This article appeared online at on Tuesday, August 25, 2020: 

The announcement from Gallup released on Monday was cryptic and likely unnerving to Party loyalists: “Democratic Edge in Party Affiliation Shrinks.” And this was before the DNC that failed miserably in turning the tide.

Reported Gallup: “The Democratic advantage over the Party, which was an unusually large 11-percentage-points in June, is now six points…. The strong Democratic tilt in the U.S. population observed in June proved to be short-lived, perhaps indicating [that] the presumed Democratic wave may not be as strong as expected.”

It warned that “the August figures were collected before last week’s Democratic National Convention and do not reflect the possible impact of that convention on Americans’ party preferences.”

In other words, following that convention’s failure to gin up significantly measurable support for its candidates, the next poll from Gallup could be even worse for Democrats.

As The New American reported on Sunday, following the convention the “bounce” in favorability for Democrat nominees and Kamala Harris was modest. Biden’s favorability moved from 40 percent to 45 percent, while Harris’ moved from 35 percent to 41 percent.

Harry Enten, official poll watcher for CNN, noted that coming out of the convention, “Biden’s net favorability (favorable minus unfavorable) … among the 18-29 subset [was] about five points worse than his net favorability rating with all registered voters.” In other words, in his efforts to reach a key voting bloc, Biden failed miserably.

The New American concluded, “By all metrics, the National Convention failed: in viewership; in enthusiasm; in reaching out to “swing” voters, young voters, and black voters; and in generating a significant “bounce” in favorability for Biden and his running mate.”

What is likely to continue to shrink support for the Party’s nominees are speeches such as those given by Tim Scott and Nikki Haley on the opening night of the National Convention.

Said Scott of his grandfather:

Growing up, he had to cross the street if a white person was coming. He suffered the indignity of being forced out of school as a third-grader to pick cotton, and never learned to read or write.


Yet he lived to see his grandson become the first African American to be elected to both the United States House and Senate.


Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime. And that’s why I believe the next American century can be better than the last.

Haley, the child of Indian immigrants, elaborated:

America isn’t perfect. But the principles we hold dear are perfect. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that even on our worst day, we are blessed to live in America.…


We seek a nation that rises together, not falls apart in anarchy and anger.

That brilliant contrast with the best efforts by the Democrats last week should show up in Gallup’s next poll, as enthusiasm for its lackluster and uninspiring far-left candidates for the White House continues to diminish.

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