This article was published at The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor on Friday, January 20, 2017: 

Speculation abounds. George Soros (shown) turned 86 last August, and the clock is ticking. He lost $1 billion betting against Trump in November, but still has $25 billion left. When he meets his Maker (likely for the first time), who will drive the billionaire’s wagon?

Out of his five kids, two are heirs apparent: Alexander, age 31, and his older brother Jonathan, age 46. Both are major contributors to Democrat groups, campaigns, and programs, as well as a bevy of far-left politicians. Although Jonathan is a major donor to various left-wing groups (Friends of Democracy PAC now merged into Every Voice,, the New York Leadership for Accountable Government, and Planned Parenthood) and politicians (Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, among others), Jonathan is a piker compared to his younger brother.

According to Research Center’s Dan Gainer, Alexander has the inside track to running daddy’s money when he passes:

As George Soros ages, there has been speculation about who will assume his role in funding the movement. With the expanded giving of both Alexander and Jonathan Soros, it’s possible that both of them will play key roles [in] supporting the left for decades to come….


Alex, in particular, has championed standard left-wing “progressive causes” such as climate change and social justice … he totally misread the 2016 election … but he has more than enough money to support numerous candidates and organizations [in the future].

In 2012, Alexander gave just $400,000 to Democrats, but in 2016 he amped his giving up ten-fold, to $4.5 million. Between August and November, he wrote four checks totaling $3.5 million to Senator ’s Senate Majority PAC, with the balance going to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Democratic National Committee Services Corporation, and other left-wing groups and political campaigns.

It looked for a while as though Alexander was just going to fritter away his life and his father’s money, a little rich kid living as a trust fund baby. But then something coincidental happened. Father gave Alexander control of some of his money to manage, and the New York Times took notice. In flattering terms, the Times described his moving from puberty to responsibility, and Alexander got the message: he could start dispersing some funds to various groups doing “good work.” First he started sending checks to Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for , which describes its good work as “building the power and passion of the progressive Jewish movement in America by bringing together Jews from across the country to advocate and organize for a more just and equal society.”

Alexander sent a big check to the Great Schlep, a left-wing effort to encourage older Jewish voters in Florida to support Barack Obama. Then he began supporting Global Witness, which echoed his father’s interest in saving the environment from greedy and corrupt capitalists.

The senior Soros’s worldview that Alexander is trying to mimic was spelled out first in his introduction to his 2000 book, The Crisis of Global : “We need some global system of political decision-making. In short, we need a global society to support our global economy.”

In his 2004 book, The Bubble of American Supremacy, the senior Soros expanded on that worldview: “The forthcoming elections” would be “an excellent opportunity to deflate the bubble of American supremacy” exemplified by the administration of the hated then-President George W. Bush.

In short, George Soros, setting the stage and clarifying the purpose for Alexander the younger to take over his fortune, has three purposes in life: to subjugate American sovereignty to the United Nations, to implement economic redistributionist policies in his country, and to subordinate American jurisprudence to international prosecutors.

His son Alexander is a quick study. Once he has full control, perhaps with the help of his brother Jonathan, he will continue and expand his father’s funding of the revolution.


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