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James O’Keefe is at it again. On Thursday his Project Veritas Action group released a video taken during a Democrat fundraiser in August where not only does former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold (shown above, who is running for his old seat) remove all doubt about his anti-gun position, but it also exposes the anti-gun mindset of Democrats in general.

Feingold, whose position has occasionally confused gun owners, removed all doubt. When asked about how Hillary might accomplish removing from law-abiding citizens, this was the conversation that O’Keefe’s group recorded:

Veritas plant: If there’s still control in Congress, and if Hillary is elected, is there anything she can do to … uhhh…?


Feingold: Well, there might be an executive order.


Veritas plant: Oh, so she can … I know that Barack …


Feingold: He did some executive orders with the aspects of waiting periods. But what we need is the Senate, have her there, and then put pressure on the House. And we might win the House.

There was no compunction about using executive orders to make law, cutting out Congress. There was no compunction about universal background checks violating the Second Amendment.

There also was no apparent recognition that the criminal element doesn’t care one whit about Democrat fundraisers in California, or executive orders emanating from the resident of the White House. If they want a firearm, they’ll steal it or trade for it on the street.

The video captured the Democrat mindset. When the host of the $2,700-a-plate fundraiser, Amy Rao (president of Integrated Archive Systems, a data management company) was also asked about Hillary and gun control, she said:

Rao: If we can get away from everyone in this country, she [Hillary] will close the loopholes … get rid of assault weapons, she will rid being able to buy … you know … unlimited bullets … she’s gonna make all that stop.

There it is. It’s worth taking the four minutes to watch the complete disconnect from from which high-dollar Democrat donors suffer when it comes to curbing violent crime: disarm the innocents and let the criminals run free.

For a real-world picture of what the United States would look like without the Second Amendment, look at Mexico.

Here is the link to the four-minute video:

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