This article appeared online at on Thursday, July 9, 2020:  

Two Washington insiders are working to cancel the upcoming presidential debates between President Donald Trump and presumptive Party candidate Joe Biden.

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times and Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post have written articles either proposing conditions on the debates that are unacceptable to the Trump campaign or proposing phony reasons for canceling them altogether.

They know what conservatives and many know: that something is wrong with Biden. As we noted in the article “Where Are the Results of Biden’s Test for ‘Cognitive Decline’?” yesterday: “Whether Biden has dementia or not … it will all become abundantly clear once Biden and Trump square off in their public debates.”

These insiders have concluded that that must not happen, that the only way to save Biden from obliteration in those public debates is to cancel them.

As Tumulty wrote, “It’s time to do some rethinking about the debates.” She raised straw men to explain why: It’s hard to find dates “that are not on Friday or Saturday, do not conflict with sports of other events … or official business, such as attending the U.N. General Assembly in September.”

“Finding venues,” she added, “is a challenge as well, particularly this year.” And so, she concludes, “All of this could be simplified if the campaigns would drastically reduce the live audiences who attend the debates — or even do away with them entirely.”

Friedman picked up on the theme, writing on Tuesday in the Times that “I worry about debating Donald Trump … [that under present rules] he’s giving Trump unfair advantages.”

So Friedman wants the committee to change the rules: “Biden should declare that he will take part in a debate only if Trump releases his tax returns … and … Biden should insist that a real-time fact-checking team … be hired by the Commission … to report on any misleading statements” made by either candidate during the debates.

Friedman tries to defend such silly requirements by saying that Trump is trying to hide something in his returns while Biden has posted his on his website. And, without the fact checkers, “Trump might very well lie and mislead for the entire debate.” After all, intones Friedman, “Trump literally lies as he breathes.”

Rush Limbaugh has seen what’s going on here. On Wednesday’s show he said that Friedman’s demand for silly and disingenuous conditions “gives away the game.… The game is to hide Biden’s disqualifying dementia. They can’t allow that to be on display.”

He expanded, “The Democrats have to hide [Biden’s] disqualifying dementia. They cannot allow Biden to come out of his basement in Delaware and appear on a stage with Trump in any kind of a debate. They can’t risk that. So what they have to do instead is provide excuses. They have to somehow provide cover for Biden.”

Whether the “cancel the debates” narrative gains purchase among other Washington insiders remains to be seen. What is clear is this: If Trump debates Biden, the election will be over long before Election Day.

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