Joe Biden. Manipulators knew that Biden couldn't win on his own and so insiders rigged the system.

Concluded Navarro:

In the face of this evidence, no reasonable person would conclude that the 2020 presidential election was, beyond any shadow of doubt, a fair election….


In light of this evidence, it is impossible for anyone to claim that President Trump was in any way wrong in stoutly raising the question of election fraud and irregularities in the weeks following the November 3 election and in calling for his supporters to peacefully protest.


Indeed, for the president not to rise to defend [question] the of the ballot box would have been a betrayal of the 74 million Americans who voted for the president, thinking they were participating in what [was] not … a free and fair election.

Navarro took on the claims that there was no evidence of fraud, just conspiracy theories.

These claims fail in light of Navarro's massive study. Wrote Navarro:

In light of this evidence, it is also irresponsible — in the extreme — for the Democrat Party and its leadership, or journalists in the mainstream , or RINO Republicans, to claim there is no evidence of election irregularities.


That's absurd on its face.

As a result of the fraud, wrote Navarro, “We have moved dangerously in what seems like a nanosecond from a full and vibrant American Democracy [sic] to a Communist Chinese-style, Cancel Culture, Police State.”

His report, based on evidence compiled in more than 50 lawsuits, thousands of affadavits, and testimonies gave proof of “a coordinated strategy to effectively stack the deck against the Trump-Pence ticket.”

The report reviewed the fraud in each of the six battleground states, which the Democrats knew they had to seize to keep Trump from winning a second term.

In Arizona, Biden's “victory” margin was 10,457 votes. There were 254,722 “possible illegal votes,” including 20,000 absentee ballots cast from addresses other than where voters legally resided. There were 5,790 “ghost” voters — ballots requested under the names of voters who no longer resided at a particular address. Some 40,000 votes came from voters who voted in counties in which they didn't legally reside.

In Michigan, similar tactics were used, as well as in Nevada. But in Nevada, more than 42,000 votes came from voters who voted twice, and another 20,000 votes came from citizens who had moved out of state.

In Georgia, where Biden's “victory” margin was 11,779 votes, there were 66,000 votes cast by underage individuals.

In Pennsylvania, more than 58,000 ballots were counted as being returned on or before the date they were mailed out (i.e., in order to count late ballots), while another 8,000 dead voters voted in the election. But in Pennsylvania some sort of record was set: 202,000 more ballots were cast than the number of actual registered voters in the state.

In Wisconsin, there was a special category called “indefinitely confined voters” who didn't need to provide photo IDs. In 2019, there were some 70,000 such voters. In 2020, there were over 200,000 of them.

All told, the possible illegal votes totaled 3,069,002, giving Biden a “victory” margin of 312,992 over Trump. Put another way, Trump voters likely outvoted Biden by more than 2.3 million, but they were buried under the avalanche of fake, phony, fraudulent, and illegal Biden ballots.

It's likely that, had enough individuals with backbone and commitment to their oaths studied this information and concluded that there was in massive fraud, the inauguration taking place on Wednesday would be for a second term for President Donald J. Trump. As it is, Biden will wear the moniker “Commander-in-Thief” for the time he spends in office before he resigns.

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