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The has been enduring rampant smears of late, being called anti-Semitic and a white nationalist group. But the truth is far different — and always has been.

If you represent any sort of threat against the establishment and its glob­alist agenda, prepare to be ruthlessly demonized and lied about by that same globalist establishment. Exhibit A is, of course, President Donald Trump. After announcing that he was running on an anti-globalist platform to “drain the swamp,” the billionaire businessman was relentlessly smeared across every propaganda organ the establishment possesses. If the “fake news” media, as Trump correctly calls them, is to be believed, the president is a racist, white supremacist, anti-Semite, white nationalist, lunatic, conspiracy theorist, agent of Vladimir Putin, and another Hitler.

Of course, no actual evidence is ever provided, presumably because none exists. But by endlessly repeating the lies, the establishment is able to dupe gul­lible media consumers into believing it. Granted, that’s an increasingly shrinking minority — polls show just a tiny and fast-shrinking segment of the American public believes the media these days — but it is still enough to bring brainwashed and violent leftists into the streets in significant enough numbers to cause real damage. And it’s deeply demoralizing to many Trump supporters who know it is false.

Before Trump, the Tea Party suffered from a similar relentless attack by the media. As Trump has been, the Tea Partiers were endlessly demonized by the establishment’s propaganda machine. Because the Tea Party arose during Obama’s presidency in response to big government and an out-of-control White House, the media constantly hyped the false narrative that the Tea Party was merely a racist backlash against the first black president.

In one especially shocking instance of media dishonesty, MSNBC filmed a man with an AR-15 rifle and a pistol at a Tea Party rally, carefully concealing the man’s identity. As that was playing, MSNBC host Contessa Brewer told viewers, “You have a man of color in the presidency and white people showing up with guns strapped to their waists or to their legs.” What Brewer did not tell or show viewers was that the Tea Party activist whose scary gun MSNBC had just shown was actually black. “Contessa was speaking generally and not about that specific person with the automatic weapon,” an MSNBC spokesperson told Politico after social media made the story into a national scandal.

Before the disparaging of the Tea Party and Trump, The suffered similarly dishonest and relentless attacks by the establishment media in the 1960s — before the Internet made it much easier for Americans to find the truth for themselves. (The New American is a wholly owned subsidiary of  The John Birch Society.) The same tactics were used. The same smears were used. And it was for the same reason: The Birch Society posed a serious threat to the establishment’s globalist agenda. And now, in what is being hailed as a good sign of increasing influence by the group, the attacks against the JBS are back in full swing.

Perhaps the most stunning and high-profile example in recent months happened after violence erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice employed against the JBS what is known as a “sandwich smear,” associating the constitutionalists who constitute the JBS — who happen to be of all races and creeds — with Nazis (National Socialists) and the Ku Klux Klan. Rice, a member of the globalist-minded establishment swamp known as the Council on Foreign Relations, knows what she did was dishonest, critics said. Black and Jewish Birchers offered especially strong condemnations of the bigoted remarks by the Bush-era official.

Writing on social media after Charlottes­ville, the former secretary of state attacked The as if it had been involved in the events — despite the fact that the Birch Society played absolutely no role in the protests in Virginia, has always strongly opposed racism, and always urges members not to get involved in public demonstrations. Indeed, not one single media report has mentioned the Society in connection with the events in Charlottesville, because there was no link whatsoever. By contrast, the JBS has been publishing articles online showing that the violence in Virginia advances the agendas of leftists and racists.

Similar attacks against the JBS have always been just that: attacks. While Rice’s fellow Council on Foreign Relations member William F. Buckley argued for white supremacy in his magazine National Review in the late 1950s, the young was busy expelling racists and anti-Semites from the movement and publishing the writings of prominent black Birchers such as George Schuyler. And yet, the globalist swamp is hoping to dupe Americans into believing the opposite.

Ironically, in light of Rice’s comments, the JBS has been a powerful force against both the KKK and Nazism. Working with the FBI, a member of the society actually played a key role in bringing down some of the Klan’s most violent murderers. Reverend Delmar Dennis was a JBS member who, with permission from JBS headquarters, and at great personal risk to himself, infiltrated the most violent Klan in U.S. history, the White Knights of the KKK of Mississippi. He played a crucial role in bringing down some of its murderous members. Afterward, he went on a speaking tour for JBS exposing the Klan.

