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In her reelection campaign posted last week at NowThisNews, far-left anti-gun Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (aka “Pocahontas,” with a Freedom Index Rating of just 13 out of 100) promised not to take any money from the National Rifle Association (NRA), declaring:

I’m running for reelection to U.S. Senate here in Massachusetts, and I pledge not to take a single penny from the National Rifle Association. The people of Massachusetts deserve to be represented by someone who will put their interests ahead of the NRA’s demands.

The irony, of course, is that she hasn’t ever received “a single penny” from the NRA according to, nor is she likely to. She has made frequent boasts of her anti-gun and anti-NRA ideology, one of the latest dated February 22, when she tweeted: “I’m going to fight the NRA at every turn until we have sensible gun policies that keep our country safe. If Wayne LaPierre [the CEO of the NRA] thinks we’re terrifying, he ain’t seen nothing yet. Chip in now to show the NRA we’re fighting back.”

Her pledge was met with hoots, howls of laughter, and claims of grandstanding, and accusations of playing up to her anti-gun constituents. From Holly Rochichaud, a spokesman for state representative Geoff Diehl who is running against her in the state’s primary, came this: “Warren has never stood up for people’s rights, so it is another stunt to gain exposure. She should also pledge not to take money from taxpayers because she has done nothing to help them as well.”

Beth Lindstrom, another GOP candidate vying in the primary, called it a political act:

What a transparently political act. Elizabeth Warren would like for people to think she’s brave for refusing to take NRA money that has never been forthcoming in the first place. It would be more meaningful as someone who postures as an anti-Wall Street candidate if she stopped taking millions of dollars in campaign cash from Wall Street, but don’t hold your breath. A profile in she is not.

Timothy Meads, writing at Townhall, called Warren’s pledge “a little bit laughable. It is purely a symbolic move for [her] Democratic base.”

In speaking with a representative of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Affairs, he refused to dignify Warren’s phony pledge with a formal statement, saying only, “The NRA doesn’t respond to things like that.”

The primary is scheduled for September 4. At the moment Warren has 30-point leads over her GOP opponents.

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