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Conservative commentator Liz Peek, who appears frequently on Fox News, attempted to ferret out the questions that were left unanswered at the end of ’s first press conference last week.

At the close of Biden’s first press conference in nearly three months, a reporter asked the presumptive presidential candidate if he has been tested for cognitive decline. Said Biden: “I’ve been tested, and I’m constantly tested. Look, all you gotta do is watch me, and I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against.”

If that’s so, then “Where was he tested?”, asked Peek. “Why, exactly, is he being ‘constantly tested’? Are his doctors worried about him? More importantly, when will he release the results of those tests?”

When President Trump’s former White House physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson (who was appointed to the role of physician to the president in 2006 by then-President George W. Bush and kept in that position by Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump), was interviewed on the Kyle Olson Show last Friday, he said that Biden needs to undergo a cognitive assessment. “I’m not comfortable with him being my president,” Jackson said.

He added:

I want my President, my Commander-in-Chief, my head of state to be a little bit sharper mentally than currently is.


Maybe he would have been fine ten years ago, but I legitimately think ’s window … has closed.


I think that he’s old enough now that he’s having cognitive difficulties and that just happens. It’s part of growing old. [Biden is 77 and would be 78 on Inauguration Day 2021, the oldest president in the nation’s history to take the office.]

In December of 2018, Jackson had President Trump perform the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) at the president’s request. It’s a one-page, 30-point test that is administered in approximately 10 minutes. It tests for short-term memory recall, visual and spatial relationship discernment, and multiple aspects of executive functioning and decision-making. It evaluates attention, concentration, and working memory using a sustained attention task, a serial subtraction task, and a “digits forward and backward” test.

English capability is tested as well, along with an abstract reasoning test. Finally, an orientation test as to time and place is given. A perfect score is 30. A score of 26 or over is considered to be normal. People without cognitive impairment score an average of 27.4. People with mild cognitive impairment score an average of 22.1. Those with Alzheimer’s score an average of 16.2.

Trump scored 30.

Jackson doesn’t think Biden would do so well. Or perhaps he’s already been tested, and his campaign is reluctant to release the results. Said Jackson, “It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon, it doesn’t take a psychiatrist, to realize that does not possess the mental acuity right now to lead this country.”

He added, “If [Trump] goes head-to-head with cognitively, there just wouldn’t be much of a comparison. It would be very one-sided. [Biden’s campaign managers] cannot afford to put Joe Biden on the stage side-by-side with President Trump. It [would] be an unmitigated disaster for their party.”

Maybe that’s why, if their candidate did take the MoCA, or something equivalent, they would know of his impairment. Which is why, according to Jackson, “They will do everything in their power to prevent that from happening.”

Whether Biden takes the MoCA or another similar assessment doesn’t really matter. The public is already increasingly aware that something is wrong with Biden. As The New reported, “Between 40 and 55 percent of voters polled [in June] think the former vice president has dementia. Even worse for Biden, at least 20 percent of those voters are Democrats.”

And when the polling is focused on young voters between the ages of 18 and 29, about 60 percent of them think that Biden is suffering from early-onset dementia, according the latest poll from Zogby.

So, whether Biden has dementia or not, or whether he takes the MoCA or not, or has already taken it and the results are being hidden from view, it will all become abundantly clear once Biden and Trump square off in their public debates.

Even if Biden obtains the questions in advance, which is highly likely given the past history of those debates, he’ll still have to fend for himself in facing Trump’s expected attacks. And that’s when everyone will know what many already suspect: The former vice president is suffering from cognitive decline and is unfit for the Oval Office.

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