This article was published by The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Wednesday, May 3, 2017:  

When the final tally of the costs of cleaning up after the so-called “environmentalists” protesting the Dakota Access pipeline was completed, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum asked for federal help. The tally? $38 million! This included not only overtime for the overworked Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier and his deputies, but security people from outside the state brought in to help them. It didn’t include the thousands of dollars incurred by the owners of the local Comfort Inn in Cannonball after their Good Samaritan efforts – offering free rooms to those protesters caught in the cold – were rewarded by their “guests” trashing them.

But it did include the bill from an environmental cleanup and fumigation company from Florida brought in to remove thousands of tons of unspeakably vile trash the protesters left behind. This writer now refuses to grace those thugs and criminals with the appellations “environmentalists” or even “hypocrites.”

In his request to President Trump, Burgum said:

Passionate causes, millions of dollars of anonymous protest funding (over $13.5 million from alone), and sophisticated and inflammatory social campaigns have forever changed the nature, duration, and reach of unlawful protests. Sadly, I believe this will become the new normal in America.

The protesters/thugs/criminals got substantial support from the previous administration as well, said Burgum: “The situation was complicated by political interference from the previous White House administration, [which] provided a lawless base of operations on federal land.” He added that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers failed to “enforce its and maintain and order on its property.” All of which formed the basis for his demand for federal assistance.

Many of those thousands who polluted the place from August through February have moved on, following their handlers’ orders to protest in Michigan (where they want to dig up an old pipeline and move it someplace else), in Louisiana, and in Nebraska where the target is the Keystone XL pipeline. These are paid roving bands of rioters determined to thwart efforts of the energy industry to provide clean safe energy to its customers. But to the wackos the oil must stay in the ground “where it belongs,” or else.

One wonders: who is paying for the legal defense of the 761 creeps who were arrested by Sheriff Kirchmeier? Who is paying their fines? Can these hidden financiers be held accountable? Who is paying their travel costs and their salaries as they move from place to place to wreak their havoc on their targets? Couldn’t someone bill George Soros for the all the mayhem his paid thugs have inflicted?

Is this the “new normal” where roving bands of thugs, paid by anonymous donors, make against the citizenry without accountability? Is this how the war is paid for, with federal funds extracted from taxpayers?

Final question: when those taxpayers finally get tired of the lawless gangs destroying the environment in the name of the environment, and then being presented with the bill, what happens then? There are no easy answers. It’s a against the country that hasn’t been seen before.


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