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Byron York,  Examiner’s chief political correspondent, had a one-on-one exclusive interview with President Trump on Thursday. After reviewing his notes, York wrote, “The bottom line from our conversation: No matter what news organizations have projected, Trump says he’s confident he will win the states necessary to get to 270 Electoral votes.”

The president reviewed the status of the election in each of the so-called battleground states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — and concluded that when the dust has settled he will win his reelection to another four years in the White House.

York pressed him about possibly conceding the election to Biden. Trump responded: “I’m a guy who realizes … five days ago, I thought maybe … but now I see evidence: we have hundreds of affidavits” providing evidence of fraud in elections across the country.

York remembered Trump’s final comment before ending the interview: “Never bet against me.”

The New American continues to examine increasing evidence of fraud, including a report from One American News Network (OANN) that the Dominion election-management software used in a number of states deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide and, in Pennsylvania specifically, switched 435,000 votes from Trump to Biden.

We also reported about the anomalies that no one can explain, including how the bellwether states Ohio and Florida, which have accurately predicted the outcome of the national election for decades, went for Trump, but the national vote apparently went for Biden. We added, “The mystery deepens.… There are 18 [bellwether] counties that have voted for the president between 88 and 100 percent of the time in elections dating back to 1956. In 2012 and all of them picked the president.… This year 15 of those 18 bellwether counties went for Trump.” And yet, on a national level, Biden is allegedly the winner.

After reviewing the presidential contest in 2000, Susan Duclos wrote at the All News Pipeline that it took 37 days for the courts to issue their judgments regarding the lawsuits filed by Al Gore that contested the election results that eventually put George Bush in the White House. She said that, after those very long and contentious 37 days, “When all was said and done … after [all] legal avenues had been addressed … Gore finally had to concede the race to Bush.”

John Hinderaker wrote at the Powerline blog:

News outlets tell us that President Trump underperformed in key Midwestern states, compared with 2016. But that isn’t exactly true.


Take Wisconsin: four years ago, Trump carried the state with 1,405,284 votes. This year, with 99% of the vote tabulated, Trump had 1,610,007 votes, more than 200,000 more votes than he received four years ago. Yet, we are told, he lost the state to the inept Joe Biden.


That seems unlikely. There were 3,684,726 registered voters in Wisconsin going into Election Day. The total votes recorded in Wisconsin were 3,240,549. That would give Wisconsin a turnout of 88%.


According to Ballotpedia, no American state in the period 2002-2018 has ever achieved a turnout rate of 80% or higher.


For purposes of comparison, in Wisconsin had a 67 percent turnout rate.


If you are credulous, you can believe that 21% more Wisconsinites voted this year, compared with the red-hot election of four years ago, and 248,000 more Wisconsinites turned out to vote for the charismatic this year than voted for Hillary Clinton four years ago.


I think those numbers are almost certainly false, the result of ballot manipulation.

In the increasing unlikelihood that, after all the dust has settled, Biden remains ahead of Trump, there is a backup plan that few are talking about: the power of state legislatures to name Trump electors even if the state’s voters apparently voted for Biden. As The New American has pointed out:

Electors will meet on December 14 this year. And on January 6, votes cast by those electors from the Electoral College will be counted in Congress.


Typically, those functions are seen as a mere “formality,” as the outcome of the election is already known.


However, this time, it may not be so simple. In fact, a vast coalition of organizations and prominent personalities including The John Birch Society, Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagles, Fox News host Mark Levin, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, commentator David Horowitz, and many more are advocating for GOP legislatures to overturn the obvious vote fraud by sending pro-Trump electors.

Said Fox News analyst and host Mark Levin, “Reminder to the Republican state legislatures: you have the final say over the choosing of electors, not any board of elections, secretary of state, governor, or even court. You have the final say — Article II of the federal Constitution. So, get ready to do your duty.”

What is perhaps most surprising about the election fraud is not so much its extent, but how its manipulators expected it to go unnoticed and therefore unchallenged. Did they really think they could sneak this by the part of the that hasn’t sold out to the Deep State? Did they think massive fraud could elect their preferred candidate without anyone noticing or questioning?

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