This article appeared online at on Monday, November 9, 2020: 

President Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign has morphed into a post-election campaign, raising funds to keep the momentum from his campaign going and the public’s attention focused on his claim that “it’s not over.”

Alayna Treene, a writer for Axios, spoke to four of Trump’s advisors on Sunday afternoon who told her that the team is being led by Trump communications director Tim Murtaugh, campaign manager Bill Stepien, lawyer Justin Clark, and senior advisors Jason Miller and David Bossie. House members Jim Jordan and Scott Perry and former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus are also advising.

The newly-constituted post-election committee held a campaign rally in Las Vegas on Sunday, which rolled out its strategy: decrying various election irregularities, the reading of the names of deceased people who allegedly “voted” on Tuesday, and noting that thousands of former Nevadans who had moved out of state also voted on Election Day.

Presenting at that rally in Las Vegas were former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt and chairman of American Union Matt Schlapp. Laxalt attacked the state’s signature-verification process as being woefully lacking in protecting against voter fraud, pointing out that the committee could not verify the authenticity of some 600,000 votes that already been counted in Nevada through its automated mail-in system:

This campaign has not observed, has not laid eyes … on an envelope signature, [or] a voter roll signature, on a single one of those 600,000 voters….


At least 200,000 voters were counted through the signature verification process of the [Agilis software] system. I will repeat for the media: no human beings looked at those signature matches to confirm they were, in fact, matches.

Schlapp claimed that there were instances of underage voters who voted in Tuesday’s election:

We know that underage voters voted in this most recent election. How difficult would it have been to make it clear that nobody would have been mailed a ballot if they had a birth day after a certain year?

He added that more than 100,000 Nevadans have left the state during the pandemic shutdown, and “yet, through our due diligence, we’ve been able to find that at least 9,000 of them voted in the election: Non-Nevadans voted in Nevada!”

The morphing of the presidential campaign into a post-election one with rallies planned around the country is a strategy to keep the public’s attention riveted on the fraud that the media has now discarded entirely as it now bows its knee of obeisance to the Biden/Harris administration.

Perhaps the most egregious example of fraud appears to be in Pennsylvania, where numerous lawsuits have been filed. The Public Interest Legal Foundation, for example, has filed a suit against the Pennsylvania Department of State for failing to maintain accurate voter records and to remove individuals who have died, moved out of the state, or otherwise were ineligible to vote on Tuesday.

The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee have also filed a arguing that the Pennsylvania secretary of state wrongly extended the deadline for absentee and mail-in voters to provide missing proof of identification.

Another suit by the Pennsylvania Republican Party challenging the state ’s decision to extend by three days the deadline for receiving mail-in ballots is being joined by state attorneys general from Missouri and Kentucky. Attorneys general from those two states, plus Georgia and Louisiana, are scheduled to hold a virtual conference call on Monday afternoon, following which they will be announcing a “major legal action.”

The contest is far from over. In fact, it is just beginning.

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