Considering the society’s fierce opposition to socialism, communism, and fascism — and its inclusion of Jewish members and leaders over the years, including some who survived the Holocaust — it goes without saying that the JBS has always been a major foe to Nazis and their agenda.

Still, Rice, for reasons that were not made clear in her post, felt the need to smear the JBS by listing it along with racist and collectivist organizations and ideologies that the JBS has always vehemently opposed. “Those of us who lived the horrors of Jim Crow and segregation know how much it hurts to be hated for the color of your skin. The KKK, the John Birch Society, and Nazis belong to that awful past,” Rice said, omitting the fact that the Birch Society had many prominent black members and Jewish members during that era, and still does today.  She went on: “And they should stay buried there. They have no place in our country’s politics or in our society. We must condemn them and their actions unequivocally.”

Rice, who played a key role in engineering the illegal wars that led to the ongoing extermination of Christians in the Middle East, claimed she would be praying for those who were injured, and the city of Charlottesville. “And I pray for our country and the healing that we do badly need,” she said. Of course, her smear of the JBS raises serious concerns about her “prayers.” The God of the Bible commands people not to bear false witness, one of the 10 Commandments. And yet, Rice, almost certainly deliberately, bore false witness. In the Bible, Jesus Christ even says that the devil himself is the father of lies, and that liars are his children.

Social media users promptly flooded Rice’s Facebook page with comments exposing the dishonesty. Even some of her self-described supporters spoke out, noting that the Birch Society, obviously, did not belong on the list.

In an interview with The New American, Reverend Steven Louis Craft said about Rice’s accusations: “As a Christian, patriot, clergy, who happens to be black by God’s Design, I am fully convinced that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice knows that her lying statement accusing The of racism is wrong and very destructive!” He added, echoing concerns expressed by numerous other members of the Society, “If you research her background, you will discover she is a globalist member of the Council on Foreign Relations and therefore part of a world-wide agenda to destroy any ideas of Making America Great Again! This is nothing more than a satanic plot to destroy President Donald Trump by accusing him as well as The John Birch Society for the wickedness on both sides of the madness that happened in Charlottesville, Virginia!”

Bob Unger, a New York attorney who happens to be Jewish, also blasted the remarks. “It seems to me that she has an agenda, since The is not in any way involved in the altercations that took place in Charlottesville,” Unger told The New American. “Obviously she has an agenda to discredit those who are exposing globalists like herself. Otherwise, how would The John Birch Society even come to mind here? If she had just said KKK and Nazis, OK, that was all on video. But certainly I, as a Bircher, would not stand next to Nazis and KKK members.”

“I don’t know who everyone was in that crowd [in Charlottesville],” Unger continued. “I don’t know whether there were innocent, well-meaning people there, either. If I were a reporter, I would investigate. I just don’t know. But certainly to throw a John Birch Society tag on this is actually a positive thing, because why try to discredit preemptively something that is irrelevant to the event other than to try to smear them. It’s funny, globalists call people like me McCarthyites. But isn’t that guilt by lack of association? If I’m a person who believes Robert E. Lee has a place in U.S. history, and a Nazi says that, does that make me a Nazi? A Nazi might also say today is Friday. If I say today is Friday, am I a Nazi? This is the process of thinking, or non-thinking, that we have in today’s society, which is why we’re currently like the Titanic on the iceberg.”

Art Thompson, the CEO of The John Birch Society, pointed out that Rice, like many establishment operatives, rightfully criticized National Socialists and the KKK, but not the violent leftists marauding across the United States terrorizing innocent people. “Note that she made no mention of the communists or those promoting violence in the streets against our local police or shutting down free speech by violent action on our campuses,” Thompson observed, echoing concerns expressed by countless Americans of all races and creeds, including the president of the United States, shocked by the dishonest media coverage.

