For my Business class today I will be writing what I am willing to settle for at different intervals of my life, as well as how I believe going the extra mile will help me attain my goals.

In one year from now, I see myself working twice a week at a local restaurant downtown and being paid. I have been working at this restaurant for two years now as an apprentice, and within a year I will be old enough to be paid, as well as have enough experience to do well at my job. I do not cook much, I mainly stay with the Pastry Chef, and that is what I want to do. I am willing to settle for this job in a year, it would serve me well and help me gain the experience needed for this line of work in the future.

I have high expectations of myself for when I turn 18. I expect to be either in one of the culinary schools located in my city, or at a different college pursuing literature. If not either of those, I have plans to just keep a steady job at a restaurant, and probably go to college in my twenties. I know what I want in life, and I know pretty well how to get there. All I need now is enough motivation to keep me going, and a plan. When I’m 18, I expect to have a good paying job at one of the many restaurants located where I live. My father has close connections with dozens of chefs throughout the city, so getting experience and a job becomes less of an obstacle.

When I am 25 years old, I have a vague idea of what I will settle for. It is over a decade into the future for me, but I know that by then I wish to be married. I plan on running my own bakery, I should be financially stable enough at that age to do that. I will settle for these things, but it is hard to tell where I will be then. Perhaps I will go back up north with the rest of my family, or perhaps I will stay south and pursue farming and baking.

With these three paragraphs in mind, I now have to ask myself how going the extra mile will help me attain these goals. If I step up to two days a week baking, I will progress more, though it will mean I do school on the weekends as well. I am considering this, hopefully going the extra mile here will pay off without hurting my schedule too much. Saving money will help me be stable enough to run my own bakery someday. If I keep a little of my allowance and salary saved each week, doing this extra bit of work will pay off in my future. Attending more events, dinners, and being more social around the people my dad works with will be a huge help for me. Talking to chefs with lots of experience and the ability to take me under their wing is vital to putting myself out there as an apprentice and employee. I do this whenever I get the chance, and it has already gotten me farther than if I had been too shy to speak up. Another thing that I do not do enough of at the moment is reading. Reading up on farming, to be more specific. Doing this will ensure I know more about how to run a farm, and what my dad does every day. Everything I have just talked about is reasonable and something I can do to go the extra mile. This is a list I need to improve, and I intend to.

Thank you for reading my essay, hopefully you enjoyed it and perhaps you will also think about how going the extra mile can help you with your goals.

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