Richard Baris, who runs Big Data Poll, one of three that got Election Night results right, noted something peculiar in his post-election analysis: “Trump won the largest non-white vote share for a presidential candidate in 60 years…. Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country, save for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia.”

Robert Barnes, an election analyst for the  Post, was quoted by Patrick Basham, head of Democracy Institute, as observing that in these “big cities in swing states run by Democrats … the vote even exceeded the number of registered voters.”

In an article published by the British Sunday Express on November 8, Basham expressed his astonishment at what happened late Election Eve:

Trump's victories in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin were on target until, in the middle of the night, counting was arbitrarily halted. Miraculously, several hundred thousand votes — all for Biden — were mysteriously “found”; Trump's real leads subsequently vanished….


Already, there is a mountain of evidence, direct and circumstantial, of widespread ballot fraud. This evidence is buttressed by the divergence between the supposed tallies in these contested states, the actual tallies in comparable Midwestern states, and the demonstrably accurate referenced earlier.

Kimberley Strassel, journalist for The Wall Street Journal, also noted something peculiar, especially in the city of Milwaukee. After running the numbers the morning after Election Day, she tweeted:

I compared some vote totals to voter registration — by county. Nearly every county I've looked at so far — left and right — registered turnout of 89% or higher (several at 93%). I suppose it is possible — but still seems extraordinary….


I think high voter turnout is great, and if WI truly did this, wow. I only question it because it is so strikingly at odds with any other state.

The election results were also “at odds” with history, as Randy DeSoto pointed out at The Western Journal: “One must believe that Donald Trump was pretty much the only incumbent president in U.S. history to lose his re-election while his own party gained seats in the House of Representatives.”

He reviewed past history: “Incumbents rarely lose, and when they do, with [the] one exception in history I've been able to find, their party doesn't gain seats.”

There are other anomalies, oddities, and abnormalities that have come to light. Bellwether states that typically vote for the president didn't this year. Bellwether counties didn't either. The indicator, which predicts the winner nearly 90 percent of the time, failed this year. As did the Primary Indicator crafted by Stony Brook University Helmut Norpoth, which predicted a Trump win at 91 percent.

Such oddities, abnormalities, and anomalies are not proof of election fraud. But they do raise suspicions.

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