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The structure of a simple guerrilla warfare or...

The structure of a simple guerrilla warfare organization

Hamburg police estimated on Friday that more than 100,000 protesters have descended on their city, a large number of whom have obviously been carefully trained in guerrilla warfare tactics. A cadre of at least 8,000 appear in organized groups, with more than 1,000 of them wearing black uniforms and identical hooded masks and coordinating their actions according to their training. Many of them carry preprinted signs with “Welcome to Hell” on them.

They have, as of this writing, firebombed a police station, torched dozens of automobiles, and set buildings on fire. They have staged sit-ins that have successfully blocked traffic near the G20 site, and sabotaged railroad tracks which have stopped trains from running. There were deliberate on police, with more than 100 of them injured already, when a situation appeared to favor the rioters. They have prepared what the press calls “petrol bombs” — Molotov cocktails: glass bottles filled with gasoline that are set afire before launching — as part of their armory. They have even fired rockets at helicopters observing the mayhem.

Some journalists were able to isolate a few of the so-called protesters, only to learn that, while they call themselves “students,” they are more accurately described as terrorists with evil intentions. Said Andreas Blechschmidt, “Citizens’ rights are being hijacked by a group [the G20] that represents no one but capital. We are not content to protest against the G20: we want to prevent it from being celebrated.”

Said another, characterized by the media as a “student protester,” “I came here because in general I’m totally against the G20 summit. It’s the root cause or reason for what’s doing wrong in the world. Wars can be bad but capitalism kills.”

Another, Srecko Horvat, a Croatian “philosopher,” was allowed to write a column in the left-leaning British paper The Guardian:

The real problem is the dogmatic slumber of the leaders of the free world, represented at this G20 summit by Merkel, May and others, which is the origin of our current dystopian [defined as “a society characterized by human misery, squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding”] nightmare: wars, terrorism, the refugee crisis and climate change. In this sense, the current G20 is not just a demonstration or disagreement on all fronts but — after Hamburg — whether the G20 can continue to exist at all.

Translation: This Croation “philosopher” wants to end the G20 altogether, by force if necessary.

This should sound familiar to readers of this site. These terrorists, trained in guerrilla tactics, have been shipped to Hamburg for this occasion, their efforts funded by wealthy interests with an agenda. One that presents itself is the Ruckus Society, funded by billionaire George Soros and his friends. Established more than 20 years ago, reviews its tactics and purposes:

A self-described “strategic and tactical clearing house,” the Ruckus Society aims to provide “environmental, human rights, and social justice organizers with the tools, training, and support needed to achieve their goals.”


Toward this end, it has trained many thousands of activists — including more than 3,000 during its first decade alone — in the use of “non-violent direct action” and “guerrilla communication” techniques for the promotion of “environmental protection,” “progressive” politics, and various forms of “positive social change.”


Among the topics and skills that are covered at Ruckus Society trainings are: street theater, banners, puppets, basic ropework, belaying, rappelling, knots, harnesses and hardware, anchors, hammocks, platforms, tree sits, street blockades, bridge blockades, barrel blockades, vehicle blockades, water blockades, building climbs, stack climbs, hanging from urban structures, agitation and disruption techniques, action planning, “using the media to your advantage,” building leadership, political analysis, nonviolent philosophy and practice, and police confrontation strategies (i.e., goading police into overreaction).


The Ruckus Society’s logo features two large meshed gears of a machine with a monkey-wrench wedged into their teeth to stop them — signifying the group’s endorsement of “monkey-wrenching,” a term meaning the sabotage of logging or construction equipment.

And who funds this madness and violence? The usual suspects: George Soros through his Tides Foundation, Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, the Compton Foundation, the Foundation for Deep Ecology, the Liberty Hill Foundation, the Threshold Foundation, and the Turner Foundation. Details on each of these may be found at

What is their agenda? Simply put, the protests are designed to make the globalist participants at the G20 Summit look good. While they, working at the top, continue their plans to build the New World Order, protesters at the bottom claim that it is capitalism that is destroying the world. The end game is the same: destruction of free markets through and the destruction of national sovereignty through globalism. These “rent-a-mobs,” whether the useful idiots populating them know it or not, are promoting the same thing as the globalists while appearing to protest against them.

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