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Wikipedia softly proclaims as the “founder of modern community organizing,” who used his “organizing skills” to “improve the living conditions of poor communities.” Alinsky, however, was more than that. Much more. A closer look (see sources below) reveals a Marxist whose goal was to enable fellow travelers in their attempts to destroy capitalism in the United States and replace it with communism. From his Rules for Radicals, Alinsky states:

A Marxist begins with this prime truth: all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists … [and that situation must be changed] into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat [leading to] the political paradise of communism.

Hillary Rodham entered Wellesley College in 1965, selecting political science as her major. She was, briefly, a “Goldwater Girl” who served as president of the Wellesley Young Republicans. By the time she graduated, however, she was a hard-core leftist, so infatuated with that she dedicated her senior thesis to his principles, theories, and rules for revolution. She often met with Alinsky in person, during which conversations he erased every modicum of conservativism from her ideology, replacing it with her new goal in life: completing the transformation of the republic into a socialist state, “the political paradise of communism.”

In her efforts, she never seemed troubled about mixing ends and means. She adopted whole-heartedly Alinsky’s rules, especially Nos. 3 and 10:

The third rule of ethics of means and ends is that in war the end justifies almost any means….


The tenth rule … is you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments….

Her life story, covering 81 single-spaced pages (see below), is one of following Alinsky’s path and his rules. That’s why the latest video by Project Veritas Action (PVA), just released on Monday, shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with that story.

Michael O’Keefe has made exposing hypocrisy and fraud his life’s work. The founder of PVA, in 2006, 22-year-old O’Keefe cut his teeth by secretly recording verbal encounters with staffers in Planned Parenthood clinics. Those encounters revealed various violations of law that exposed the group and hurt its credibility nationally.

In 2009 he used the same strategy – undercover videotaping of encounters with staffers – to expose ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). In this series of interviews, O’Keefe uncovered evidence of efforts by staffers to avoid detection by law enforcement for the crimes of tax evasion, human trafficking, and child prostitution. Following these revelations, Congress voted to freeze federal funding for the group, forcing it into bankruptcy in 2010.

Two weeks ago, O’Keefe’s group uncovered the hypocrisy of anti-gunners by going to their homes, representing themselves as members of a faux anti-gun group, and asking if they would be willing to post “gun-free zone” signs on their property, in keeping with their public positions supporting them. The group could not find a single instance where they would be willing to post such a sign.

On Monday, he released another video of an encounter one of his people had with a California delegate to the National Convention, one Mary Bayer. He approached her in a local bar and opened the conversation by asking her if she thought Hillary would ban from Americans. She responded: “For sure … you have to take that sort of moderate [language] ‘We just wanna have common sense legislation so our children are safe’. You say […] like that and then people will buy into it.”

She added: “Saying you want to ban altogether, that’s going to […] everybody off.”

A couple of minutes later into the video, O’Keefe records Bayer’s response when she learns, by seeing a poster of herself copied from the undercover conversation with the PVA agent, that she has been exposed as a “useful idiot” in the campaign against guns. She grabs the poster, is confronted by police, denies her conversation, and becomes so incoherent that the police escort her and O’Keefe from the building.

The video (see link in Sources) reveals much more than just a useful idiot parroting the party line. It reveals a strategy adopted by the Clinton campaign taken directly from Alinsky’sRules: hide the real agenda behind soothing words like “common sense gun controls” and “making families safe” and the like. It shows that Clinton, into her senior years, continues to follow Alinsky (now long dead) in her determination to turn the US into a totalitarian dictatorship. That won’t happen, of course, until every single one of more than 300 million firearms are removed from their rightful owners, which won’t happen voluntarily. Studies show that it would take force of arms to disarm the people, which means entering and removing them from between 103 and 160 million households. It would mean civil war, which, at present, she knows that she would lose.

The video from O’Keefe’s PVA also shows her allegiance to Alinsky by hiding her real intentions behind smooth words.

There’s a moment in the original Superman movie when Lois Lane is being saved from death by the Man of Steel, who catches her in mid-air and says: “I’ve got you!” She looks down and asks, “Who’s got YOU?”

Alinsky made clear in his Rules for Radicals exactly who had him. He dedicated his book to him:

Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history … the first radical known to man who rebelled against the and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.

That initial 57-second segment from O’Keefe’s exposure of a useful idiot reveals much more than just a strategy of lying and deceiving deliberately adopted by Clinton and her campaign. It reveals her dedication to following Alinsky and, by inference, her personal sellout to the Prince of Darkness Himself.


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