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Democrats are so upset over the Democrat Party's new slogan that some demanded that its originator be fired immediately. The slogan, unveiled by Democrat Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer in the New York Times on Monday, is: “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future.” This was birthed after months of intense mental analysis of last November's loss to , and it was, according to many, stillborn. The Gateway Pundit massaged Papa John's Pizza logo on its website, showing Nancy Pelosi beneath the banner, and below, instead of “Papa John's” was “Dems: Still Pelosi.” It's worth clicking on it. (See Sources below).

Other Democrats were less charitable. Wrote “soulkhan” at Gateway's comment site: “Democrats would literally have a better chance of winning if their whole platform was banning ATM fees!” Added “Maria Langholz”: “They're the worst. Who's doing their comms? b/c they need to go.”

“Doc Farmer” asked rhetorically, “The difference between the DNC and Papa John's?” and then answered, “Papa John's DELIVERS. The DNC (and frankly, the GOP), not so much.”

For the record, Papa John's slogan is “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Papa John's.”

Schumer should have taken Papa John seriously, especially that part about “better ingredients.” A close look at his new, fresh, tasty Democrat Party's offerings, looks and smells awfully much like last night's pizza left on the counter.

Wrote Schumer:

Americans are clamoring for bold changes to our policies and our economy.

Chuck, that's what they're getting under Trump.

He added:

They feel, rightly, that both systems are rigged against them.

That's because, Chuck, while the Democrats were in control, opportunities were missed, unemployment increased, startups stalled, and government mandates increased the costs of running a household.

But all that notwithstanding, the great pie maker moved on:

[Voters] made … clear in last year's election [that] American families deserve a better deal.

And that's what they voted for last November, Chuck! That better deal is not only being reflected in the nearly one million new jobs created under Trump, but consumer confidence just hit another new record high in June. And nothing needs to be said about investor confidence driving the stock market to new highs in anticipation of better things to come.

He continues to live in the past:

Americans believe they're getting a raw deal from both the economic and political systems in our country. And they're right.

That's why, for the last four elections Americans have reduced the Democrat Party to minority status not only at the federal level, but on the state and local levels as well. Democrats are becoming pariahs, but Schumer is blind and deaf to the fact.

The solution? According to Schumer it's more of the same, only more so:

First, we're going to increase people's pay … by lifting the to $15 and lowering household costs by providing paid family and sick leave.

That's going to put low paid people out of work, Chuck, and ensure that those at the lowest end of the pay and skill scale won't even get a job. And those “paid” family and sick leaves will be paid mostly by small businesses, further reducing their incentive to invest, grow, and hire.

Good job, Chuck!

Second, we're going to reduce their everyday expenses.

Those would be their care expenses, or tax penalties applied if they don't purchase health , that have in many cases more than doubled before . Isn't that right, Chuck?

Third, we're going to provide workers with the tools they need for the 21st-century economy.

What does he know about the 21st-century economy? What does anyone know about it until it happens? What remarkable !

The best part of Schumer's new and better ideas is how similar they look to the old, tired Democrat ideas and “solutions” from decades past. Consider the President Carter-era Targeted Jobs Tax Credit; the 1980s Job Training Partnership Act; the Work Opportunity Tax Credit signed into law by Democrat President Bill Clinton in 1996; and the Obama-era HIRE ACT, signed into law in 2009.

Did they work? As the editorial staff at Investors Business Daily put it: “The problem is that none of these tax gimmicks has proved particularly effective at actually creating new jobs that businesses weren't going to create anyway.”

Far-left Democrats still holding office have signed onto the new/old program and slogan, including Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, a Democrat from New York with a Freedom Index score of just 28 out of 100, who rejoiced:

Republicans talk in headlines; Democrats speak in fine print. That ends this week. We're going to make sure that we're able to reach the American people in a clear and compelling fashion.

One hopes that, in this instance, Jeffries is right: if Americans are presented with last night's pizza “in a clear and compelling fashion” then they are likely to continue to keep Democrats as the minority party for years to come.

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