This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Monday, August 7, 2017: 

Now that protesters have left the scene and Maduro has removed the primary thorn in his side, the socialist revolution begun by Marxist Hugo Chavez two decades ago now appears to be complete.

Before the new illegally elected National Constituent Assembly (NCA) took over on Friday, Maduro’s Prosecutor General, Luisa Ortega Diaz (shown), had become a thorn in his side. A hard-core Chavista, Diaz was appointed in 2007 and helped Hugo Chavez cement his position in place as Venezuela’s Marxist dictator. When her term ran out in 2014 she was appointed for another six-year term.

Things went sideways earlier this year when Maduro declared that he would be replacing the duly and legally elected parliament – the national assembly – with one more amenable to his purposes. His opposition had taken control of it in 2015 and he had to scramble to keep them from removing him. First he had to buy off the judges on the Supreme Court. Then he had to stall efforts to have a national presidential election which would have, if the poll numbers were to be believed, removed him well before his term was up. When he announced a call for a new parliament in March – one that he could control – protestors hit the streets. As of Friday, some 120 of them had died in the conflict, with thousands arrested.

Diaz decided that that was more than she could swallow and she complained that what Maduro had proposed was unconstitutional. Putting aside for the moment the breathtaking of one who complains that the country’s constitution now all of a sudden counts for something, she was not only declared persona non grata but she had to be silenced.

First, Maduro had her daughter and grandson kidnapped in an effort to intimidate her. That didn’t work. So he had the Supreme Court hold a hearing on whether she should be removed from office, or not. The court ruled, long before it reached a verdict, that she could not leave the country, and that all of her personal assets were frozen while the court continued its “investigation.”

Diaz persisted. Not only did she not attend the hearing, she called out the judges: “I won’t recognize any decision made by these illegitimate judges!” The reader can decide for himself what Spanish adjective she used in the place of “illegitimate.”

Despite mounting protests, last week’s vote for a new assembly, not surprisingly (because all 6,000 delegates for the 545-seat assembly were handpicked by Maduro) favored him overwhelmingly. Diaz continued to threaten the new order: “If they remove me, I’ll keep fighting for human rights and democracy. I can’t permit my country to become a dictatorship.” How she would manage that remains open.

On Friday, the new fraudulent assembly was installed and the lead-off speaker was a communist guerrilla trained in Cuba. Fernando Soto Rojas dusted off the old “imperialist” charges that all of Venezuela’s problems were due to interference by the United States and especially its current president.

The NCA then appointed Maduro’s foreign minister Delcy Rodriguez as head of the new body. Her total disconnect from reality was exposed by her claim that “There is no hunger in Venezuela. There is only will. There is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela – only love.”

Venezuelans aren’t able to live on love. The country lacks nearly every kind of medicine and prescription and over-the-counter drug that the people need, resulting in babies dying within days of being born. Those needing medical care must bring with them the medicines and drugs and bandages they need, as the hospitals don’t have them. An estimated 15 percent – one out of every seven – of the country’s population rely on eating garbage in order to survive, while three out of four have lost an average of 19 pounds of their body weight thanks to their inability to find enough food to feed themselves. Those few who still have a sense of refer to the country’s straitened nutritional condition as the “Maduro diet.”

On Saturday, the removal of Diaz took place. Maduro’s troops surrounded the building in downtown Caracas where she had her office and prevented her from entering. When she tried to push her way in, the troops pushed back. She then hopped on a motorcycle and fled for safety. That photo made all the papers.

She told the later: “My office has been taken over by public security forces, including national guards and policemen, between 400 and 500 troops. We still don’t know how many of our employees are inside. They’re not permitting us to go in, or anyone to go out.”

She continued:

The attack comes because of the attitude I have assumed in defense of human rights and democracy. Because the government has committed serious violations, including arbitrary detentions, torture, cruel [and] inhumane treatment, the use of military justice to judge civilians, and the planting of evidence….


We are just a tiny sample of what comes to anyone who dares to oppose the totalitarian way of governing. I will continue fighting for Venezuelans, for their liberties and rights, until my last breath.

What’s she going to do? She has no access to personal funds. She can’t escape the country. The protesters have all but given up. It’s over.

At the moment, there are an estimated 620 political prisoners being held by Maduro, and Diaz is about to join them. The NCA will go after other dissident mayors and politicians and arrest and jail them.

Then the NCA can do what it came to do: toss the country’s old constitution and replace it with one that confirms what Maduro already has: unlimited power over the country.

All of which reminds one of the Cuban revolution so many years ago. That unhappy island remains under communist control thanks to support from outside. In Venezuela, a lot of that support is coming from American refiners who continue to spend $1 billion a month buying up cheap Venezuelan oil which helps keep Maduro in power. The risk of default looms large, nevertheless, and Maduro’s victory may be short-lived. In the meantime, Diaz and other traitors and useful idiots who helped keep Maduro in power are learning that socialist revolutions are famous for eating their own once they are in power.


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