This article appeared online at on Wednesday, October 21, 2020:  

Samantha Zager, deputy national press secretary for the Trump campaign, laid out the president’s debate strategy on Wednesday: directly and forcefully challenge his opponent, Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden, over charges of corruption. And then wait for his response.

This fits perfectly with the rule change announced by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPB) that Trump’s mic will be muted for two minutes after the moderator has asked Biden a question. Two minutes is a painfully long period of time to answer a question which Biden will have heard for the first time. Given that opportunity several times during the 90-minute debate on Thursday night, Biden might just hand the president a gift beyond compare.

Said Zager:

President Trump was elected in 2016 because voters had enough of career politicians like Joe Biden using their power to gain wealth and influence while producing no meaningful results for the American people.


After one term, President Trump has proven he’s the antithesis of Biden’s 47 years of failure, and he will continue talking about that proven track record of success as he seeks reelection.


The President will also talk about Joe Biden’s decades of failure and how the candidate for President doesn’t believe voters “deserve” to receive answers — on everything from court packing to his lies about his family’s corruption during his vice presidency.

The Biden family’s corruption is one issue the media hasn’t wanted to discuss. As Trump’s in-house pollster John McLaughlin noted: “The mainstream media polls … they’re not asking these questions at all.… They’re not acknowledging that this ever happened.”

He told Just The News AM: “I mean yesterday, Joe Biden was out someplace getting a milkshake. And [reporters] asked him what flavor he was getting. They didn’t ask him: ‘Did you take a cut from this Chinese money that Hunter Biden got according to these emails?’ They won’t even acknowledge that the hard drive that is clearly Hunter Biden’s that he signed a receipt for [that is] now out there, is a factor.”

The president will use this as a main point to attack Biden, according to McLaughlin:

The mainstream media is not carrying the story, but over the weekend, we saw corruption popping up as the top negative for Joe Biden, and that’s coming from social media, word of mouth, emails….


It is a shock to the system, to American voters, if they find out that while Joe Biden was vice president, he was influence-peddling with his son Hunter, and then somehow, whether it was in office or afterwards he was profiting from it….


And it’s well known that Hunter Biden had huge Chinese clients that funded his hedge fund. I mean that would be a shock to the American system.

It will only be a shock if the American voter learns about it in time to influence his vote in less than two weeks. Thanks to social media giants’ blackout and censorship on the issue, those voters may indeed be in for a shock during Thursday night’s debate.

According to David Jackson, writing for USA Today: “It’s unlikely the decision to shut off the microphones for some portions of the debate will have any on [its] dynamic … and it might work to [Trump’s] advantage [as it will] give Biden more room to make an unforced error.”

The opponents will have plenty of time to take the measure of each other during the 90-minute debate. And with Trump taking advantage of Biden’s unwillingness to address the corruption issue frontally, it could be a long night for the Democratic Party’s nominee.

Jason Miller, Trump’s senior campaign advisor, said that the president plans “to give Joe Biden a little bit more room to explain himself on some of these issues. I do think the president’s going to want to hear Joe Biden’s answer on some of these, and we’ll definitely give him all the time that [he] wants … I think he’s going to get it on Thursday.”

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