For those still doubtful about the communist background and purposes of the Black Lives Matter “movement,” James Simpson, Trevor Louden, and Matthew Vadum have performed a great public service. Writing for Accuracy in Media (AIM), the trio linked [see Sources below] BLM all the way back to Vladimir Lenin:

We must be ready to employ trickery, deceit, -breaking, and concealing truth. We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses , revulsion, and scorn towards those who disagree with us.

The authors go on to say that “the verdict is always guilty. Facts don't matter … they use problems to agitate and provoke, hoping conflict becomes unavoidable, thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Their hatred is tactical.”

Certainly the facts in Judge Timothy Wilson's ruling on Friday that the white St. Louis police officer, Jason Stockley, was innocent of murder in the first degree (and a lesser charge of “armed criminal action” – planting a weapon at the crime scene) didn't matter. The “verdict” didn't matter: Stockley remains guilty, no matter that Wilson ruled. And that was enough to roll out the signs (prepared in advance), the bricks, and the frozen water bottles to hurl at the police.

The incident was summed up nicely by The New York Daily News of what happened the night of December 20, 2011:

The officers [Stockley and his partner] were investigating what appeared to be a drug transaction in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. The car sped away and a high-speed chase ensued. Police slammed their SUV into [Anthony Lamar] Smith's car. Stockley then got out and fired five shots into Smith's car, killing him. A handgun was found in the car after the shooting.

The investigated the shooting right after it occurred, and never filed charges. The Civil Rights Division of Obama's (DOJ) investigated, and never filed charges. An internal investigation by the St. Louis Police Department revealed that Stockley violated a rule that had nothing to do with the case, and sanctioned him for that.

It wasn't until the spring of 2016, more than four years after the incident, that then-Circuit Court Attorney Jennifer Joyce charged Stockley with first degree murder and armed criminal action (for allegedly planting a gun in Smith's vehicle). Joyce will have to live with whatever may be coming her way.

For Judge Timothy Wilson, his ruling is clear: Stockley is innocent of both charges and he is now free to get on with the rest of his life. Said Stockley, when notified that the charges against him had been dismissed, “It feels like a burden has been lifted … my main concern now is for the first responders [in St. Louis], the people just trying to go to work and the protesters. I don't want anyone to be hurt in any way over this.”

But the BLM thugs, stooges, and useful idiots it has recruited to push its agenda don't care. It didn't matter to the rioters that Stockley's use of force in defending himself against the potentially lethal threat exhibited by Smith just before he was shot was reasonable. It didn't matter that the judge ruled that the state failed to prove that the gun found in Smith's Buick that night was deliberately planted there by Stockley.

It didn't matter that Judge Wilson has ruled in thousands of cases over his 28 years on the bench, or that he had spent 11 years before that as a prosecuting attorney. It didn't matter that he is highly regarded by his peers, that he has no except to get the facts straight and make the decision proper under the circumstances.

This much the mainstream media was only too willing to show: white cop kills black man, cop intentionally, by his own words, planned to kill the black man and then, to cover his guilt, planted a gun in the black man's car that had his (the officer's DNA) all over it, with none of the DNA belonging to the black man. The white cop was guilty. Guilty. GUILTY! Let the rioting begin!

Judge Wilson began his decision by reviewing the constraints under which he operates: “A judge shall not be swayed by partisan interests, public clamor, or fear of criticism,” adding that “a fair, impartial, and independent judiciary requires that judges decide cases according to the law and facts, without regard to whether particular laws or litigants are popular or unpopular with the public, the media, government officials, or the judge's friends or family.”

It was the fifteen seconds between Shockley's exiting his police cruiser and his shooting of Smith that Wilson spent most of his time reviewing. Here are the relevant excerpts from Wilson's ruling about that critical 15-second time interval:

Stockley told Smith to “show me your hands” repeatedly, but Smith continued reaching around [inside his vehicle]. Suddenly, Smith's demeanor changed, around fifteen seconds after Stockley reached the driver's window, when Smith reached between the seats, and Stockley said he thought Smith had retrieved the gun.


Stockley reached for his [service revolver] and stepped back because he was scared Smith would pull up his hand and shoot him. Stockley then fired several shots at Smith, which ultimately resulted in Smith's death.

Judge Wilson reiterated what the dashcam video from the police cruiser, along with other video testimony provided by observers that night, revealed:

Stockley approached the driver's side, appeared to attempt to open the door and, as testified to by the State's own witnesses, ordered Smith to open the door and to show his hands. Stockley also warned another officer to “watch his hands.” It was not until fifteen seconds after Stockley arrived at the driver's side door, that he unholstered his service revolver and fired several shots in succession.

What about the “planting” charge? Wilson ruled that Stockley quite properly unloaded Smith's weapon after the shooting, placing the empty firearm and the rounds on the passenger seat.

At the end of his 30-page ruling, Wilson “decreed that the State has failed in its burden of proof and the Court finds that defendant is not guilty of both charges in this case: murder first degree and armed criminal action.”

None of this matters to the BLM thugs and communists. The ruling served nicely to light the fire that's burning St. Louis. The that Stockley has been holding his breath for nearly six years doesn't matter. The fact that the charges brought against him were bogus from the beginning didn't matter. What did matter was the narrative: white cop shoots black man, gets off.

Once the furor dies down in St. Louis, the fires have been extinguished, and the 30 or so protestors that have been arrested post bond, BLM people will put away their signs and wait … wait for another opportunity to promote its ugly and revolutionary agenda.

As the trio writing for AIM made clear:

[BLM's] goal is to overthrow our society to replace it with a Marxist one. Many members of the black community would be shocked to learn that the intellectual godfathers of this movement are mostly white Communists, “queers,” and leftist Democrats, on making blacks into cannon fodder for their revolution.


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