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In his captivating and popular 90-minute speech to students on college campuses around the country, Dinesh D’Souza makes many telling points. High on the list is his conclusion that America “dodged a bullet” with the election of Donald Trump. Another is just how the Clinton Foundation’s “pay to play” scam worked.

It was a three-part deal: Bill is hired to make a speech for which he is paid an outrageous sum, between $500,000 and $750,000. That is a “down payment” for the delivery of future benefits. When delivery of those benefits is completed, the “donor” then makes a vastly larger contribution, usually in the millions, to the Clinton Foundation. For years it worked well: donors not only got a tax deduction but they received benefits impossible to gain through normal channels. The Clintons used the donations, under the guise of a charity, to fund its own privileges and lifestyle (including Chelsea’s outrageously expensive living) and political activities.

But the scam started coming unraveled in 2014, with the Washington Post finally printing the truth in February 2015: the Clinton Foundation “has given donors a way to potentially gain favor with the Clintons outside the traditional political limits.”

Way outside. In 2000, Hillary claimed they were broke. Today their net worth is pushing $200 million. And, except for Donald Trump, the scam would have continued. As president she would have quashed any investigations into the matter, would have pardoned herself if any charges stuck, and the funds would continue to flow in exchange for political favors.

D’Souza wasn’t the only one exposing it, either. There was Peter Schweizer, the author of Clinton Cash, documenting in detail the ugly and treasonous deals they made that in the process made them rich. There was Charles Ortel, the Wall Street financial analyst who invested 15 months of his life in uncovering the complex web that the Clinton Foundation created. He concluded that “a substantial portion of Clinton Foundation activities is certainly not ‘charitable’ or ‘tax-exempt’ in the accepted legal sense,” and that it instead has operated “in [the] guise of charity right from the beginning … all the way to the present.”

There was WikiLeaks, which provided its nearly endless supply of October surprises. And Judicial Watch, the bulldog pro-bono legal group that just wouldn’t give up in its demands for documents from the and the FBI.

Parties to the scam included Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain (who received exponential increases in U.S. weapons exports while Hillary was Secretary of State); Robert Congel (a New York real estate developer whom Hillary reportedly helped gain access to millions in dollars for his mall project); Steven Spielberg and his wife, Kate Capshaw; movie director Stephen Bing; magnate Peter Lewis; the Soros Foundation; and Denise Rich, ex-wife of Marc Rich who fled to Switzerland to avoid prosecution for 51 counts of racketeering but who was pardoned by then-President on January 20, 2001, his last day in office.

Other governments have sought to take advantage of the scheme as well, including Germany, Australia, Norway, the Dominican Republic, and Algeria.

Donations began to shrink in light of these revelations, beginning in 2014 when “contributions” plunged 37 percent, to $108 million, from the year before. And Bill’s income from speaking has all but disappeared, dropping from $36 million in 2014 to just $357,500 so far this year.

Norway just announced that it has cut its donation to the Clinton Foundation from $20 million to just $4.2 million this year, giving further evidence that previous donations were part of an effort to gain access and influence to the likely incoming president. With Hillary’s defeat, however, she won’t be able to complete her part of the deal, so Norway is redirecting its contributions elsewhere. In addition, the foundation reported only five new donors between July 1 and September 30.

Despite Trump’s claim that he won’t pursue Clinton legally, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, head of the House Oversight Committee, has promised he will continue the investigation into the scam “uninterrupted.”

Sources: Foreign Donors Begin Pulling Out From Clinton Foundation

YouTube: D’Souza Unchained Clinton Foundation Scandal Is The Clinton Foundation Doomed? Clinton Scandals: Is The Family’s Charitable Foundation A Fraud?

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