This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Wednesday, March 14, 2018: 

Reuters reported that Trump is down to the final two candidates to fill the void left by Gary Cohn’s departure: Peter Navarro and Larry Kudlow. Kudlow has an elegant public persona honed through years of practice while Navarro is known to be abrasive and harsh both in public and in private.

But Peter Navarro has the president’s ear, at least for the moment. Navarro persuaded the president that “free trade” agreements like NAFTA and the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) are Trojan Horses: all dressed up to look like “free trade” (who could be against that?), but hiding inside the machinery for regional and then international government. And he won the battle of tariffs, resulting in the departure of globalist Gary Cohn (CFR member and former Goldman Sachs CEO).

Navarro knows what Kudlow should know about China. Navarro wrote a book about the threat while Kudlow has yet to mention it on his CNBC show “The Kudlow Report.” The threat has been successfully hidden by the mainstream media for years until Navarro wrote Death by China: Confronting the Dragon – A Global Call to Action in 2011 in which he presented his case for that unseen and unknown war so persuasively that even the mainstream media gave it reluctant acknowledgement. The New York Times, that champion and primary voice in support of globalism, said Navarro’s “message … certainly warrants examination and discussion.” The Los Angeles Times said Navarro presented an “important political argument” that was at war with the U.S. through so-called “free trade.”

Much has been written about the dangers of trade deficits, but with little of the danger present in the one the U.S. has with China. is using consumers’ dollars to undermine the United States by undercutting prices in the world market of essential commodities like aluminum and steel. It’s been a deliberate policy for years, and includes the theft of American technology, either directly or indirectly, by requiring that American companies give up precious secrets and R&D in order to gain access to the huge Chinese market.

Political commentator Pat Buchanan almost got it right:

If we are to turn our $800 billion trade deficit in goods into an $800 billion surplus, andstop the looting of America’s industrial base and the gutting of our cities and towns, sacrifices will have to be made. But if we are not up to it, we will lose our independence, as the countries of the EU [the European Union] have lost theirs. (Emphases added)

Kudlow expressed disappointment at Cohn’s departure, and criticized Trump’s tariffs as being “a blunt instrument” that could cost consumers and potentially start a trade war. He said, “Across-the-board tariffs like [these] damage the users of the commodity. What are you going to do about [imported] cars? All manner of transportation, buses, trucks, SUVs? The energy business. Airplanes. They all use steel.”

Of course they do, but that’s beside the point, and Kudlow either knows it and isn’t telling the whole story, or he doesn’t know it but should.

Most “free trade” advocates, like Kudlow, focus only on the economics and not the politics. That $800 billion trade deficit reflects the threat is to the national security and sovereignty of the United States. It has nothing to do with free trade. It has everything to do with the U.S. consumers funding China’s attack on America’s industrial base. Those aluminum and steel companies, those car manufacturers, the energy industry, those airplane manufacturers? They aren’t competing with Chinese companies. They are competing with the Communist Chinese government, which is using dollars to emasculate America’s industrial base.

This is the message that Kudlow fails to pass along to his listeners, but it is the message that Peter Navarro has successfully presented to President Trump: there’s a war going on for America’s survival, but almost no one knows it.

That’s why the president blocked a planned takeover of chipmaker Qualcomm by Singapore-based Broadcom. Trump citied “credible evidence” that the deal “threatens to impair the national security of the U.S.” How? By allowing the Communist Chinese government (even though Broadcom is based in Singapore) access to technology, which it would most certainly use in its war against America.

If Trump picks Kudlow over Navarro for his highly polished public presence instead of Navarro for his vastly deeper of the present of economics and politics, it would be a major setback in Trump’s efforts to reestablish sovereignty. That sovereignty has been badly damaged by people like Kudlow not telling the whole story to the American people about the real war that is being fought between China and the United States. It’s a war that ironically is being funded by American consumers’ dollars.


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