This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Friday, August 31, 2018:

The liberal-left mainstream media and the Democrat Party, which are joined at the hip, continue to believe that history is on their side, that in November the Democrats will take over control of the House. History has a way of disappointing, however, and recent polls are showing, on a “generic” basis, the Democrats’ advantage is narrowing. Last week, for example, Rasmussen Reports noted that the Democrat lead vanished for the first time since May, with 44 percent of those polled saying they would vote for the generic Democrat and 44 percent saying they would vote for the generic Republican candidate in their district.

The initial problem is that there are no “generic” candidates running. Each has his or her own style, ideology, voting record, and political platform. So how much help such polls provide in taking a peek at the midterm elections (just nine weeks away) remains dubious.

What Rasmussen has going for it is that it polls only “likely voters” and not “registered voters,” as nearly every other polling outfit considers. As Rasmussen noted on Wednesday, “A week ago the two parties were dead even for the first time since May … in early July Democrats led by eight, their largest lead since January.”

As this writer opined here in June, Americans are likely once again to vote their pocketbooks in November. He even suggested (see Sources below) that there could, in its place, be a “red wave” that propels the present Republican majority in the House while diminishing further the role of the Democrats.

And it’s true that the continues to boom: more job openings than people looking for work, unemployment at record lows, GDP exceeding even the most optimistic forecasters’ predictions with projections for the third quarter reaching an astonishing five percent growth, consumer sentiment and soaring, worker satisfaction at the highest level since 2005, and billions of “repatriated” dollars goosing the economy still further. And this leaves out of the discussion any mention of just how “tariff relief” is likely to gin up American manufacturing and agriculture even further.

One example will suffice. Canadian trade representatives high-tailed it to Washington this week to make sure that they were part of the revised NAFTA agreement. Canada imposes a tariff on many American products, the most outrageous being a 300 percent tariff on American dairy products. What if Canada reduces or, Heaven forbid, eliminates that tariff? The benefit to American dairy farmers would simply be enormous. Multiply that by other tariffs coming down around the world, thanks to Mr. Trump, and those reductions will provide an “afterburner effect” to the U.S. that most forecasters aren’t even considering.

But, surprise, surprise, the is no longer the top of the list of Americans’ concerns coming into the midterms. It’s immigration. According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll Republicans cited immigration as their top concern, up a breathtaking 14 percent points just since June. That means that, according to Investor’s Business Daily, “an overwhelming number of Americans believe in secure borders and understand the threat that illegal immigration poses” to the country’s culture.

And Trump’s demands to build the wall, and the Democrats’ continued opposition to funding it, is likely to turn to the Republicans’ advantage come November.

There’s another rule in play here: “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” and the Democrats have doubled down (literally) in pouring tank cars of vinegar onto the American voter. First is “Auntie Maxine,” the hard-core communist from California that the Democrats have adopted as their mascot. As James Murphy wrote in The New American, “Waters, who has served as a member of the House of Representatives since 1991, has risen to national prominence in the past year by being one of the loudest and most unhinged critics of President Trump. She is calling on her party to make Trump’s impeachment a central tenet of their bid to regain Congress in November.”

The other unhinged socialist is the wild-eyed airhead from Brooklyn, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who laid out the Democrat agenda if her party takes over the House: investigate and prosecute alleged human rights violations by ICE agents, impeach Trump, and provide free (at taxpayer expense) college and health for everyone.

And then there’s the endless and fruitless Mueller investigation that, after nearly two years, has snared just two of Trump’s former associates over illegal activities from years past and which had nothing to do with any Russia collusion in the 2016 presidential election. The American people are tired of it and are likely to vent their frustration over it in the polling booths come November.

In addition, there’s the “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” which, according to Justin Raimondo writing in, of all places, the Los Angeles Times, consists of several stages:


          In the first stage of the disease, victims lose all sense of proportion;


The mid-level stage of TDS has a profound effect on the victim’s vocabulary: sufferers speak a distinctive language consisting solely of hyperbole;


As TDS progresses, the afflicted lose the ability to distinguish fantasy from reality;


In the advanced stages of the disease, the afflicted lose touch with reality: opinion is unmoored from fact … life resembles a dark fairy tale in which the villain – Trump – is an amalgam of all the worst tyrants in history, past and present, while the heroes – Trump’s critics – are akin to the fighters of World War II.

In sum, the midterm elections are the Republicans’ to lose. Because of all this, the only way Republicans can lose is for them to give it away.



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