JBS Always Opposed Racism and Anti-Semitism

Since the JBS was founded in 1958, and long before opposition to racism and anti-Semitism was as mainstream as it is today, membership in the society has been closed to racists and anti-Semites. Robert Welch, the founder of the Society, made that clear at the beginning, making Rice’s statement attempting to link the JBS to anti-Semites and racists downright ridiculous to anyone who knows the facts. Indeed, one of the founding members of the original JBS National Council was Alfred Kohlberg, a prominent Jewish businessman. Numerous other Jews have also served and continue to serve proudly as members and in the leadership of The John Birch Society.

This writer actually co-wrote a book with a prominent Jewish Bircher, Dr. Sam Blumenfeld, who was involved with the Society for many decades and actually worked for it. So passionate was Dr. Blumenfeld about the work of the JBS that, together with other Jewish Birchers such as Alan Stang and Holocaust survivor Georgia Gabor, he helped create the Jewish Society of Americanists in 1966. In a statement of principles, the founders said the Society’s aim was “to demonstrate to our fellow Americans and coreligionists that the Americanist principles, beliefs and aims of the John Birch Society are based on the very precepts of Judaism.”

Another prominent Jew who served in The John Birch Society’s leadership was David Eisenberg, who went from JBS foe to friend. In the early 1960s, responding to smears of the day, Eisenberg set out on a crusade to expose the Society based on the lies he had heard in some media outlets. Upon learning the truth, however, he quickly joined the JBS in 1964 and forcefully exposed those who leveled false charges of anti-Semitism at the society. He was honored to be selected to serve on the National Council in 1995, where he served faithfully for two decades before passing away in 2015.

In response to smears against the society by establishment operatives, The New American reached out to Andy Dlinn, one of the Society’s Jewish leaders, who is active in his local synagogue and prominent in his state and community. Dlinn, who went from chapter leader to a member of the JBS National Council, told The New American that when a person was caught telling racist and anti-Semitic jokes at a meeting, he called headquarters and that person’s membership was immediately terminated. “The JBS follows through on its pledge and will not let this kind of filth neutralize the critical and essential work of the Society,” Dlinn said. “Watch what an organization actually says and does, not what others, without basis tell you about it.” There was only one incident with anti-Semitism in over 30 years of involvement, Dlinn added.

Even official investigations going back to the 1960s have exposed the establishment’s lies about the Society. In a published report that is available to anyone, a California Senate Fact-Finding Committee came to the obvious conclusion after its investigation that not only was the Society not racist or anti-Semitic, it specifically opposed racism and anti-Semitism. “Among other unjustified criticisms against the society is the charge that it is anti-Semitic,” the report found. “Our investigation leads us to the opposite conclusion. The organ­ization is open to people of all religions, all races, all political persuasions except those deemed subversive.”

The report continued, “There are many Jews on the Birch committees, many in the society; some members have been asked to resign because they were found to be disruptive with their anti-Semitic attitude,” adding that JBS founder Robert Welch and various JBS coordinators were working with prominent Jewish groups to “squelch anti-Semitism.”

In fact, Jews quoted in the official report said they felt more welcome in The John Birch Society than in American society at large. The report quoted a Jewish member of the Society in Southern California, Jerome E. Linz, who explained, “As a member of the John Birch Society and also a member of the American Jewish League Against Communism, I vehemently deny the allegations of persons or groups claiming that the John Birch Society is a fascist, or any other un-American, collectivist organization. It has been my experience, as a member of a so-called minority group, that I have felt in the society a very great sense of mutual co-operation and respect — a conviction of belonging far above the actual circumstance to be found in daily life outside the society.”

The report goes on to point out, “Welch is unquestionably not anti-Semitic, and wishes his organization to be open to people of all faiths.” The investigators also concluded, as Rice and others who smear the JBS almost certainly know, that Welch “has already acted to oust anti-Semites from the movement.” “At any rate, our investigations have disclosed no evidence of anti-Semitism on the part of anyone connected with the John Birch Society in California, and much evidence to the effect that it opposes racism in all forms,” the report said.

Prominent black Americans such as nationally renowned conservative radio host Jesse Lee Peterson, founder and president of the pro-family group BOND (the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny), have been involved with JBS for decades. “I have been a member of JBS for 20 years. I have been a speaker on their lecture tour discussing big government’s war on the black family. I know the head of JBS, and I have spent time with some of their members,” Peterson told The New American. “They are good and decent people. The JBS is made up of patriots who love America. They want to make America great again. Falsely accusing them of ‘racism’ and associating them with neo-Nazis and the violence that occurred in Charlottesville, VA is unfair and absolutely wrong.”

