This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Monday, August 5, 2019:  

Three mass shootings in a week are more than sufficient proof of at least two things: law enforcement and local security cannot protect innocents; and angry young men will continue their rampages regardless of their motivations.

This writer covered the first, the Garlic Festival shooting, here on July 31. Various motivations were covered, but the one that kept bubbling to the surface was anger by the shooter, Santino Legan. Maureen Callahan, writing in the New York Post, said this:

From those mass shooters who have attacked the innocent before, we know it’s a specific strain of anger – deep, repressed, biblically vengeful – felt most commonly by young men, almost always white, who report feeling alienated, dispossessed, misunderstood, victimized, and all too often rejected by women.


Their chosen outlet is the mass slaughter of innocents, carnage at places the rest of us once deemed safe – schools, hospitals, places of work and worship, concerts, carnivals – all meant to hold us hostage, in fear of the next reprisal we’re not responsible for and won’t see coming.

On Saturday, another angry young man inflicted horrific pain and suffering on innocents in El Paso, Texas, at a Walmart store full of back-to-school shoppers. The shooter, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius (a resident of Allen, Texas, a nine-hour drive from El Paso), approached the Walmart store in the Cielo Vista Mall on Saturday morning carrying a semi-automatic rifle. He began shooting at people in the parking lot and then took his rampage inside the packed store. During the 20 minutes before local police were able to capture him, he had shot 46 shoppers, killing 20 of them.

He expressed his anger at the of Mexicans crossing over the border from Juarez by telling law enforcement officials that he wanted to inflict the maximum number of Mexican casualties as possible. This squares with his anger reflected in the introduction to a manifesto he posted online just 27 minutes before launching his attack:

This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.

The third took place at a nightclub early Sunday morning in Dayton, Ohio. Connor Betts, denied entry to Ned Peppers Bar, started shooting. By the time law enforcement arrived and terminated his life and the attack, 37 people were shot, nine of them fatally.

The profile is the same, said Callahan:

He [Legan, and now Crusius and Betts] fit the profile of those who’ve come before, the rage-induced young men we first encountered through Columbine and later Sandy Hook, Aurora, Charleston, Virginia Beach, the STEM school shooting in Colorado, Charlotte, the Poway synagogue shooting in California, the Louisiana shootings in two parishes, the Sebring shootings in Florida (those last six this year alone), the Mercy Hospital shooting, the Thousand Oaks shooting, the Tallahassee yoga studio shooting, the Jacksonville Landing shooting, the Art All Night shooting in New Jersey, the Santa Fe HS (Texas) shooting, the Nashville Waffle House shooting, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS shooting – and far too many more to mention, but all with one thing in common….


These young men nurture their anger through first-person shooter games, violent pornography, through racism and a fascination with guns and violence.… [This] is our greatest, most stubborn and pressing threat – more so, I would argue, than Islamic terrorism or Russian hacking or or trade wars.

Daisy Luther, who blogs at The Organic Prepper, thinks it’s long past time for people to recognize the threat being imposed by these young men and raise their awareness of their surroundings when they visit public places like shopping malls, theaters, bars and sporting events. She wrote:

Mass shootings are happening more and more often in America. Yesterday, there were two mass shootings within 24 hours that claimed the lives of 29 people and injured 52 more. A mass shooting in a Texas Wal-Mart took the lives of 20 people, and a shooting in a popular nightlife area in Dayton, Ohio killed 9 more….


What would you do if you were caught up in a mass shooting? You need to figure this stuff out now because your chances of thinking clearly and making a plan while gunshots are ringing out are practically nil….


First things first: even when you’re there for fun you must be paying attention. You should always scan an area for exits and potential cover. You should pay attention to the people around you….


A higher level of situational awareness can help you in many ways, should you be unfortunate enough to be present during a mass shooting. It can help by:


Allowing you to identify a threat before it becomes active,

Allowing you to locate exits and routes to the exits, and

Allowing you to determine sources of cover.

People shopping at Walmart on Saturday were caught off guard when the shooter entered the store, said Luther:

A lot of people who were interviewed after the Walmart shooting said that when they first heard the shots, they didn’t realize what it was. They thought it was noise from construction or boxes being dropped.


There were precious seconds when people were frozen targets while they tried to wrap their brains around what was actually happening. During an event like this, a pause of a few seconds could mean the difference between life and death. The faster you take action the more likely you are to survive….

She boils down her survival strategy to three essential points:

If you find yourself suddenly in the midst of a mass shooting, your actions should be one of the following:


1) Escape. Get as far away from the threat as possible. This is where your early observant behavior comes in handy because you’ll already know the routes. If you are in charge of vulnerable individuals like children, your first choice of actions should be to get them to safety if at all possible.


2) Take cover. If you can’t get away, get behind something solid and wait for your opportunity to either or fight back. This is something else you may have observed when doing your earlier reconnaissance.


3) Take out the threat. If you are armed (and I really hope you are) and/or trained, use your abilities to help remove the threat.

It’s an increasingly dangerous world out there, and expecting law enforcement or security guards to eliminate threats from angry young men is unrealistic. There’s no reason to assume that shootings of unarmed, unaware human beings by angry young men is now over. In fact it appears increasingly likely that they not only will continue but increase in number and ferocity.

White zone situational awareness is no longer a luxury people in public can afford.



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