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Flag of the Vice President of the United States

Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's chief campaign strategist, has no doubt a long and carefully considered list of criteria which The Donald's VP must meet in order to be offered the position. The clock is ticking: he is due to make the announcement next week, before the Republican , which begins on Monday the week following.

His list is short: Chris Christie of New Jersey, Newt Gingrich, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, and Joni Ernst, freshman senator from Iowa.

Joni who?

She fulfills the one criterion that none of the others on the list meet: she's a woman. She's also attractive, bright, conservative, and is from a swing state. She also has a history of winning. She blew away the Democrat running for liberal Democrat Senator Tom Harkin's seat when he retired in January 2015. Harkin, conservatives will remember, inflicted himself on Iowans for 40 years, running up a Freedom Index rating based on how often he voted in line with the Constitution of a paltry and some say even treasonous 14 out of 100.

Ernst, as a freshman, has done vastly better. Through the end of 2015, she scored a 65 on the same index. And her positions that matter most to Trump and his supporters are even better.

To wit:

She believes that life begins at conception, and has supported personhood bills while in office. She wants to abolish the IRS, the Department of (she thinks education should not be a federal responsibility), and the EPA.

Especially the EPA.

She has strongly opposed its under its Clean Water Act as it applies to Iowa farmers, claiming that the agency's broad interpretation of that law's powers is damaging to their businesses.

In line with that, she opposes the UN's Agenda 21 and has pushed for a partial privatization of . She opposes ObamaCare and wants to replace it “with alternatives.”

She understands and supports the Tenth Amendment. She co-sponsored a bill ordering Iowa to ignore any federal laws that “are directly in violation of the Tenth Amendment.” Speaking in September 2013 to the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition, Ernst said that Congress shouldn't even bother passing laws “that the states would consider nullifying,” complaining that “200-plus years of federal legislators [have been] going against the Tenth Amendment's states' rights.”

It helps, too, that she is a veteran, having served 14 months in Kuwait in 2003-04 as a company commander. Not to mention her support of the , with her voting record earning her an A from the NRA, of which she is a life member.

All of which would solve a number of problems for Mr. Trump. Viewed suspiciously and nervously by conservatives looking for an alternative to Hillary, Ernst brings clarity and comfort. At present the race is too close to call, and Iowa's 6 Electoral College votes could be crucial in November. She would bring a sharp contrast to the aged and false Clinton countenance. She knows how the works and how the powers–that-be operate there.

Best of all: she could reach Trump's weakest political demographic, the part of the body politic that could well determine the election in November.

If Trump names her as his VP next week, history might record it as a master stroke that ended, finally and for all time, the Clinton dynasty, and started America's recovery of its senses.


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