Still today, The John Birch Society welcomes members and leaders from all races and creeds. In an interview with The New American, JBS chapter leader, radio co-host, and U.S. military veteran Ken Wood, who happens to be black, blasted Rice’s comments as “absolutely ridiculous.” In an interview earlier this year, Wood discussed his “awesome” experience with belonging to the Birch Society and serving as a volunteer leader in Florida. In investigating claims of JBS racism himself, he has found that whenever the society is smeared, after he researches the charge, it turns out the JBS was correct and telling the truth, and the accuser was being dishonest. “When did research become racism?” wondered Wood.

Speaking of Rice, Wood called her “another neocon career-minded opportunist who worked for the Bushes, a family that bankrolled Hitler,” a reference to Bush patriarch Prescott Bush’s well-documented legal troubles for his role in Union Bank’s financing of the Nazi war machine. (Bush’s bank was eventually seized under the Trading With the Enemy Act.) “Now through her virtue signaling, she is posturing for a promotion within her beloved CFR,” he added. “If these globalists and war criminals would just ride off into the sunset with their ill-gotten gains, it would still be wrong, yet I could live with it. However, like zombies that don’t know they’re dead, they just won’t go away, so now it’s time to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.”

Attack on True Conservatives

Despite the overwhelming evidence that the Society opposes and always has opposed racism and collectivism, even when racism was mainstream and official policy in much of the United States, Rice is hardly the only establishment operative to employ the sandwich smear against the Birch Society. Numerous other dishonest pseudo-conservatives, neocons, globalists, establishment shills, and others have employed similar tactics, stretching from the 1960s all the way through today. It shows that the dishonest effort is coordinated.

Among the recent offenders is pseudo-conservative Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen, who served as President George W. Bush’s chief speechwriter and is a current member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He used the pages of the Post to smear the Birch Society. First, Thiessen claimed William F. Buckley — a man who at one time defended the denial of voting rights for “backward” blacks and the supremacy of whites, whom he termed the “advanced race” — had “excommunicated” the “anti-Semitic John Birch Society” from what he termed the “respectable right.” After the Post was made aware of the error and was sent incontrovertible proof that Thiessen’s claim was demonstrably false, rather than apologize, Thiessen and his editors changed the smear to read “… the John Birch Society, widely believed then to be anti-Semitic and a proponent of nutty conspiracy theories.”

The pattern was remarkably similar to what happened some months earlier when fellow Post columnist and globalist warmonger Jennifer Rubin, who pretends to be conservative while spewing hate against conservatives, smeared the JBS in two editorials. First, she falsely referred to the Society as a “white nationalist” group. After the Post was alerted to the obvious error, the false claim suddenly disappeared. Not long after that, though, in another column, Rubin used precisely the same “sandwich smear” tactic employed by Rice, evidencing a premeditated and dishonest effort to mislead the Post’s readers. In a column attacking then-White House strategist Steve Bannon and former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopolous, Rubin said President Trump should disown the “alt-right,” which he should have seen as the “modern incarnation of the KKK, the John Birch Society and run-of-the-mill racists.”

Before that, another columnist for the “fake news” establishment did the exact same thing. “In pre-Internet days, these people found each other in marginal groups that occasionally reared into prominence: the Klan, the John Birch Society, the American Nazi Party,” wrote Chicago Sun-Times propagandist Neil Steinberg, who first attracted national attention after a scheme to promote gun control blew up in his face. His now-infamous plan was to show the world how easy it supposedly was to get a gun. But as a convicted drunk and wife beater, he was unable to pass the required background check, making him an instant celebrity and the subject of nationwide ridicule. He was also widely condemned for what critics blasted as a “racist” tirade against a black woman running for Chicago mayor.

Obviously, there is a pattern emerging here, and there are numerous additional examples to prove the point. The “sandwich smear” carefully allows the writers to avoid legal accountability for libel, because, technically, a false statement was never made about the Birch Society. But among uninformed readers who do not know the truth, it creates, often subconsciously, a negative association in the readers’ minds. Obviously, the fact that so many establishment operatives have deployed the sandwich smear against The John Birch Society — and not, say, CFR member Buckley, who had openly advocated denial of voting rights for blacks in his magazine — is not a coincidence.

