This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Wednesday, February 28, 2018: 

When far-left CNN, proclaimed here and elsewhere as the Communist News Network, suggests that the Democrats might be in trouble come November, one can rest assured that they are truly in deep kimchi (a Korean side dish made with fermented vegetables). Political writer for CNN Eric Bradner sounded the alarm two weeks ago:

Caught flat-footed by the suddenly increasing popularity of the GOP tax plan, leading Democrats are urging the party’s candidates to … focus their campaigns [instead] on the economy.

That’s because Trump’s tax reform law “is now seen favorably by about half of voters … as Democrats fear that their chances of claiming House and Senate majorities in November’s midterm are slipping.”

Slipping? How about disappearing? How would any Democrat running for reelection in November respond positively to taxpayers’ questions about why he or she didn’t vote to allow them to keep more of their income? Left-wing Priorities USA just issued a memo warning that the debate over tax reform “has been relatively one-sided recently and voters have not heard nearly as much from Democrats.”

Bradner added:

[That] heightened concern comes as polls show Republicans improving their standing in several key indicators of the political environment heading into November’s midterm elections.


Trump’s approval rating, once stuck in the low 30s, has now topped 40% in several polls – largely due to a strong economy. With it, the Democratic advantage in a generic congressional poll – once in the mid-teens – is now in single digits.

What caught the Democrats by surprise? Their ideology that greedy capitalists would keep the tax savings for themselves. “But,” wrote Radner, “they did not anticipate that businesses would quickly hand out sizeable bonus checks in response to its implementation.”

All of which has put the Democrats in a pickle: They are warned not to criticize Trump’s tax reform plan but focus instead on the economy? That would be the economy that is putting billions into the pockets of investors and workers’ 401(k) plans. That is the economy that has generated more than two million jobs since Trump was inaugurated. That is the economy which is growing at three percent a year with some forecasters predicting four percent annual growth by the end of the year.

But that 76-year-old political warhorse, Bernie Sanders, apparently didn’t get the memo. Last month he headed for the hustings under the auspices of a far-left outfit called Not One Penny, which opposes Trump’s tax reform plan. It’s touted as a 100-day complaint tour but it’s turning into a run for political office for the tired old socialist from Vermont. They’re even selling “Bernie 2020” t-shirts along the way.

His message is the same one he promoted when he was really running for president back in against Hillary Clinton: free tuition, free health care, legalized marijuana, $15 minimum wage, and so on. What he has done is add his opposition to the Trump tax reform law to the mix:

Tax breaks for the rich, raise the deficit, and then you go to the American people and say “oh my G-d, the deficit is going up, we’ve got to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education and nutrition programs. That is what their agenda is.

But the folks, for some reason, just aren’t turning out. Generous estimates by the mainstream media are coming in at barely 1,000 supporters along his whistle-stop tour. This compares to the tens of thousands hooting and hollering as the left-wing independent was giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money back in 2016. And everywhere he shows up, Republicans are ready to make fun of his complaints. After he spoke in Lansing, Michigan on Sunday, Republican National Spokesperson Ellie Hockenbury laughed it off:

Deception is the name of the game today as Socialist Sanders tries to convince Michiganders that they’d be better off without the pay raises, bonuses, and new jobs that came courtesy of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.


Too bad for Bernie. Michiganders see through these lies … even worse for these liberal Democrats: voters will remember who really fought for their higher paychecks at the polls this November.

Deputy chief of staff for the Michigan Republican Party Sarah Anderson added: “Instead of supporting reforms that help Americans keep more of their hard-earned money, Senator Sanders is calling for higher taxes and the implementation of his socialist agenda.”

Bradner is correct: with Trump’s numbers climbing, the economy expanding, the bouncing back from its recent (some say manipulated) selloff, what’s a Democrat to do?  If he complains about the economy, he’ll be laughed off the podium. If he complains about tax reform, they’ll carry him out of the hall. As far as Bernie is concerned, following his 100-day complaint tour he’ll likely be led off to the horse barn where old irrelevant politicians live out the rest of their days.



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