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When the political activist group “Avista Customer Group” was explaining to its readers why it opposed the takeover of Avista Corporation, the largest energy supplier in the Pacific Northwest, by Hydro One, a Canadian utility, it included the following reason:

The founder [sic: chairman] of Hydro One is Maurice Strong, a declared socialist who was considered the Father of False Warming, and was the promoter of Global Governance by the UN where he was the Energy Program Founder and architect of the Kyoto Protocol.

The group explained what happened when Hydro One fastened its green agenda onto its Canadian customers:

Because of their green energy policies Hydro One customers have experienced severe rate increases, to the point of having their electricity shut off due to [their] inability to pay. Hydro One’s rates are currently more than three times the Avista rates at 28 cents per kWh versus just 8 cents.


It is anticipated the same will happen to Avista customers should this merger be realized…. Avista customers would be at the mercy of a foreign government’s decisions.

The history of Maurice Strong as the “father” of the phony warming meme goes back decades. He passed away on November 27 2015 at age 86, just three days before the start of one of his ideological children: the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris. That summit (COP24 just ended last month) was a major milestone in the UN’s long road to building a global green regime that can be traced back to the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro that Strong headed. And it can be traced back even further to the first UN environmental conference in 1972 in Stockholm that was also headed by Strong.

But this history is only important if it is remembered. The Avista Customer Group had obviously done its homework. Its complaints to State’s Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC), which was considering the takeover, reflected this new information:

Avista rate is 8 cents and Hydro One is 28 cents, and Hydro One is always in the red!


What do you do when they change the rules and conditions? Then you’re in International Court;


It is vital to our national security and to the safety of the citizens of the United States that we not allow a foreign entity to take ownership of any part of our grid [or] any public utility in America;


This sounds similar to the Uranium One sale to a Canadian [company] with Russian ties;


Canada is a socialistic government and owns 47-49% of Hydro One, so they could increase our rates … and we would be totally at their mercy.

The Gem State Patriot News didn’t refer to Strong’s anti-capitalist history, but helped out the resistance to the takeover with additional facts:

Fact 1 – The CEO and board of Avista Corp would receive $51 million upon close of the merger.


Fact 2 – The existing stockholders of Avista would receive a premium of 24% for their shares during mandated buyback at the close of the merger.


Fact 3 – Hydro One is a company owned by the provincial government of Ontario, Canada and is drowning in billions of dollars in debt. Its infrastructure is crumbling, and it claims the title of the least reliable electrical distribution company in all of Canada, all while having the distinction of charging the highest rates in Canada.


Fact 4 – Hydro One charges its customers a 70% surcharge added to every bill to subsidize unprofitable wind and solar suppliers.


Fact 5 – Avista will sell to Hydro One all its assets, including 15 hydroelectric dams, all electric and gas distribution infrastructure, all 13 subsidiaries of Avista including extensive nontaxable land holdings, land development companies, equity firms, water rights, 2 mines with approximately $10 Billion dollars of proven gold reserves all for the bargain price of $6.5 Billion…. A real STEAL!


Fact 6 – The water rights and control of storage and flows of 15 dams in the Northwest would be owned and controlled by a Canadian government entity….

The takeover by Hydro One would have been catastrophic for Avista’s energy customers. Hydro One would inflict its failed green (read: socialist) policies begun by Strong onto them. They would see their rates jacked up to cover Hydro One’s costs of its failed socialist experiment. As whistleblower Michael Moles noted, “Within no time of his arrival [as chairman in 1992], [Strong] firmly redirected and re-structured Ontario Hydro. At the time, Ontario Hydro was hell-bent on building many more nuclear reactors, despite dropping demand and rising prices. Maurice Strong grabbed the corporation by the scruff of the neck, reduced the workforce by one third, stopped the nuclear expansion plans, [and] pushed for ‘sustainable’ development.” That meant wind, solar, and other green strategies to eliminate the use of nuclear, coal, or natural gas to provide energy.

Those failed socialist green experiments plunged Hydro One into massive debt, and Avista was just the company onto which to offload much of it.

Ask the average Washingtonian about Maurice Strong and you will get a blank stare. But once informed, he got angry, he got active, and he put an end to the attempted takeover.

Of course State’s Utilities and Transportation Commission didn’t mention Strong in its rejection announcement. It didn’t have to. Instead the commission announced: “If approved, Avista would be fully owned by a foreign company which is controlled by the Province of Ontario holding 41% of its shares and maintains control over Hydro One. Hydro One operates under Canadian and is governed by the Green Energy Act and other [green] energy policies,” concluding that “In the final analysis the Commission determines that the evidence demonstrates that Hydro One lacks sufficient independence from … its largest shareholder, the Province of Canada, to be a reasonable and appropriate merger partner for Avista.”

It was Maurice Strong’s radical history that put an end to the effort, but only because enough people remembered (or learned about) the history of the man and his agenda of using climate change to build a government and then got active in letting the UTC know exactly what they thought of the idea.



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