The reason for this well-orchestrated pattern of dishonesty is that The John Birch Society represents the most effective opposition in the world to the glob­alist agenda of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg network, and their allies and useful idiots. (Rice belongs to the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, and has attended Bilderberg.) That agenda is, to be blunt, to subvert the U.S. Constitution and build what Rice’s bosses have often referred to publicly as the “New World Order” — basically, a government controlled by themselves.

The far-left Southern Poverty Law Center, which often maligns mainstream Christian and conservative organizations as “hate groups” for opposing homosexual “marriage,” has not gone so far as to explicitly lie about the JBS by falsely accusing it of racism or hate. Obviously, that would be absurd. But it does identify the Society as the “chief” organization of the “Patriot” movement. There is a good reason for that, and it explains why the JBS has so often been targeted by the establishment’s dishonest propagandists.

The JBS Is on the March

Indeed, despite decades of dishonest attacks against the JBS by establishment operatives, among both pseudo-conservatives and leftists, the JBS is increasingly being recognized on all sides as one of the leading influences behind modern conservatism. “Far from being drummed out of conservatism, it has become the dominant strain,” wrote Jeet Heer, senior editor at The New Republic, arguing that the rise of Donald Trump was essentially the culmination of 60 years of JBS educational efforts. “Far from belonging merely to the lunatic fringe, the Birchers were important precursors to what is now the governing ideology of the Republican Party: Trumpism…. Bircherism is now, with Trump, flourishing in an entirely new way.”

Writing in the far-left establishment organ Salon, writer Daniel Denvir also claimed Trump was proof of a JBS takeover of conservatism and the GOP. “These sorts of conspiracies are not limited to immigration: the far right that has taken over the Republican Party incorporates a whole range of extreme theories rooted in the Cold War paranoia of the John Birch Society … and the rantings of Alex Jones and his Infowars empire,” he wrote. More recently, Politico, Newsmax, and many other influential media outlets have highlighted the surging influence of the Society, bursting the false myths propagated by establishment insiders.

In the online far-left establishment behemoth Huffington Post, self-styled “historian” Robert McElvaine also claimed Trump was proof that the JBS was winning. “The Trump candidacy is the culmination of the long campaign begun by McCarthyism and the John Birch Society in the 1950s and aimed at discrediting virtually every institution in the United States,” he wrote. In 2011, meanwhile, journalist Andrew Reinbach, also writing in the Huffington Post, made a similar argument. “Most Americans don’t realize that the right wing’s main ideas have been pushed for 50 years by the John Birch Society (JBS), a group Barry Goldwater and William F. Buckley Jr. once thought too extreme, but which has since become the intellectual seed bank of the right,” he said, without noting that Goldwater famously said, “Extremism in defense of freedom is no vice.”

Indeed, even Rice’s cohorts at the CFR have complained about The John Birch Society’s effectiveness in stopping their globalist agenda in its tracks — including while Rice was a senior foreign policy official in the Bush administration. The late Robert Pastor, for example, who led the CFR’s “North America” schemes to subvert U.S. sovereignty along the lines of the plot used to destroy the independence of European nations, identified the JBS as one of the lead forces in foiling the globalist agenda on the North American continent.

“The John Birch Society” is among the leading groups that “have been the most vocal, active and intense on North American issues, and they were effective in inhibiting the Bush administration and deterring the Obama administration from any grand initiatives,” he wrote in his 2011 book The North American Idea: A Vision of a Continental Future. Rice, of course, was at the center of Bush efforts to push this agenda, so it is no wonder that she dislikes the Birch Society enough to dishonestly smear it at the risk of losing even more credibility.

The true agenda of people such as Rice and her cohorts at the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg is clear. Prominent patriotic Americans have been sounding the alarm about the dangerous organizations for generations. The late U.S. Admiral Chester Ward, for example, who served as the judge advocate of the U.S. Navy, was a CFR member for 16 years before resigning in disgust. “In the entire CFR lexicon, there is no term of revulsion carrying a meaning so deep as America First,” said Admiral Ward, whose comments on the CFR shed light on why the group would be entirely hostile to any movement or individual that believes in America.

But the reality is even worse than just hating America First policies and advocates. “The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence, and submergence into an all-powerful one-world government,” the admiral warned, adding that “this lust to surrender the sovereignty and independence of the United States is pervasive throughout most of the membership.”

That sinister agenda becomes clear even from reading the CFR’s own mouthpiece, known as Foreign Affairs. In April 1974, for example, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Richard Gardner explained how the agenda for world government would be pursued. “In short, the house of world order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down,” he wrote. “An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal assault.” The magazine also regularly promotes regional government, war, and attacks on national sovereignty.

The establishment swamp infests both major political parties. Globalist former Vice President Dick Cheney, the neocon warmonger who served with Rice, boasted of his dishonesty in a speech at the CFR, when he explained that he never informed voters in Wyoming about his membership and leadership role in the establishment organization. Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, who called former KKK leader Robert Byrd her “mentor,” noted on video that the CFR told her what she should be doing and how she should be thinking.

Bilderberg’s subversive agenda to destroy American sovereignty and move toward a government has also been made clear even by its own members. In 2001, former British chancellor of the exchequer and Bilderberg bigwig Denis Healey even told the U.K. Guardian that it was a little “exaggerated, but not wholly unfair” to say that the outfit’s overall goal was to impose a global government on humanity. “Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn’t go on forever fighting one another for nothing and killing people and rendering millions homeless,” he claimed. “So we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.” By “community,” globalists really mean government — after all, the European Union was a “community” before the full-blown super-state was openly announced. And more than a few Bilderberg leaders have boasted of the network’s role in creating the EU and its single currency.

And finally, the Trilateral Commission, which Rice also belongs to, is working toward the same goals. Its founder, the late David Rockefeller, admitted the facts in his 2002 autobiography, Memoirs. “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated political and economic structure — one world, if you will,” Rockefeller wrote on page 405. “If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

For some perspective on what Rockefeller’s sought-after “one world” political and economic structure might look like, his own words are again revealing. After a visit to Communist China in the early 1970s, where the regime was murdering millions of innocents on an industrial scale while wiping out the culture, Rockefeller returned with glowing reports. “Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded, not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering a high morale and community purpose,” Rockefeller claimed in a 1973 New York Times piece about a psychopath’s “revolution” that murdered many tens of millions of people in cold blood. “The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.”

Those are the people whom Rice and others who smear the JBS serve. But with the American people rejecting the establishment’s lackeys and its agenda — not to mention its fake news — globalist operatives are scrambling to derail the movement to preserve the U.S. Constitution and American independence. And with Rice’s latest book promoting “democracy” and globalism a giant flop — it has fewer reviews on Amazon than this writer’s book on education — it seems Rice is desperate to remain relevant. Whether she worked with others to concoct her latest smear is not clear. But ironically, by attacking the JBS, she has given the Society yet more exposure, and another opportunity to spread the truth.

It is very telling that the enemies of The John Birch Society — really enemies of truth, the Constitution, and the American way — have to resort to lies and deception to demonize the Society and its members. It is also very encouraging to know that the only attacks that can be leveled at the Society to smear it are easily discredited lies. That means the haters of the JBS, its members, and what it stands for can find no truthful accusation to level that might turn mainstream Americans against the Society. By contrast, the JBS merely tells the truth about the establishment and its agenda, and allows the chips to fall where they may. The entire agenda of the JBS can be summarized as: “To bring about less government, more responsibility, and — with God’s help — a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and Constitutional principles.”

These latest developments should serve as encouraging news to patriotic Americans who love America, the Constitution, and the Judeo-Christian foundation upon which Western civilization rests. The establishment realizes that the truth, all on its own, will be their downfall. And so they lie, and then lie some more. There is never more flak than when one is over the target. As such, while the establishment destroys the credibility of its minions by spreading lies to shore up its fringe and unpopular globalist positions, Americans should speak the truth ever more boldly. In the end, the truth will stand on its own, and those who oppose it and hate it will ultimately be known for what they are. Every member of the Birch Society should make use of the information above to fight globalist lies with unassailable truths.

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